The *BRAND NEW* AWF Guide lines!

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The *BRAND NEW* AWF Guide lines!

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Reflector: “Hello, I am Reflector or ‘Flec. I am a former AWF superstar and current AWF announcer. And YOU are what we hope will be the fresh blood! This AWF special is to help people understand not only what it takes in the AWF but what it takes to succeed while here! And for those willing to stay for this whole special will be treated with what some people consider to be the best AWF match of all time: Wargames 2! Here’s a quick clip!”

JFA: Meanwhile Blaster has gone about setting up a Table in the ring…he’s calling for Predaking’s attention…the Game also crawling back into the ring…one table set up…Predaking climbing back into the ring courtesy of the dangling piece of cage roof…now the two of them stacking Tempest onto the table…and Blaster placing another table on top of Tempest and the table…calling for King to collect Red…which he does after a brutal chop, low blow and Rampage on the floor…now tossing Red into the ring, hoisting him up on top of the second table…

Flec: What the hell is tapedeck thinking?

JFA: I don’t know…but he’s positioned the two Warzone guys and the tables under that hole in the roof…and over the hole in the ring…

Joey: Dear God…

As king positions things, Blaster climbs up the dangling piece of cage and on top of the cage…he then takes a deep breath and…


Joey: …

JFA: Folks…Blaster just jumped through that hole in the ceiling, delivering a body press onto Red, which drove them through the first table, into Tempest, then through the next table and piece of the table and bodies have now filled the hole in the ring…

Reflector: “Amazing stuff there! I still can’t believe he did that! And that is just a tid-bit of what the AWF has to offer! But before you ever get to see that you have to understand how the AWF works. There are three types of wrestlers and every wrestler has a position rated by where they usually wrestle on the card! The three types are Face, Neutral and Heel. A face is a good guy someone who can get the crowd behind him. Neutral is in the middle they are not bad so they can have crowd support but they are not good so if they are against a face then the crowd probably won’t cheer for them. A heel is a bad guy, someone who usually berates the fans, or pretends that they like him, and they just don’t realize it. The three positions you can wrestle on the card are Low-Card which is where new people usually start. Mid-Card levels are usually where the bulk of matches are, as well as the titles. And finally Main-Event, these are the best in the AWF and usually round out the card or add meat to the mid-card if the main-event matches are filled.”

Reflector walks over to a room with five cases with replicas of each AWF title inside them.

Reflector: “In the AWF there are 4 singles titles and one tag title. While the world heavyweight title stays among the main eventers, The Inter-continental, TV and Hardcore titles are in the Mid-Card. This is where the mid-card breaks down. The Intercontinental usually goes to a mid-card who is just below main-event status, the TV title goes to someone who is in the middle and the Hardcore goes around the lower mid-card. The tag-titles are accessible to anyone with a tag team partner, no matter their position on the card. This isn’t to say that a low card can’t challenge for a singles titles, but they usually have a harder time winning against the seasoned veterans there.”

Reflector walks out of the room and into another with an AWF ring in it and the camera follows him into the ring there.

Reflector: “By now you should know what the AWF is, but if you haven’t guessed it’s a wrestling federation, and a great one that has ideas stolen from it daily by a certain more mainstream company. So if you are still with me your next question probably is: How do I join? Well that’s probably the easiest question to answer. The AWF Profiles thread! Simply go in there and fill out not only a profile sheet but the 20 questions as well. These questions help the writers get a better grasp of your character and make him easier to write for them and more accurate to what you have envisioned, but we’ll get back to them again later. It’s also good to have a gimmick or some catchphrases your character will use. For ideas of what a gimmick is look no further than my personal brutha Homeslice, or as he is more commonly known Viewfind. A gimmick is something your character is, or does that helps set him apart from all the other wrestlers and managers in the fed. Catch phrases help emphasis this. A move list is also a good idea, well not required it is a huge help, and there is a huge move list already in the joining thread that will help if you are stuck. After you’ve done that it’s best to message the AWF Press Office and let them know you want a match, and if you have an idea already planned for a feud.... well wait. You don’t know what a feud is yet! A feud is when you and usually someone of the opposite alignment go into a long drawn out battle that can last for months! So if you’re face, you’ll face a hell and vice-versa. If you’re neutral you’re like a bi-sexual woman and can pick what ever you want! A feud usually ends at a PPV, and then that usually helps lead a wrestler into the next feud. Not every feud is for a title, but some are, just... don’t expect one right away, okay?

