Pincher and Vex

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Pincher and Vex

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Name : Pincher
Function: Chemical Engineer
Titan Master: Vex
Motto: "Be humble of word, but great in deed."

Strength 7
Intelligence 9
Speed 2
Endurance 5
Rank 7
Courage 8
Firepower 8
Skill 8

Profile : A mad scientist of sorts. Concocts metal-eating, corrosive acids, oxidizing agents and other powerful formulas. An over-achieving, unassuming genius.

Abilities : Venom coated stinger paralyzes on contact and can drill through metal to drain enemy fuel supplies. Also armed with 20 megavolt stun rifle that shoots short bursts of metal-fusing energon. Inner robot armed with laser torch. Serrated claws can pierce metal and emit circular force field in robot mode.

Titan master : Vex is a former Office Manager.His skills are needed to keep the sometimes absent minded and often over working Pincher in the right place at the right time .

Weakness: Pincher is slow in both modes and only has average fuel efficency and resistance to damage.