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The main focus of our cartoons section is the original 1980s Transformers series, though if you check out 'Other Resources' on the navigation bar above you'll find some resources and links for other series.

Our forum has episode guides and commentary by Blackjack for Beast Wars, Beast Machines, Robots in Disguise and the currently-ongoing Prime. Upload into main site is pending. We don't have guides (yet) for Armada, Energon, Cybertron and Animated.

Season One, 16 episodes [1984-1985]

[Transformers 'Generation One' DVD boxset]

A guide to the original 'G1' Transformers series by DrSpengler, including synopses, short reviews, character appearances, production errors and notes where versions collected on DVD in recent years differ from those broadcast. Season three and four episodes after Five Faces of Darkness are reviewed by Blackjack.

Episode order is story chronology,
as per the popular Prime Targets guide. For a list ordered by broadcast dates, click here.

More than Meets the Eye, Part 1
More than Meets the Eye, Part 2
More than Meets the Eye, Part 3
Transport to Oblivion
Roll for it
Divide and Conquer
Fire in the Sky
S.O.S. Dinobots
Fire on the Mountain
War of the Dinobots
The Ultimate Doom, Part 1
The Ultimate Doom, Part 2
The Ultimate Doom, Part 3
Countdown to Extinction
A Plague of Insecticons
The Heavy Metal War

Season Two, 49 episodes [1984-1985]

Autobot Spike
The Immobilizer
Dinobot Island, Part 1
Dinobot Island, Part 2
Enter the Nightbird
Changing Gears
A Prime Problem
Atlantis, Arise!
Attack of the Autobots
The Master Builders
The Insecticon Syndrome
Day of the Machines
Megatron's Master Plan, Part 1
Megatron's Master Plan, Part 2
Auto Berserk
City of Steel
Desertion of the Dinobots, Part 1
Desertion of the Dinobots, Part 2
Blaster Blues
A Decepticon Raider in King Arthurís Court
The God Gambit*
The Core
Make Tracks*
The Autobot Run
The Golden Lagoon
Quest for Survival
The Secret of Omega Supreme
Child's Play
The Gambler
The Search for Alpha Trion
Prime Target
The Girl Who Loved Powerglide
Triple Takeover
Sea Change
Hoist Goes Hollywood
The Key to Vector Sigma, Part 1
The Key to Vector Sigma, Part 2
Trans-Europe Express
War Dawn
Cosmic Rust
Starscream's Brigade
Revenge of Bruticus
Aerial Assault

*These two episodes are on the part two set from Rhino, but fit earlier in story chronology.

Transformers the Movie [1986]

Often split into three episodes when broadcast on TV. Unlike many other series, for which an animated movie was the end, Transformers soldiered on in the US for a further two seasons. Watching the movie before them is strongly recommended, as there are many cast changes.

Scramble City

Movie Review and Commentary by DrSpengler
Movie Review and Commentary by Blackjack
Transformers the Movie Resources
In Japan an original animation titled Scramble City was initally released in place of the movie, the movie itself being delayed until 1989.

Season Three, 30 episodes [1986-1987]

Five Faces of Darkness, Part 1
Five Faces of Darkness, Part 2
Five Faces of Darkness, Part 3
Five Faces of Darkness, Part 4
Five Faces of Darkness, Part 5
The Killing Jar
Dark Awakening
Starscream's Ghost
Thief in the Night
Forever is a Long Time Coming
Surprise Party
Madman's Paradise
Carnage in C-Minor
Fight or Flee
Ghost in the Machine
The Dweller in the Depths
Nightmare Planet
The Ultimate Weapon
The Quintesson Journal
The Big Broadcast of 2006
Only Human
Grimlock's New Brain
Money is Everything
Call of the Primitives
The Burden Hardest to Bear
The Face of the Nijika
The Return of Optimus Prime, Part 1
The Return of Optimus Prime, Part 2

Season Four, 3 episodes [1988]

The Rebirth, Part 1
The Rebirth, Part 2
The Rebirth, Part 3

A fifth season was broadcast, but consisted of existing episodes introduced by a stop-animation Powermaster Optimus Prime and a kid referred to as Tommy Kennedy.

Season four was replaced in Japan with several extra original series. More on that to come!


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