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Name: Perceptor
Titan Master: Convex
Allegiance: Autobot
Function: Scientist
Alternate Mode(s): Microscope; Artillery Station
Weapons/Equipment: Light cannon, concussion rifle
Motto: "One's ultimate truth lies in one's molecular structure."

Strength: 5
Intelligence: 10
Speed: 2
Endurance: 3
Rank: 7
Courage: 8
Firepower: 9
Skill: 10
Teamwork: 9
Cooperation: 5

Profile: Perceptor spent a significant portion of the Combiner Wars, and the other conflicts before it, holed up in the relative safety of his laboratory. Moreso than anything, Perceptor's thirst for knowledge is unquenchable, and he would seek it to the near-exclusion of all else. Among his many degrees, Perceptor specializes in metallurgy, molecular chemistry and electrical engineering, though the conditions of war had forced many a scientist to adapt to other schools of science. Perceptor is generally a good-natured person, but his obsession with his work has made the scientist awkward when interacting socially.

However, Perceptor's priorities were flipped around when a fateful attack by a berserk Autobot combiner laid waste not only to the research center he was stationed in, but also to at least two other settlements around it. Perceptor survived, but something inside him changed that day. He blamed himself -- not only for failing to catch the error that made the Autobot combiner go mad in the first place, but also for his own inability and weakness in stopping the mistake that his team had unleashed.

After this event, Perceptor underwent significant self-modification, meant to put his not inconsiderable mental powers not just to explore scientific discoveries, but to make himself a deadlier weapon so as to be able to expedite the end of the Autobot/Decepticon conflict. To this end, Perceptor had purged a significant portion of his software and memories that he deemed unnecessary. While still a very effective scientist in his own right, this improved Perceptor was far colder than he was before. He was a deadly effective sniper, able to hold his own even among Autobot soldiers, but he became even more distant than before, and even his scientific projects started to veer into military applications. What had once been a laboratory filled with how to better the lives of other Transformers had became a laboratory filled with research on deadly weapons. Perceptor was still enamoured with science, but he now views his past enthusiasm at anything and everything folly when he doesn't consider the results that he brought about.

During the pact that forced the Transformers to downsize, Perceptor's body and mind were assigned to the Titan Master Convex, who was a young, enthusiastic scientist that idolized Perceptor, but is horrified to later learn that his idol had became far more detached and obsessed with ending the war the hard way instead of exploring scientific curiousities. Perceptor saw his weak, old self in the young Convex, seeing the Titan Master as naive and too unrestrained in his pursuit for science, while Convex seeks to try and steer his older partner back into the same Perceptor that loves experimenting. They tolerate each other enough to share the same mind (and not that there are many other Titan Master candidates that can even understand Perceptor's trains of thought) but all the same, they're not the most harmonious among the Titan Master pairings.

Abilities: Perceptor is extremely intelligent, with a high capacity of data storage. He is well versed in almost all manner of science, with specialties in metallurgy, molecular chemistry and electrical engineering. He's also a highly talented sniper, having replaced one of his eyes with a telescopic targeting eye-piece. Perceptor prefers a custom-modified concussion rifle adapted for sniping from afar. In microscope mode, in addition to the normal function of magnification, Perceptor is also able to use the lenses to concentrate and intensify its beam, which can blast a hole in a wall with pinpoint accuracy. Perceptor is able to assume a third 'pseudo-alternate-mode' where his lenses are arranged in an artillery Light Cannon.

Weaknesses: Convex tends to be absent-minded and sometimes forget the emergencies of a war, while Perceptor is the opposite, being too focused and detached to consider much beyond his current goal. Perceptor is not very durable, especially after his self-modification to focus on firepower, and a particular weak point is the lenses in his cannon. He's also relatively slow in his alternate mode. Both Perceptor and Convex are relatively inept in handling social situations, making them relatively useless as negotiators. Convex is next to useless in actual combat, even for a Titan Master.