Anyways, where was I? Ah yes, if you already have a feud you’d like to plan message it to the AWF Press Office and it will see what it can do. The best bet however is to stay with someone fairly new as yourself if that is your plan. Walking in and saying ‘I want to feud with Erik Summers’ will either lead to you getting the smackdown laid on you or the request being totally ignored. Now the next step is smack talk, lets take some time and show a clip of two time AWF Smacktalker of the Year Y3B Blaster taking it to team Warzone before Wargames 2”

Blaster comes on screen “Listen jerky. You are not that good, you beat a jobber with perks to get the title shot and then the big boys were so worried you couldn't draw on your own even with the Game had to throw another Mayhem face in. Now you babble about talent but do you even know what that is? Have you done anything with your career? Have you beat any high class stars? No. Only thing Wargames will destroy is you and your career Junior!”

Reflector: “I never did like that, probably because I worked for Warzone like Tempest at the time but hey, the fans and fellow wrestlers must have! Anyways you have a profile, and you go into your first Mayhem and you get the feud or match you were after! Excellent, but now what? Well do as you just saw Blaster do and smack talk the fool! What does that consist of? Well insulting him, making fun of him, finding flaws and exploiting him! Did you beat him? Rub it in! Did he beat you? Make an excuse! There is no real excuse for taking a loss lying down especially if you are heel! With smacktalk after the match it helps generate even more heat between you and your opponent. It is always a good idea to let the person know you want to feud with them too. This person might have other plans of feuds planned out, so just going into a feud with them won’t always work. Now something that needs to be paid attention to is smacktalk etiquette. Go over some ground rules with the person you are feuding with, tell them of any thing you don’t want mentioned or things they don’t want brought up by you, maybe problems with self-esteem in the past or depression. This is just for fun so going after weak spots like that can really leech the fun out of it. Also don’t just go back and forth with ‘I will win’ ‘No I will win’ you can post the first time like that but don’t just continuing go back and forth with it. It is not entertaining if that is all you are saying! Try and add some flair to it, change it up attack some flaws not declare yourself winner repeatedly! However, this isn‘t to say other veterans aren‘t guilty of such things.

Divebomb comes on screen “Even if me and P? don't get into the match Warzone will still wipe the mat with you fools. Warzone is the dominant brand and will prove it at War Games and there is not a damn thing Mayhem can do about it.

For Mayhem, Doomsday is Coming......”

Screen cuts to a later promo on the same subject
“But back to the matter at hand. Mayhem will lose! I don't think it, I know it and at War Games, Warzone will prove it.

Reflector: “When it comes to open challenges there is a certain way to do it, to get attention from the bigger guys in the AWF to get them to say ‘this guy needs more camera time’ But to give you a big hint; This:

Tempest appears on screen “You think you can stop the human bulldozer? How many of you out there think you can take out the most defining machine in the AWF?!”

Reflector: “Well it gets the point across but it really doesn’t get much attention, it just gets you a match with who ever answers quickest. Nah you want to flesh it out, make it look like it’s on a show, give it some meat, some reason why you want to get this match, a bit like this!”

Strafe appears on the screen “I had a dream. A dream that I would rise to glory within the AWF and earn what was to be mine, the AWF Title.

Alas...the corruption of this company could not be overcome. With people like Blaster, Viewfind, O'Reilly, and Ghostal in control, there was no way I could succeed.

For that, I left. I trained. I spent half a year doing what was necessary to become a dominating force in the AWF, and the Rumble would be my ticket to the title match.

But no. Once again the forces of fate conspired against me. Moments after knocking out the Game, Sixswitch went for the underhanded move and eliminated me from the contendership spot, a spot that should be mine!

Who do I need to beat to prove this? I'm willing to put my money where my mouth is. I know I will win.

It's only a matter of time until that belt is mine...”

Reflector: “It’s perfect, it gets the point across, why he wants the challenge what he has to prove. It’s what you want! Another scenario where smacktalk can end up lame when it should be good to get attention is when you are in the hunt for or just lost a title. If you lose a title and respond with something small and simple like “I’ll get that title if it’s the last thing I do!” Chances are you won’t get the title.

