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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
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Savvy T's review of Overload

Generation: Armada
First cartoon appearance:?

"The calvary has arrived. Armed with more weaponry than any other Autobot, Overload is the heavy gunner. Ready for action, and unsurpassed on the battlefield, Overload makes quite an ally for the Autobot cause."

Alternate Mode: Overload is an interesting Transformer. He has several alternate modes, the first being a futuristic Armada version of the Micromaster Overload. His minicon Rollout functions as the cab that hauls around trailer. The top of the trailer can hold Jetfire as a launch pad, or other Autobots for transport. Overload's second alternate mode is an incredible weapons system for Optimus Prime, which connects over Optimus' shoulders giving him a range of missiles and lasers. This does make the Optimus Jetfire combo a little top heavy, but the Super Optimus combined with the trailer seems to be able to support it without any problems. The third alternate mode comes from when you combine the weapons system mode to Optimus Prime's base mode. It fits over the front of the laser, giving Optimus Prime's base a lot more firepower. The last mode really isn't a mode, but an alternate way of using his trailer. You can use Super Optimus in cab mode and Supercon Optimus in cab mode to haul around Overload in trailer mode, transporting either Jetfire or an Autobot vehicle. Overall very inventive as far as his alternate modes and uses.

Robot Mode: Overload's robot mode reminds me a lot of a G1 toy. He sort of resemble Ultra Magnus, and the Micron Legend calls him Ultra Magnus, but I think his red coloring really makes him look independant of the Ultra Magnus figure. The Power Linx version looks a lot more like Ultra Magnus does, but mostly because his color scheme is similar to Ultra Magnus. Very little articulation with him because his arms rotate only rotate at the shoulder, and his legs only rotate at the hip, however he is very sturdy, and can support 7 minicons, and 8 if you count Rollout combining with him to form his head. Overload has the Armada standard hand pegs to hold either the Star Saber sword, or the Requiem Blaster, and probably most of the new mincons that form weapons too.

As I said before, Rollout combines with Overload to form his head, but that is not all that he can do. Rollout is the most complex and diverse Minicon to date. Overload is the only Armada Transformer that you have to have the Minicon in order to transform him into robot mode because without Rollout, Overload is just a headless mammoth. Rollout is the cab that hauls Overload's arsenal around and he is Overloads head, but he has another 2 modes! Very exciting! The third mode is of course the Mincon Robot mode. This is the mode where Overload looks a lot like the Micromaster Overload, and I can see a lot of similarities between the two. The last mode is an incredible blaster mounted with 4 lasers, which can be used solo, or combined with the weapons system when formed with Optimus Prime.
Transformation:8 only because of all the different modes.
Durability:9 Very solid and durable.
Fun: 9 Loads of fun with lots of features.
Price: $19.99 USD, reasonably priced.
Summary: While Overload's robot mode is not as impressive as a few of the other Armada figures out there, his other features definitely make up for it. Rollout alone turns Overload into not only a Headmaster, but also a Target Master with the Minicon feature. Well the Target Master feature is really when you use rollout for another bot to hold, or if you had 2 Rollout figures, you could make Overload a complete Targetmaster. Definitely a great addition to anyone's Armada collection.
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