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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
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Zeoman4.5's review of: Mirage

Name Mirage
Function Spy

Sub-Group Classics Deluxe

" You can't catch what you can't see."

Together with Bumblebee, Mirage completes the Autobot spy team. Where Bumblebee focuses on information however, Mirage prefers sabotage. Smart and fast, he's always ready with a joke, even when the situation doesn't call for one. Though he is not totally dedicated to the cause, he cares deeply for his friends and will do anything he can to protect them. His specialized electro-disruptor weapon can create complex illusions, and even allows him to turn invisible.

Let me just start by saying that of all the continuing lines of Transformers characters, none do I like as much as a good Mirage. Mirages have always had a special place in my heart, at least the ones that change into Indy racers. Energon's Mirage grinds my gears, because he wrecked the line of Mirage by being a boat and a Decepticon.

That being said, I have a huge bias for this guy, but I will not let it hinder me from presenting an accurate review.

Vehicle mode

Mirage's vehicle mode is a hi-tech Indianapolis Racer. This is my personal favorite vehicle mode for a transformer due to the sleek and sharp design. The coloring is an overall white base with plates and extremities colored dark blue, and standard black tires. The vehicle mode looks very realistic but a closer look reveals the truth. His robot head is visible from the window in the car, if held at the correct angle.

There are many little details thrown in which are kind of cool at least to a long time fan. First, the spoiler says “Witwicky sSarkplugs,” a pun intended for G1 fans. Second, the front fins say “Lithonian Drive Trains,” after the planet eaten by Unicron in the movie. It also has other little things like number 26 and plasma injection energy, F.P. racing. It’s cool stuff that adds detail to the already nice mode.

Robot mode

Mirage's robot form is very close to his original show design, but improved in many ways. Mirages colors are still mostly white and blue with a little red on the forearms and grey on some joints. His face is silver with awesome blue eyes that have a translucent piece on the back to let light shine through for a nice glowing effect. The head sculpt is similar to the original Sphinx like design with round crown like ridges on the sides and the kind honest face in the center. Tall and slender, the overall design makes him look fast, agile, and intelligent. The chest plate is designed to look like the front end of the racer. He has broad shoulders, which slim down to small lower body frame. His legs are big and tall with flat, balanced feet. Nice little plates on his hips.

His shoulders are ball and socket jointed, and the elbows bend and turn but the wrists have no articulation. His head is ball and socket as well. Has superb leg articulation. Very flexible hip, knee, and foot joints, perfect for posing. He has no action features or working projectiles. His front end fins change into his electro-disrupter weapon, which looks like some type of Cybertronian bow weapon. It can be stored on his back when not in use.

Transformation: 5 Not the hardest Classics guy I own.
Durability: 7 Some parts are a little wobbly.
Fun: 9 With a great vehicle mode and a good looking robot mode, what’s not fun?
Price: 4 $10 in most stores; well worth it too.
Overall: Unbiased, 7.5. With bias 10. He really is a good transformer and deserves to be bought by any good fan, but for a young kid it just wouldn't be the same.

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