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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
Robot Mode:
Alternate Mode:
Box Art:
Technical Specifications:

numbat's review of: Clear Crosswise

Name: Crosswise (KB Exclusive 2003 version)
Allegiance: Autobot
Function: Sportscar (apparently… good they finally got someone to do the job fulltime…)
Sub-Group: Spychanger

Quote: ‘Lighten up!’

Crosswise is a quiet and mysterious Spy Changer. He's completely dedicated to the Autobot causes of peace and protection of all life. He keeps very much to himself and so not much is known about him. He is very technologically inclined.

Well, as I sit here listening to Tom Waits’ Bone Machine, sipping beer, I say, ‘why not review another little fellow?’. Who comes up first, but clear red Crosswise…

The advent of the Spychangers with the RID line opened a floodgate for recolours. Many of these molds had previously done the rounds during G2 as ‘Gobots’. This has resulted in a number (including Crosswise) being available in a myriad of guises. It would be crazy to recite the various recolours I know of for this mold. Of note is the original, High Beam (1995), Bumblebee (1995), and the Botcon Exclusive Nightracer (a Decepticon Gobot, no less, 1995). The more recent recolours are not as notable as those three!

Well, except for Crosswise himself. I would say that the Crosswise incarnation is the best of the lot (although I would love to get my hands on a Nightracer, all the same…).

This review is of the second KB clear exclusive. Up until this point, the Western clears had kept close to the original schemes. In 2003, they decided to take a step aside, and radically recolour. Alas, they did not take this opportunity to assign new characters, despite removing the identifying decals. As I always say, it would have been nice to have a few more Decepticons in this category! I reckon they’d have sold better with such an insignia anyway!

But enough of this – to the review!

Alternate Mode:

Crosswise, as ever, turns into a rather cool souped-up sports car (and I’d hope so to, given his job description!). However, unlike most previous versions of Crosswise, he has discarded his cold, pure blue or clear colourations, and adopted a far more cool and mysterious clear dull red. This gives him a decadent jazzy look, which is great! The light just totally picks out various edges in bright red, adding to this impression.

Unlike his previous incarnations (in the RID line), however, he lacks his signature decals, and has less paintwork. All he has, is the rear detailing picked out in black, and bright red striped on the underside of the doors.

Still, the effect would be marred by the decals, and I far prefer this version to any previous one. As with most of the 2003 recoloured Spychangers, though, he could just as easily be a Decepticon as an Autobot. Although, I suppose he looks to have more of an Autobot flavour than others do…

Robot Mode:

Spychanger transformation gives you a 2 ¾” (7cm) tall robot – normal for a Spychanger.

However, unlike his other versions, this guy has a much more sinister appearance. The red still dominates, but now we have a clear purple-black for his waist, upper legs, and face. His face is surrounded by solid silver paint.

He’s certainly one of the more balanced Spychangers (both in colour scheme and proportions), and his clear purple-black gun suits him. As a bonus, he can almost reach past his chest!

He looks great on display, and certainly stands out amongst other Spychangers.

And would be at home in a Tom Waits' song, come to think of it...

Transformation: 1- Spychanger simplistic – but with great results, so hardly a negative.
Durability: 8 – Solid. As always, the small gun is the only worry with a standard Spychanger.
Fun: 4 – Far more fun than most Spychangers, thanks to his cool colour scheme.
Price: 3 – Cheap, as most Spychangers are, but rarer these days, and no as cheap. I’d say you could expect to pay around £3 ($5) for MOC if you’re lucky.
Overall: 5 – Hardly a must own for the average collection, but certainly high on the list for a wee Transformer or Spychanger collection!
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