Tap-Out and some more OCs

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Tap-Out and some more OCs

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Claiming Tap-Out, because someone's got to run the Autobot guards and he's the logical choice given Glyph's there...

Autobot Tap-Out:

Strength 7
Intelligence 4
Speed 7
Endurance 7
Rank 5
Courage 10
Firepower 7
Skill 5
(Modified from Cliffjumper to reflect Tap-Out's history.)

Motto: Never give up.

Tap-Out spent a long time as a prisoner of the Decepticons, forced to do battle in the grease pits of Polyhex for the amusement of his captors. Frequently taking the place of others in his captured unit, Tap-Out ended up taking the lives of his fellow Autobots, which left scars he still carries to this day.
Eventually freed by an Autobot strike force, Tap-Out has become more determined to prevent the loss of innocent life. He generally maintains an air of upbeat good humor, admirable for someone who went through the horrors he did, but the anger and pain do come through at times. Should he think his charges are being threatened, he will rush in with fists flying almost without a second thought, which has led to a few confrontations and misunderstandings that could easily have been avoided.
Still, most appreciate his dedication to saving lives, particularly those who have little combat ability themselves. And Tap-Out's incredible grappling skills, which have surprised many a Decepticon due to his small stature, have put many a would-be threat face-first in the dirt.
After the defeat of Unicron, Rodimus Prime sent several groups of Autobots on survey missions to prevent any more catastrophic surprises. Tap-Out (who came with high recommendations from Kup) acted as bodyguard for Glyph. Their ship, the Sojourner's Passage, crashed on Archa Nine. Tap-Out and Glyph were the only survivors, forced to use their wits and the friendship of the natives to survive for hundreds of years.
Tap-Out and Glyph are a 'couple' and frequently appear together.

Adding some more basic archaeologists by name: please note that all are minibots. Logical, given the circumstances. The Titans are well out of their league and they represent the 'common mech'.

Fossar - fem - motorcycle changer - very nimble, in mind and body. Also tends to get excited about interesting things, like finds, and talks a lot.

Ramp - mech - motorcycle changer - a bit of a plodder, very meticulous. Is pretty good with a trowel and a particle rifle.

Lens - mech - recording unit, carries four deployable cameras. Transforms into a larger camera... No fighting skills whatsoever.

Excavator - nicknamed Digger - mech - tractor changer with blade - can be over-eager. He's a demolition expert and usually has something explosive on him.

And, lastly, the Autobot SIC onsite:

Rotor - mech - ex-Autobot military - transforms into minicoptor (think Little Nellie). The dig's eyes-in-the-sky when necessary. He's small, he's old, he's tough, he talks in a growl and is efficient. He knows Kup; 'nuffzed.