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About Us

TFArchive is Brendan Reilly, who started this place in the mid-90s. We don't see him much, but he still collects and the aim is to keep this place going as a hobby site that covers costs. Back in the bad old days before DVDs and comics reprints the site was one of few places to watch/read the original material -- since then the emphasis has been on fan content such as references (particularly comics, due to the interest of community members) and reviews. We also try to keep worthwhile content from vanished sites online, where doing so doesn't ruffle feathers. The online fandom is often as interesting (and diverse, and occasionally combative) as the fictional property it's followed for the last ten years or so.

Some brief history points:
- ATT posting and the earliest page retrieved by
- in 2002, Matt Skywarp started contributing and overseeing things
- old site designs

I won't bore you with huge lists of names or who did exactly what (plus memory isn't what it was, that's why we try to credit stuff in context on pages.) It hopefully suffices to say that people have come and gone, we're grateful for any assistance, and continue to be for those keeping the forums flowing and new content coming.


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