[New RPG] An explination

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Brave Maximus
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An explination

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Hey guys.

I just wanted to say sorry for disappearing. It's been a pretty rough year for yours truly, and a lot of this I can say because of the annonimity of the net.

So the decent job I got, turned out to not be decent at all. My boss expected me to do everything, and be perfect, and be responsible for anything that happened, without any power to change anything or get anyone to actually be accountable. Needless to say, I'm looking for another one.

I was also diagnosed with depression. I've had it for years, I guess, but the job and having a child certainly exasperated the situation.

Which is why I stopped posting here. I was feeling worse and worse about not being able to post what I wanted or helping as I could - until it had to give. I think about the RPG and my characters from time to time, but won't have the ability to post or even think of it, until littlest is in daycare.

Anyway, I wanted to say sorry to everyone here.
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Post by Blackjack »

Hope things work out for you, mate!