Optimus Prime

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Optimus Prime

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Name: Optimus Prime
Titan Master: Diac
Allegiance: Autobot
Function: Leader
Alternate Modes: Western Star oil tanker truck; transport plane
Weapons/Equipment: Double-Barreled Ion Blaster, Energon Sword
Motto: "Freedom is the right of all sentient beings."

Strength: 10
Intelligence: 9
Speed: 8
Endurance: 10
Rank: 10
Courage: 10
Firepower: 10
Skill: 10
Teamwork: 8
Cooperation: 6

Optimus Prime is well known as the Autobot leader that served the longest term fighting for peace among the Autobots. While there have been other leaders both before and after Optimus Prime, he is fondly remembered as one of the most significant beings to shape the fate of the Cybertronian race as a whole. One of the most powerful warriors yet one who also understood the need of freedom and equality for all races, Optimus Prime is as wise as he is powerful, and is respected not only by his soldiers, but also by his enemies. Every death he caused – be it Autobot, Decepticon or others – weighs heavily on his conscience, yet he keeps himself stoic in front of all but his closest confidants. He is the leader the Autobots need – one who is charismatic and wise, yet one who is not afraid to lead the first charge into the battle.

So much of Optimus Prime’s past before he became Prime is shrouded in mystery. Some say he was groomed for the role by parties who saw the eruption of the Great Wars. Some say he was protoformed a humble dockworker, or a library archivist, who was merely in the wrong place at the wrong time. Some say he rose to power after taking charge during a Decepticon terrorist attack. Some say he was the last surviving member of the mythical Dynasty of Primes. Some say he is one of the great Thirteen Primes itself. Some even claim that Optimus Prime was never created, but rather, in the far-flung future where the war ended, Optimus Prime would travel to the past when the war began, creating a time loop. Whichever of these origin stories hold true, what is certain is that Optimus Prime rallied the Autobots near the beginning of the Great War. Optimus is as much legend as he is a person, though, and it is difficult for historians to pinpoint, exactly, just which implausible heroic things Optimus Prime did, and which are just rumours spread by a public that clearly adored the leader.

As the war waged for years, so has Optimus Prime succumbed to death, but to someone as unique as Optimus Prime – one who had been into the Well of All Sparks itself – death itself is somewhat of an inconvenience. No one truly knows what happens during the period where the Autobot leader is dead, not even Prime himself, but he has returned from death to life several times. It is unclear how Optimus Prime ended up in the state that he is at this moment, but Optimus Prime was subjected to a prototype of the Titan Master project, and the result had an imperfection, and so much of Optimus Prime’s original persona is retained compared to future versions of the Titans. Some theorize that this is because of the imperfect conversion, some say it’s the sheer passion within Optimus Prime’s spark, and some claim that Optimus Prime’s spark is unique thanks to the years that it has been exposed to the Matrix of Leadership. Whatever the case, all Titan Masters that have been brave enough to be partnered with Optimus Prime end up having their personalities subsumed by Optimus Prime himself – a fact that distresses the Autobot leader greatly – because so many other Titan Masters have had their personalities so overwritten with Optimus Prime’s own personality that it has effectively ‘deleted’ the original partners. These former partners eventually expire peacefully, with the portion of their spark overwritten by Optimus Prime eventually finding their way back into the original body.

In comes Diac, an Autobot who shares much of Optimus Prime’s ideals. He fights for the freedom of all sentient beings, he values the lives of his soldiers, and he has a very solid head for combat and strategy. In a time where Autobot leadership was in flux, for none of the other leader candidates held unanimous sway the way Optimus Prime had. Knowing that the only way to unify all Autobot leadership and to bring a decisive end to the Decepticons was to bring back the original Autobot leader, Diac braved the Titan Master process.

The result was an interesting fusion that was different. When combined, they are Optimus Prime, but Diac’s personality influences this gestalt connection of minds. Their shared desire to see freedom and peace unites them, but Diac differs with Optimus Prime in regards to their methods – Diac takes exception with the ‘freedom is the right of all sentient beings’ title, believing that this mercy should not be extended to Decepticons, especially in the heat of battle. This obsession and a more cynical worldview has created a certain ruthlessness in the Optimus Prime gestalt persona, beneath the caring personality that is common to both Diac and Optimus.

When combined in robot mode, Optimus Prime is equal parts Diac and equal parts Optimus – Optimus Prime is in control in robot form, but respects Diac’s choices and is somewhat influenced by his partner’s bloodlust – and in every other mode, Diac is able to hear Optimus Prime’s voice as a separate entity in his head. Whether this is a connection with Optimus Prime’s spark, or simply Optimus Prime’s personality starting to take over, Optimus is intent on teaching Diac to be less aggressive, while Diac is trying his best not to be so similar to Optimus Prime that the lines between their two personas are blurred.

Physical Abilities:
In his current body, Optimus Prime has above-average strength and endurance in physical combat, and is able to transform between his primary robot mode into a tanker truck and a jet – though he loses the battlestation that his older bodies tend to have. Optimus Prime’s standard weapon is an upgraded version of his iconic ion blaster, equipped with two barrels, able to launch blasts of radiation condensed into energy balls. An alternate setting for his ion blaster, dubbed the "Barrage Cannon" by Diac, launches explosive warheads instead. Optimus Prime is also equipped with an Energon Sword, a collapsible blade that heats up with energy to cleanly slice through all but the most dense metal known to Cybertronians.

Optimus Prime’s spark has access to the Matrix of Leadership, an amalgamation of the wisdom and sparks of Primes past and theorized to be the gateway to the Well of AllSparks, the source of life for Transformers and where Transformers will go after their death. The Matrix only accepts those who are worthy, and its powers cannot be used by anyone else. Quite tellingly, even Optimus’s Titan Master Diac is unable to access the Matrix of Leadership’s powers.

Diac wields a scaled-down version of the ion rifle, and has recently built in retractable energon swords and energon battle hooks into his arms.

It’s been said by historians that “if he were more ruthless, he would have been a better military commander, but he wouldn’t be Optimus Prime.” Under the control of Diac, the Optimus Prime gestalt has shared in the younger Titan Master’s penchant to pick a more final solution against his Decepticon enemies, which causes a significant rift between the Optimus and Diac personalities. While Diac shares Optimus’s beliefs that all sentient life is sacred, he has less qualms when it comes to the highly destructive Decepticons.

Optimus Prime’s Titan body still contains the Autobot leader’s Spark and the sheer strength of his passion and personality tends to overshadow any Titan Masters paired with him, eventually turning them into Optimus Prime. Diac is the latest in a long line of Titan Masters who tried to bond with the Autobot leader and failed, either passing peacefully into the Well of AllSpark, breaking down with a huge case of Primus Apotheosis. To prevent this, Diac limits the frequency and the duration that he spends combined with Optimus Prime in robot mode.