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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
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Neuronutter's review of: Mirage

Name: Mirage
Function: Espionage

In the next wave of Classics comes the inevitable repaints including Ramjet and Cliffjumper and, thankfully, some new moulds. Along with the fabulous Jetfire and Grimlock is Mirage, the other half of the Autobot spy team.

Vehicle Mode.
My first impression on getting him out of the box is that he is light. Heís a sleek blue race car thatís a very nice update of Mirage, but he is very light. He is mostly blue with some white on the front end and spoiler and a dash of grey on the wheels and front suspension. He also has nice chunky black tyres as well as some great details including Witwicky Sparkplugs on his spoiler as well as FP racing, the number 26 in a silver oval, Plasma Injection Energy and Lithionian Drivetrain details scattered on the car. He makes a nice display piece and has a lot of play value being such a sleek racing car but he does feel quite fragile though.

Robot Mode.
I was initially skeptical about getting Mirage but some good photos on the net changed my mind. That and a good deal on Wave 3 deluxes on BBTS. When I got him out of the box however, I was reminded of the initial photos that made everyone so skeptical about him. He is very oddly proportioned. His shoulders look hunched, his waist is very thin, and the front end of the car ends up stuck behind his head making him look cluttered. Itís a shame they couldnít find somewhere less conspicuous for the front end. Initially I didnít like Mirageís robot mode much. However, my opinion has changed after having him on display for a few weeks and now Iím quite fond of him.

His head sculpt is very well done and he has light piping on his head and lovely blue eyes. The front end of the car becomes his weapon, but for some reason it doesnít have a standard size connector so he canít hold any other weapons, which I find a bit limiting. I donít know why Hasbro didnít just make the connector the same as everyone else. His poseability is very good, with a large number of joints in his arms, legs, hips and shoulders and as a result he can adopt some nice poses. He displays very well in robot mode as is a nice update for Mirage.

Despite his faults Iíve come to really like Mirage. Heís a great homage to a classic character and the more I look at him the more I like him. Heís great to display in both modes and is a toy worthy of adding to your collection.

Transformation: 8. Quite tricky and somewhat unique, however the frailness of the toy forces you to be gentle.

Durability: 5. He is very light and fairly flimsy. I can see him getting broken quite easily.

Price: 8. He seems to be quite cheap on the websiteís Iíve checked, cheaper than the other deluxes in this wave.

Fun: 9. Two solid modes combined with a good deal of poseability equals lots of fun!

Summary: 7. I donít like this guy as much as Grimlock or Ramjet, but I do like him. Heís improved in my estimation a lot since I got him and I think Iíll like him more as times goes on.

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