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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
Robot Mode:
Alternate Mode:
Box Art:

Dennis' review of: Cybertron Recon Team

Names: Jolt, Sixspeed and Reverb
Functions: Recon team
Allegiance: Mini-Con

These little guys are kinda neat. They do differ if you compare them to the Armada Mini-Cons. I had no plans of picking these up but since they stood there on the shelf I figured "ah, what the heck." Turns out that they're quite cute. Erhm... eeh... lets get on with it, shall we!

Jolt's alt mode is a nifty little helicopter. The main body is red with some silver detailing under it. The landing skis (or whatever they're called) are black, as are the rotor and tail. There's some grey vent things with gold highlights on each side of the rotor mount. Lastly there's a cockpit made of tranparant plastic and painted white. It's a neat little helicopter but the original Jolt is still better.

ALT MODE: Sixspeed
Sixspeed is a sleek racecar with mainly three colours: light green, grey and silver grey. There's not a lot of detailing on this one, sure there's some vents and other stuff but it's not enough.
Although lacking in detail the design tells you that it's capable of reaching some great velocities.

ALT MODE: Reverb
Reverb's alt mode is a jeep of some sort -- an offroad vehicle, anyway. There's some silver detailing for the windows and grill, yellow for the headlights and the main body is blue. Like Sixspeed this one is built for power and it really does a great job of telling you that. The robot mode shows through on this one, though, as the hands are packed into the back.

I won't describe the transformations in any of the rewiews so don't hit me, okay. Jolt's robot mode has an astronaut feeling to it as the cockpit has become a helmet for him. The rotor is now on the back but since the tail locks it in place it wonit rotate. As far as articulation goes, Jolt can rotate his arms up and down at the shoulders and has bending joints at the knees and hips. The engine blocks beneath the rotor become his legs and the landing skis become his arms. A nice look and decent articulation, that's Jolt in a nutshell.

ROBOT MODE: Sixspeed
Sixspeed's robot mode is like a football player's. Really wide armour and something that looks like a football helmet. Half the car has become the arms so they're very long, with the other half becoming the legs. The cabin is now his chest and it looks very nice. Sixspeed has about the same articulation as Jolt but in addition his head can nod.

Reverb has the best robot mode of the three. The cabin becomes his feet and the cargo area becomes his hands and arms. The rest becomes his body. Reverb looks tough and he is really bulky. Out of the three this guy carries the top articulation. With the same leg movement as his partners and arms that swing out to the sides at the shoulders and bend at the elbows, he's able to strike some poses.

Transformation: 2 - They're minicons for godssake!
Durability: 8 - Lightweight and may survive some falls.
Fun: 7 - Again, they're minicons.
Price: 5 - You pay the same as for a scout, but they're smaller than a scout when put together.
Overall: - A nice addition to a collection, but it really depends on whether you like Mini-Cons or not.
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