Brainstorm and Teslor

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Brainstorm and Teslor

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Name: Brainstorm

Allegiance: Autobot

Function: Weapons Inventor and Scientist

Str: 7
Int: 9
Spd: 6
Courage: 5
Rank: 7
Fireblast: 6
Skill: 9

Motto; "Science isn't about why, it's about why not!"

Brainstorm is an odd sort of Autobot, always more fascinated about breaking things with his inventions. Why build a device that could put up new buildings in an instant whe. You could make a bomb that removes every alternating floor without compromising structural integrity? Now thats not to say that Brainstorm cannot or won't build devices for the betterment of Cybertronian kind, he just finds it far far less challenging in his bizzare semi-sociopathic point of view. But do not take this disregard for the safety of other bots as a sign he is not intelligent. In fact quite the opposite, his near lack of a moral code actually enables him to step over the boundaries others wouldn't in order to further the cause of science. But that lack of morals is what led to him being requested and happily accepting to be made a particpant in the bonding process where he found himself bound to the bot known as Teslor.


Teslor is a quiet bot, always having his head buried in the books and putting off and aloof almost uncaring facade at times, but inside he is quite the bleeding heart, always seeking to help other bots and lifeforms but being quite shy and unable to put those desires to words. He finally managed to as a member of the Autobot effort to properly work the bonding process into the ranks. He also volunteered with a bot who could easily be seen as his opposite. The desire was that Teslors love of others would help nullify the nearly mad scientist Brainstorms love of experimentation. Its partially successful in that Brainstorm has stepped away from the weapons bench for a bit, but he has been working on crafting bizzare and almost pointless devices. But take the small victories where one can. Per his partners insistence both Teslor and Brainstorm can function independent of one another, granted Brainstorm is headless and can't see, but he's happy to work seperately and takes it as simply another challenge.

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