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Name: Astrotrain
Titan Master: Darkmoon
Allegiance: Decepticon
Function: Military Transport (Astrotrain); Medic (Darkmoon)
Alternate Mode: Space Shuttle / Train
Weapons: Ionic Displacer Rifle, Arm-mounted artillery turrets & Bigger Ionic Displacer Rifle
Motto: “In confusion, there is opportunity.”

Strength: 9
Intelligence: 8
Speed: 9
Endurance: 7
Rank: 6
Courage: 7
Firepower: 6
Skill: 8

Teamwork: 8
Cooperation: 8

Profile: Astrotrain was granted the Triple Changer ability during the increasing stakes of the Autobot/Decepticon war. During his youth, Astrotrain was a wild, maniacal soldier who enjoys sowing confusion among battlefields. Switching from train to shuttle to robot, launching mortars and ion blasts and ramming people down, unleashing complements of lesser Decepticons he carries within his alternate modes, Astrotrain was a terrifying opponent who delights in the panic and confusion as Autobots are unsure if they're dealing with one Decepticon or two due to Astrotrain's speedy transformations.

Now Astrotrain is a little older, and a little more war-weary. Gone is the younger, brash Decepticon who would scheme to unseat Megatron from the head of the cause with armies of sentient trains. Gone is the maniac who cares for nothing but death and destruction. Witnessing the destruction of his world during the Combiner Wars and the subsequent fallout has caused Astrotrain to abandon his old role as a frontline fighter, and instead take a more supporting role -- instead of deploying troops to the frontline with his alternate mode, Astrotrain now helps to advise and organize the deployment of resources and soldiers from Decepticon High Command. The rebellious streak that Astrotrain once had was now beaten out of him, and he realizes that all his past deeds were naught but youthful folly. Astrotrain had since became a rare example of a Decepticon who would rise up the ranks not by killing his superior officer and displacing it, but by competence. And also by slapping down any who would try to do the 'kill-your-superior' trick on him. Astrotrain's true loyalties lie to the cause now, not to any specific leader, and while he recognizes Megatron's role as a charismatic leader figure, he wouldn't be opposed to sponsoring another superior leader to take his place should the opportunity arise.

Ironically, Astrotrain was partnered with the youthful Decepticon medic Darkmoon... whose personality was similar to Astrotrain's past eagerness and ambitiousness. The two get along reasonably well because Astrotrain understands his younger partner's fire, and allows both Darkmoon and himself to indulge in the odd moments of battle, but restrains himself from actively backstabbing Decepticons to rise up the ranks.

Abilities: Astrotrain is a Triple Changer, one of the first batch that was completely successful, and as such is able to transform between his three changeforms -- robot, shuttle and train -- at faster-than-average speed compared to normal Transformers that witnesses of Astrotrain's battle almost swear that they are being assaulted by multiple assailants. In shuttle mode Astrotrain can achieve planetary orbit and travel through space, and launch missiles from space. His Titan Master, Darkmoon, when bonded, allows Astrotrain the ability to cloak himself and make him undetectable to sensors. In robot mode, Astrotrain is equipped with two different models of Ionic Displacer Rifle, as well as four arm-mounted rotating artillery turrets. Astrotrain's greatest asset is perhaps his ability to manage resources and good nose to see the duplicity that so permeates the Decepticon cause. Darkmoon, Astrotrain's partner, is a highly skilled medic.

Weaknesses: Astrotrain's train mode isn't actually that useful in Cybertron's war-blasted terrain, being designed for a time of peace, stability and proper transportation rails. Astrotrain has a slightly-misplaced protectiveness over his two triple-changer "siblings", Blitzwing and Octane, and might not show objectivity when dealing with them. The cloaking ability granted by Darkmoon consumes a lot of energon, and isn't very practical to be used long-term. Despite his track record, Astrotrain has also not seen actual combat in a relatively long time, making him somewhat rusty.

Darkmoon's smaller size sometimes means that he sometimes finds trouble in fixing larger Transformer bodies, and when combined with Astrotrain the combined mind doesn't quite have the same amount of skill as Darkmoon separated.