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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
Robot Mode:
Alternate Mode:
Box Art:
Technical Specifications:

numbat's review of: Clear R.E.V.

Name: R.E.V. (Race Exertion Vehicle) (KB Exclusive 2002)
Allegiance: Autobot
Function: Tactical Officer
Sub-Group: Spychanger

“Plan well, win easy.”

R.E.V. is the tactical officer of the Spy Changers and an advisor to Hot Shot. As smart as he is fast, R.E.V. never misses a detail. He can leap from one building to another with such ease that he looks as if he’s flying. His main weapon is a shotgun.

Well, after an epic review of the immense Cybertron Primus, I need to refresh myself with my normal arena – small Transformers. And the Spychangers certainly fit in here, and this version of R.E.V. is one of my favourites. He’s definitely the best of the various clear Spychangers out there, and the best version of R.E.V. in my opinion.

I must be pernickety and comment on the bio, though. How can he be as smart as he is fast, if his tech spec gives a ‘9’ for Intelligence, and an ‘8’ for speed? Not so well thought out there…

Still, who gives a harvestman’s leg about the random info? What about the toy?

Alternate Mode:

R.E.V., as we know, turns into a Lamborghini, which measures 3” (8cm) precisely, which a pretty standard size for an original Spychanger.

As you’d expect if you are familiar with the Spychangers, the detailing of the mold is exceptional (and not differing from the original – this is merely a ‘recolour’).

Unlike the original, the 2002 clear KB R.E.V. is clear orange, with details picked out in gold pinstripes. He still has black windows, and the bonnet eagle motif is present, still in red.

The whole effect is rather like amber, and looks stunning on display.

Robot Mode:

The Transformation is simple Spychanger standard, as with the original release. The resulting robot stands 2 ¾” (7cm), and looks far more balanced than the original, and certainly any subsequent clear version.

In this mode, clear orange is still present in arms and chest, but is joined by clear red for the lower legs and components of the chest hinge, and just plain clear for the upper legs and other hinge components. To complete the design, you have a head with light red helmet and blood red face.

The complete robot looks fantastic – far superior to the garish original (in my opinion). The image of blazing embers never leaves my mind while looking at him… And hold him up to a fire and…

The ‘shotgun’ looks little like any shotgun I’ve ever seen – and believe me, in my line of work, I see a few. Still, it’s one of the better Spychanger weapons, ignoring name, and is great in clear orange.

Simply put – this Spychanger is perfect, and will stand out in any collection of small Transformers.

Transformation: 1 - It’s a Spychanger! Still, the simplicity should not be regarded as a negative. It works perfectly, giving a great vehicle & robot mode.
Durability: 8 – He’s solid, but it must be noted that his chest/bonnet does not like sitting flush with his body, and his gun is small and easily misplaced.
Fun: 5 – He’s a Spychanger, which greatly limits his playability from the get-go. But, he is an unusually displayable Spychanger, and I love playing with wee TFs anyhoo.
Price: 7 – You can still pick this release up at a good price, if you’re lucky enough to find one (say, £1.60 [$3], like I recently got mine, mint on card).
Overall: 7 – He’s one of the must own Spychangers, but if you don’t like ‘em, you won’t like R.E.V.
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