Megatron and Doomshot

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Megatron and Doomshot

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Name: Megatron
Titan Master: Doomshot
Allegiance: Decepticon
Function: Decepticon Leader
Alternate Mode(s): Tank, jet fighter
Weapons/Equipment: Fusion cannon, railgun, paralyzer venom, flamethrower
Motto: "Everything is fodder."

Strength: 10
Intelligence: 6 (9 when Doomshot is exercising control)
Speed: 8
Endurance: 8
Rank: 10
Courage: 7
Firepower: 10
Skill: 6 (9 when Doomshot is exercising control)
Teamwork: 2
Cooperation: 1

Profile: Although he is the founder and figurehead of the Decepticon cause, those who meet him are left with the distinct impression that the man doesn't measure up to the myth. Megatron is aggressive and violent, a creature of instinct who thrives in situations where he can act without thinking. He lets his actions speak for him, and those actions were enough to inspire an entire movement to spring up behind him through sheer charisma and force of personality.

What Megatron is not, however, is particularly intelligent or skilled. His tactics rarely go beyond brute force assaults, he disciplines insubordinate underlings with threats or outright violence, and when his plans go awry he's got nothing to fall back on but hollow, blustering machismo. He made the Decepticons a success by surrounding himself with other, smarter people and letting them do the heavy lifting while he took all the credit. But his followers have started to see him for who and what he truly is in the aftermath of the disastrous Combiner Wars, and his grasp of the Decepticons' supreme leadership has begun to slip. And as his position got weaker, Megatron only grew more wrathful, violent, paranoid and aggressive. Many a Decepticon officer died at his hands as he tried to consolidate his rule, and Megatron slipped towards madness.

Megatron's conversion into a Titan was not a willing one. Several of his highest-ranking subordinates forced the procedure on him while he was recovering from battle damage, in the hopes that the Titan Master they paired him with would be able to exert some level of control or at least influence on their increasingly unstable commander. Unfortunately for both them and the unfortunate Titan Masters, the influence flowed more strongly in the other direction. A new partner brings Megatron calm, but only briefly. As time goes on and they are connected for longer, the Titan Master's own mind is ground down under the weight of Megatron's instability -- a process that Megatron himself takes great pleasure in accelerating by meting out no end of abuse via the shared mind in robot mode.

Megatron's newest partner, however, is different. Doomshot's personality is equally as forceful as Megatron's, and his psyche shows no sign of fracturing under the pressure of their partnership. Indeed, the highly-intelligent Titan Master's own intellect and cunning seem to be having an impact on the shared mind, leading Megatron to make more thoughtful, less brutish decisions than he had in the past.

Neither Megatron nor his minions are especially happy about this development. Megatron himself reacts about as well as you would expect on occasions when he thinks Doomshot is influencing his decisions, violently lashing out in rebellion to what he sees as a deep personal violation. The Decepticons' senior officers' corps, on the other hand, had gotten quite used to having a dimwitted, easily-lead Megatron standing as a figurehead for their actions and aren't pleased to find themselves dealing with an intelligent, insightful Megatron even some of the time.

For his part, Doomshot is practically gleeful to be in a position to influence the course of his people. He is subtle enough to direct Megatron's actions most of the time without the larger Decepticon realizing, and in fact is imprinting his way of thinking on his partner. As time goes on, there is less and less of the old Megatron left to resist. This is, in fact, Doomshot's end goal: to reduce Megatron to a hollow puppet whose thoughts are nothing but an echo of Doomshot's own, such that Doomshot is Megatron. And in his mind at least, it's only a matter of time until he succeeds. Yes...

Abilities: Megatron is incredibly strong and has unmatched firepower. His jet mode also gives him above-average speed and agility in one of his alternate modes, while the other has impressive durability. He only became a triplechanger recently, a process that made him a great deal more versatile at the cost of some of his legendary toughness. Megatron is an average thinker, but becomes quite a bit smarter and more skilled when Doomshot exerts his influence.

Megatron is equipped with a fusion cannon that serves as the main cannon of his tank mode. He can also wield it in robot and jet modes, albeit with somewhat less of a punch. He also carries a railgun pod that serves as either a sidearm for Megatron or (in vehicle mode) a sidecar turret for Doomshot or another Titan Master to operate.

Before being paired with Megatron, Doomshot piloted a Titan Master vehicle that could convert from tyrannosaur to dragon modes, as well as as tertiary weapon mode. He still uses this vehicle on occasion, when he's operating independently from Megatron or when they need a boost to their already-ridiculous firepower. The dinosaur mode is capable of firing a stream of paralyzing venom from its mouth, while the dragon breathes fire. In gun mode, it is capable of attacking with both at once.

Weaknesses: Both Megatron and Doomshot actively work to undermine the other to establish themselves as the dominant member of the pairing. Because of that, they make for a very poor team and can often make a mess out of a perfectly good situation simply to spite one another. And while Megatron's power and Doomshot's cunning make them an incredibly dangerous foe, in a crisis you're just as likely to get Megatron's tunnel-blind aggression paired with Doomshot's extreme arrogance.
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Man, Doomshot is such a more badass name than Diac, yeesss....