*The camera comes on as we see Divebomb sitting on a lazyboy with a beer in one hand and a big book on his lap and about ten kids sitting on the floor in front of him*

(takes a drink and then puts the beer down)

DB: "Well hello kids."

Children: "Hello!"

DB: "It’s good to see you all here. Now this is the very first episode of A Preview of Things to Come and I wanted to tell you all how things are going to happen next week on AWF Mayhem but to do that I have to tell you all the story of how the events leading up to this Mayhem have taken place. So are you all ready to hear the story of The NWA and Blood & Thunder?"

Children: "Yeah"

DB: "Good. Then let’s get started. Now awhile ago the NWA were on top of the world. They were part of the best faction the AWF had ever seen and they were having more fun than they had ever had in their entire lives. They had won the AWF Tag Team titles and beaten all who opposed. They were the best until one fateful day when this team that looked like they were spawned from a hillbilly and a mountain goat came out of nowhere and cheated their way to a match with the NWA and this match was a hard fought battle with neither side gaining an advantage until the Billy goat team known as Blood & Thunder cheated their way to a win."

Children: "Booooooo"

DB: "Yeah, now that the NWA had lost their titles and it all came crashing down they were lost. They had gotten a few rematches but they could never concentrate. They had lost their edge and they sort of just dropped out of the spot light. The GPA had been going through changes and merged with another group known as TCA but that never held, then one day Viewfind, Prowl?, and Divebomb sat down and had a long talk about the state that things were in and decided that it was time to make a change. They broke free from the chains put on them when they joined TCA and reformed the GPA. Things were going good but the NWA still had not found their edge. With Prowl? out doing his own thing and Divebomb just sort of coasting without any real direction. Then one day Viewfind won the AWF World Title and things started looking up even if his title reign didn't last long things were starting to get better. They had gained two members in Ravage and Tempest and Vin Ghostal returned to the ring but still the NWA hadn't found their edge. Then came AWF Mayhem live from Hartford, Connecticut. Reilly had announced that he had big plans for the AWF Tag Team title that night and while Divebomb was out walking the halls trying to figure out what Reilly had planned for the NWA that night he ran into him. He figured that Reilly would finally give him and Prowl? their shot at the Titles but Reilly had different plans for him."

Kid1: "What did he have planned?"

DB: "Well he wasn't going to give the NWA their shot but he had made a match where Divebomb would face the AWF TV champion NMat. Divebomb wasn't too happy about this because he really didn't care about the TV title but he went along with it and as he was walking out to the ring with Prowl? the mean old referee came out and tried forcing Prowl? away from ring side while in the ring Divebomb had the match won. While Divebomb was waiting in the ring for the referee to come back that dirty underhanded Billy goat team Blood and Thunder came out of the crowd and knocked out Divebomb and put NMats arm over Divebombs chest. Then the referee came back in and counted 1....2....3 and declared NMat the winner."

Children: "Boooooooooo!"

DB: "Yeah. Now Divebomb was obviously very upset that even though it ahd nothing to do with Blood and Thunder they had to get involved. So later that night Reilly announced that the Tag Team title would be on the line as Blood and Thunder faced the team of D-Next. This made Divebomb even madder so he got an idea. He got the entire GPA together for a little team meeting. He got the group to agree to giving Blood and Thunder a little pay back for costing Divebomb the TV title so when the tag team match started the GPA came out and knocked out both teams and placed G91's arm over Wolfang then the referee counted 1...2...3 and just like that Blood and Thunder were no longer the Tag Team champions. Just like that, the thing the NWA worked so hard for in the first place was finally taken away from the one team who cheated them away from the NWA in the first place. The Nwa had finally had enough of getting kicked around and had stepped up and done something they should have done long before and taken the belts away from the Hillbilly Goats."

Children: "Yeahhhhhhhhhhhh!"

DB: "Yeah, things were finally going the NWA's way and it looks like they might have finally found their edge and that brings us to now. After that match Blood and Thunder whined and cried that they were cheated out of the titles until Reilly made the match. Blood and Thunder wanted a match with the entire GPA and this is where the preview begins......"

Children: "Yeahhh"

(Divebomb takes a drink then opens the big book on his lap)

DB: "It all takes place live in the Saviss Center in St.Louis. Now I have to ask you a question. Do you want to hear the whole story or should I get to the good part?"

Children: "The Good part!"

