Mindwipe and Vorath

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Mindwipe and Vorath

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Name: Mindwipe
Titan Master: Vorath
Allegiance: Decepticon
Function: Hypnotist
Alternate Mode(s): Bat
Weapons/Equipment: Viper pistol, laser cutters, shield
Motto: "Just one look from me and you've lost."

Strength: 8
Intelligence: 6
Speed: 7
Endurance: 5
Rank: 7
Courage: 8
Firepower: 7
Skill: 9
Teamwork: 8
Cooperation: 3


[Excerpt from the transcript of a post-pairing evaluation of Mindwipe, Decepticon hypnotist]

This new partner, Worath, is insufferable. He is obsessed vith science and logic and proof and evidence, and not open at all to the arcane or the occult. He qvestions everything, even things he sees vith his own eyes He even tried to disassemble my head module to figure out how I manage to hypnotize our enemies! He has no respect for my inqviries into the mystic arts or my attempts to contact the departed, even vhen those efforts bear fruit.

But as much as it pains me -- blah! -- I must admit he has his uses. His scientific methods, vhen applied to my own endeavours, have allowed me to make great leaps in my own investigations. And vhile I do not care for him personally, I cannot deny that we vork vell together. Now, if only he vould stop bothering me when I am busy meditating, everything vould be fine. Ah-ha-ha!


[Excerpt from the transcript of a post-pairing evaluation of Vorath, Decepticon scientist]

I suppose you've already talked to Mindwipe.

*interviewer nods*

Did he insist on speaking in that ridiculous accent? He did, didn't he? It's an affectation, you know. All that "meditating" he does? Most of the time he's really just holed up in his lair watching old Terran movies. That's all he ever manages to pick up on those "ghost detectors" he wastes time building. Anyway, he started watching vampire movies and decided that this was how someone who turned into a bat was supposed to talk. His last partner -- he's had a lot of those, you know -- thought it was funny and egged him on.


No, you're right. I don't have much time for the blind faith that he has in all the silly things he believes in. It's not that I reject the possibility that there's ghosts or spirits out there, or that they could be put to work for our cause. It's a big universe and stranger things have happened. I've certainly encountered things that others would consider supernatural in my lifetime. But I investigated them, found out caused what them -- usually something all too boring and mundane, mind -- and systematically worked to exploit them. There's a process for things like this -- a process I'm very good at, as you well know, or I wouldn't have been chosen for a mission of such high importance -- and he refuses to follow it. He doesn't test his hypotheses, he just accepts them as true and builds from there. And when he's inevitably wrong and his work inevitably falls apart, instead of going back to examine his first idea he just spins out ever crazier ideas on top of it to explain away the initial failure.


No, actually, you're wrong -- I don't dislike him -- and there are no regrets here. I'm very glad you talked me into signing up to become his partner -- I'm enjoying it quite a bit. He's smart, he's got a lot of talent and if he applied himself he'd be a good scientist. He reminds me of some of my students at the academy, actually. And just like them, I'll get the best out of him even if it kills him.


In spite of their differing world views, Mindwipe and Vorath are capable of being a good team. They actually produce good results working together, in spite of constantly working at cross-purposes and being at each other's throats. When their interests intersect, they can transcend their differences and become incredibly productive, with their different approaches serving to complement one another. When they're joined in robot mode and their minds are forced to blend into one, the resulting personality is highly effective, combining two extremely intelligent minds with wildly different perspectives into a single, incredibly insightful and creative person. Unfortunately, they both try to avoid actually doing that because they are disturbed by concept of sharing their partner's more...questionable personality traits.

Both Mindwipe and Vorath are highly intelligent and doggedly curious, so it should come as no surprise that the duo are the tip of the spear when it comes to scientific or arcane investigations.

Abilities: Mindwipe's bat mode is equipped with thrusters for more effective flight, and he can achieve a top speed of 700 MPH. In robot mode, he uses a viper pistol that shoots a stream of paralyzing venom that will freeze any mechanical parts it touches for up to thirty minutes. The claws on his shield are dipped in the same toxin, as are his fangs and beast-mode claws. His shield has two build-in laser cutters, intended for slicing off scientific samples but equally useful for carving up Autobots.

Mindwipe is capable of hypnotizing his enemies, overriding their free will and forcing them to do his bidding merely by looking into their eyes in beast mode. Vorath hypothesizes that his partner's optics emit a sub-visible radiation that interferes with cerebral circuitry, but Mindwipe refuses to let him perform any tests. He can also enhance his sensory perception by using echolocation.

Weaknesses: Mindwipe and Vorath both tend to get too involved in their immediate work (or in Mindwipe's case, mediations and TV-watching) and this leaves them open to surprise attack. Their petty squabbling can also limit their effectiveness, especially when Mindwipe gets fed up and tries to hypnotize Vorath (giving himself a splitting headache in the process).