The many heads of the G1 Transformers

All the various interpretations of all the well-known G1 Transformers' heads
Introduction: Basically, this section is intended to show how many different interpretations our beloved Transformers' heads have been through. It all started back in 1984, when Marvel/Sunbow created animation models for the G1 toys which often looked drastically different from the toys, most of which were originally designed by Takara for their Diaclone and New Microman toylines a year before or two. One of the most common changes to many of these characters' appearances was a complete redesign of the heads to make them look more "human". As a result, we ended up with two distinct "classic" looks of many G1 Transformers: Toy and cartoon versions. The early Marvel comics, for a lack of access to the Sunbow animation models, still featured the characters in (more or less) "toy-accurate" looks, but soon changed that in favor of the more well-known cartoon designs. Ever since then, many attempts have been made to reconcile the rather simplistic cartoon models with their more "human" heads and the more detail-loaded toy designs with their oftentimes more "robotic" heads. One of the most prominent examples for this practice were the comics by Pat Lee's now defunct Dreamwave Productions, which usually aimed for "hybrid" designs with the humanoid appearances of the cartoon models but combined with the level of detailism of the toys. In addition, Hasbro and Takara have also released a lot of toys in the years since 1984 that were designed to be new versions of the classic characters, including "updated" head sculpt designs. The earliest examples of this practice were the "Classic Pretenders" from 1989 and the Action Masters from 1990, wheras the most prominent example from recent years were (are) the Binaltech/Alternators toys, which also aim for original toy/cartoon model hybrid looks for the head sculpts.

This section is supposed to collect them all - the original toy heads, the cartoon designs, the various comic interpretations and later-day "update" and "homage" toy heads.

Apologies to all the people whose sites some of these images have been taken from. We're always looking for people to contribute their own, hopefully better images.

The heads so far:
Bluestreak (aka Silverstreak)
Bumblebee (aka Goldbug)
Jazz (aka Meister)
Sideswipe (aka Side Swipe)