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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
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Firestrider57's Review: The Last Knight Optimus Prime

Faction: Autobot
Function: Commander
Alt Mode: Western Star 5700

Bio: Earth's Greatest Protector

There are more Optimus Prime variants than almost any other transformer. There is no more iconic character in all of Transformers history. The movie version of the character has had a steady evolution that has spanned all five films-- some with more than one mode. The current Voyager mode of Optimus Prime is an update for which I have been waiting for two movies to get. I am excited to finally have this version in the size class that is perhaps that I most desired.

Overall: Looking from head to toe at this figure, this figure is a mixed bag. The sculpting is good, but the overall, it looks like it needs more color ( or even the right color). I like the accessories that come with him. I feel like I got a leader class bargain at a voyager size class. This is a brand new mold, so there's no degradation, however, certain pieces feel like they could have been made stronger.

Transformation: Transformation is a little less than straightforward. To some, the fact that this is a partial "shellformer", may be a put-off. It has been said several times on many online reviews, however, that in order to achieve the movie aesthetic, then it had to be that way.In order to transform into robot, take the sleeper canopy and swing it to the back. The truck cab section is completely collapsable and folds into the back of the figure. The arms are on butterfly joints , so you must turn them , then turn Prime's pauldrons to the side in order to bring up the chest section.Carefull, they will pop off. You must separate the hood section Then pull out the arms from the wheel wells. Pull back the hood sections to form gauntlets on the forearms. Roll trailer tongue halves to the inside of the feet. rotate the entire gas tank and wheel well sections parallel to the feet and press in to lock in place. Also rotate the feet and lock at front of robot. Add his accessories and you have Optimus in all his glorious goodness.

Robot Mode: One thing that strikes me about this version is the fact that I am torn between what I like and what I don't like. What I like: The fact that he is the spitting image of the character without all the excessive kibble and nonscalability of the AoE leader class version. He holds his weapons great. Articulation isn't bad and is fairly poseable. You can extend his arms 90 degrees as well as bend knees 90 degrees. The head is on a ball joint, so you get a little head motion, except the collar section hinders it somewhat.The feet cannot move once locked into place.The scale is the same as AoE toys, so duking it out between Optimus, Galvatron and Lockdown is entirely accurate.

Alt Mode: Another win! Again , I love the fact that the Western Star version has been "shrunken" to a voyager class to allow those who find the leader class too steep to be able to purchase at the $60 + CAD mark. This is, without a doubt, one of the best looking modern trucks I have ever seen. The Western Star aesthetic definitely is an appropriate update to the character , and adds some bulk to the truck that was not there before. The wheels roll nicely. Once everything is placed where it should be, everything seems to stay together quite well and can serve as a showpiece in either mode.

Aesthetics: Hmmm.... where do I start. For starters, the colors are not the best for this guy at all! In robot mode, there is such a lack of color, I had to add some of my own. The blue helmet looks too plain and I felt it needed to be painted, so I added silver to the head and plain gray feet. What looks to be gunmetal gray arms might also get that treatment because it is not accurate to the screen. The legs are nicely done as well as the entirety of the robot mold itself. The vehicle also suffers from paint cutbacks. There are a few vents and door handles that needed paint , so I painted them. The paint that is on the vehicle mode , however , is not shameful. I love the blue and red metallic paint on the truck. The silver that is on the truck already is in the right spots . I love the grille and gas tanks. There's no paint on the wheels, which I will add. The pipes also had no paint on them, so I added that. I also added paint to the orange sword and shield. I would say this is a 3/4 paint job.

Points out of 10 for the following:

Transformation -6: Somewhat straightforward,but the arms can be troublesome. The pauldrons keep popping off, so they must be in place before arms can be completely transformed. Also be careful of transforming wheel well sections when forming feet.

Durability-7 : Although I have heard much about the frailty of the AoE leader class, the fiddliness of this mold makes me wince when I transform especially the wheel well sections. Overall , pretty solid, but the front section feels especially cheap and I fear breaking this section . I have not dropped it, so I don't know how well it will stand up.

Articulation-8: From what I have heard, the articulation of this mold is much better than the previous leader class. However, the back kibble still hampers some backward articulation.

Aesthetics-7 : Really not that bad. As far as the mold itself is concerned, it's a home run! As far as the paint is concerned- mehh. That is why I actually painted mine with additional silver and gold paint.

Accesories-9 : I love the sword and the shield. The shield could have had more detail, but it is what it is for that price point. There are no small parts to lose.

Price-3 : This is the first time I've bought a Transformer off the shelf at $40.00 . Although He's a great figure, I thought I heard my wallet rip when I laid down my money for it.

Fun-10 : Cool weapons, great poses,great mold, and matches AoE figures for scale. This is one fun toy with great play value!

Overall - 8 : This is a must have for any collection. With or without the right amount of paint. It's not too big and it scales well with both Voyager and deluxe figures.
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