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Robots In Disguise Scorponok

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Name: Scorponok
Allegiance: Decepticon
Size Class: Warrior Class

Scorponok was one of those Transformers toys I picked up because I thought it looked really neat. He was my first Robots In Disguise purchase and I liked that, as with Beast Wars Scorponok, despite the name reuse and shared alternate mode, he was a separate character to the original. For RID, he was a tough and brutal Decepticon warrior responsble for freeing the imprisoned Decepticons aboard the Autobot prison ship the Alchemor and enslaving the Minicon guards.

Robot Mode: A slight looking fellow, compared to the impossible bulk of his animation model, Scorponok looks quite skinny and unstable. It's an interesting design and I like that he stays away from using the beast mode claws as hands. Colour-wise, he's mostly greys and browns. The lighter brown is really nice, having a metallic shimmer to it, which I appreciate. The toy colours are actually one of the times I prefer them over the show colours, which were a revolting mix of greens, oranges and browns. Physically, he's got that bad-guy stoop that makes him look like he's got curvature of the spine, thanks to how his neack and head lean forward from his body. Headsculpt's really nice, just this angry looking scowl of a face sat in a bashed up saucepan. For weapons, he's got a nice looking scimitar-type sword and that's it. It's a shame the tail doesn't have a bit more life to it, so he could make use of it in robot mode.

Alternate Mode: For a tall looking fellow, it's impressive how he scrunches up into this compact looking beastie. And how nice it looks too, all golden brown with raised claws, like the real thing. Whilst his legs can't move, you can wave the claws about and wiggle the tail. There's also a point on the stinger that you can plug the sword in, so that has somewhere to go. Nice.

Marks out of ten for the following:

Transformation design: I applaud the lengths Hasbro have gone to here to give us a unique take on the scorpion to robot transformation. The robot arms are hidden away inside the beast mode claws, which open up and slide up his arms to form extravagant shoulder pads. His robot mode legs unfold and extend out of the guts of the beast mode and then it's just jostling the beast mode head and robot torso around to get him stood up. Clever stuff. 9/10

Articulation: Decent enough, although suffers the same problem of the chicken-legged Beast-era Transformers in that any movement in the legs isn't easy to use without making the figure look awkward. Especially true for Scorponok here, who has to support a fair amount of weight on very thin legs. It's a wonder he manages it without toppling over. 6/10

Durability: Scorponok does feel quite delicate next to the other RID figures, but not like you have to be careful with him. My example has a loose right hip, so his right leg does tend to pop off at the ball socket. So, not much to worry about really. 8/10

Fun: I think this Scorponok would be more fun if he'd been Voyager scaled and had slightly bigger legs to stand on. He looks great and all, but does sit apart from his fellow beefcake Decpeticons. In a strange way, this does make him feel a bit like he doesn't belong to the same line. 7/10

Value/ Price: Being a little on the small side in terms of mass, he doesn't immediately feel worth the RRP of £14.99, bit once you get into playing with him he definitely is. 8/10

Overall: Somewhat unique amongst the RID Decepticons for having an out and out beast mode, rather than a beast-themed vehicle mode, Scorponok is something of a stand out figure from the line. He's got a really nice look overall and the colours are fantastic. On top of that, he's got a unique and imaginative transformation. Well worth a look if you're interested. 7/10
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