Operation?? No need..inflicting pain? Manditory...

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Operation?? No need..inflicting pain? Manditory...

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*The scene opens up with everyones hated antagonist, Casus "Crimson" Crevious laying on a strecher bed in a nearby hospital. Yes, the Crimson part of CCC's name really is showing as the cameraman close ups CCC's bloody face. The 6'10 behomath's eyes are closed, blood dripping from a large gash created from one of the many weapon attacks the cocky olympian recieved. All of a sudden, you can hear a door just swing open from the right side of the camera. The AWF cameraman jerks the camera towards the door in a kind of frightened reflex, but calms down as a blonde haired caucasion doctor walks into the scene with another caucasion doctor with him.*

D#1: "Alright lets see what we got here."
D#2: "The nurse told me that the patient has multiple lacerations on his forehead. They say that he was a bloody mess as soon as he arrived, also recieved a mild concussion."
D#1: "Name?"
D#2: "Casus Cruvos or something..."
D#1: "......o....kay. Anyway, lets check him out."

*The two doctors walk slowly towards CCC. A suprised look appears on both faces...a look that would have them saying "Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayuuuuum". CCC looks like he was in more then one train wreck, his face looks as red as a bowl of very thick tomato soup.*

D#1: "What the hell!? This man could be dead, lets start up right now!"

*The first doctor immeadetly grabs a couple of tools and decides to stich CCC's head. The second doctor further examines the body in utter disgust, in his head he is thinking "How in the hell could you get hurt liket his?". CCC lays still on the bed as the doctor attempts to stich him up. As they work on the poor big guy, they begin to converse.*

D#2: "I gotta ask this, how the hell can anyone get like this? It's like somebody smacked him in the head with some sort of barbed wire or something."
D#1: "I have no clue Dr. Thompson, no clue."
Dr. Thompson: "Seirously though Ricky, he had to be in some sort of gang war or something to get liket his. There is absolutely no way in hell you could get this hurt. "
Ricky: "Now what did I tell you about calling me Ricky...its Dr. Jamison. Lets just finish this up."

*About an hour in a half later, CCC has been cleaned up, and 16 stiches (I actually don't know how long it takes to perform 1 stich...if anyone can tell me please do so I can edit and make this more realistic) have been applied. He isn't 100% yet, but with a little rest, everything will be fine. Dr. Jamison bends over to take a look at one of the stiches to see if it is full, and finally the unthinkable happens. CCC'S eyes open up and he headbutts the hell out of Dr. Jamison. One of the stiches tear allowing one of the cuts to re-open, but he still gets out of his bed and sends a punch intot he the Dr's jaw and spinebusters him through the bed. He then looks at poor Dr. Thomspon trying to run, but he grabs him by the neck from behind.*

CCC: "You filthy mortal, I despise when you creatures even think of putting your hands on my flawless physique!! Don't EVER do that again!"

*He sends two knees to the lower back and then slams Dr. Thomspon as hard as he can into a wall. I CCC then flips one of the desks over knocking down all of the medical equipment on the floor. Some glass breaks from different medicines, and other tools just drop and roll all over the floor.*

CCC: "That damn servant should never have defeated someone as skilled as I! Now I seek revenge...against the entire AWF arena. No more will I be the one who is made a fool...nor will I be the one bloodied and laying in a pool of blood. Oh no no no, its time to show the world what real pain is! I need no surgery or approval from these unknowledgable pansies these mortals refer to as people, I will seek vengance at the next showcase of destruction."

*He lets out that evil laugh that usually puts fear in peoples hearts...well children anyway. The blood from his cut just slides down his face and some into his mouth, CCC just licks his lips and swallows some of the blood. He then turns around and heads towards the door.*

CCC: "A sacrifice...will...be...made!!"

*CCC angrily kicks the door down and strolls out of the hospital. Screams and shreeks are heard as Casus "Crimson" Crevious makes his grand exit.*