DB: "Ok I'll tell you the good part.(Divebomb flips a few pages ahead in the book then begins) Ok here we go. Viewfind along with Ravage and Tempest are on the outside of the ring fighting off some guys trying to interfere with the match as we see Zarak, Wolfang, Prowl? and Divebomb all in the ring fighting. Zarak and Prowl? are in a tie up as Wolfang and Divebomb are going punch for punch. All four men are tired and about to pass out. Finally Prowl? gains a little advantage and whips Zarak into the ropes and hits him with the Mark, a high velocity spine buster. As he does that Wolfang throws a punch at Divebomb who manages to duck at the very last second and counters it by picking up wolfang on his shoulders and calls to the crowd before leveling him with The End. Prowl? picks up Zarak and whips him into the ropes again but this time instead of going for the Mark he picks him up and him a Divebomb nail Zarak with the 3D. Prowl? and Divebomb noticing that things are getting rough on the outside decide they had better finish this match quick pick up Wolfang. Prowl? puts Wolfang on his shoulders as Divebomb climbs the ropes. He signals to the crowd and then jumps."

Children: "Oh Yeahhhh"

DB: "Divebomb drills Wolfang with a clothes line off of Prowl?'s shoulders and Wolfang falls hard into the mat. Prowl? gets the referee's attention as Divebomb covers Wolfang and the referee makes the count. 1............2..............3."

Children: "Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhh"

DB: "The match is over and the GPA had won and that kids is A Preview of Things to Come. I hope you all had a good time and I'll see you next time."

*The show gos off the air then we see P? and Divebomb standing beside a TV in a bar talking about it*

DB: "You know P? it might have been a story to those kids but to me its reality and I will do everything in my power to make it happen."

P?: "Yeah man."

DB: "They have been a thorn in our side for long enough and to quote Wolfy, by Hell or High Water I will destroy them."

P?: "Oh Hellz Yeah. They asked for more than they can handle this time."

DB: "Now I'm getting out of here. I want to be as strong as possible for when this match happens because when this match happens I am not going to hold back and I will have no regrets for what I will do."

P?: "Alright I'll see you later."

DB: "I'm out"

*The camera goes dark as Divebomb leaves the bar*

Reflector: (wipes a fake tear from his eye.) “Oooh it’s poetry. POETRY! Ahem. Anyways that is the best thing you could find. Another big thing when it comes to smacktalk NEVER try and control someone else character without their permission. It just gets ugly and is not what the AWF is about. Now what haven’t I covered? We have ‘How to join’ we got ‘Smacktalk 101.’

So now we need ‘How does it work?’ Well to be honest all the pressure is on the two bookers. They get to see all the match requests and feud requests and decide which they can do and which they can’t. These are the guys that come up with the angles and feuds if people aren’t high on picking who to fight. These are the guys that send out what matches need to be done too the writers and then post the shows, and on top of that they them selves do a match or two and then almost every promo on the show you see. If it weren’t for these guys there would be no AWF. The next question must be how do they decide the winners? While in a long drawn out feud who wins the first few matches before it ends is usually planned to an extent. Then the last match is usually either decided by a simple coin toss or who has been playing more or that is equal than who has been the better smacktalker during that feud. Same with off the cuff matches, unless an angle is planned. So it is always a good idea to do your best as that is how the winner might be chosen, and don’t slack off cause that might just hand the match to your opponent and then they get bragging rights all over the archive... okay that’s not true but they do get to rub it in your face in the AWF! So that is pretty much it! While there are a few other things that are not too significant with what you learned today you should be able to move out quite nicely. So go out there and win! And if anyone asks who trained you say with pride: REFLECTOR! Anyways. As promised the 2nd Wargames for your viewing pleasure! Good night!”

The Archive Wrestling Federation presents…
The Main Event: War Games
Team Mayhem (AWF Champion THE GAME G91, THE KING, SIXSWITCH, BLASTER and ??)
Team Warzone (Hardcore Champion THUNDERCRACKER, Tag Team Champions BLOOD & THUNDER, REDSTREAK and TEMPEST)

The video fades into the arena as the cage has been lowered into place surrounding the double rings.

JFA: And that folks…is the monster…it is a structure built for pain and torture…its designed to be unforgiving and to end careers…its…

Flec: Didn’t you give this speech last year?

Joey: You get used to him…like a rash…

Flec: I’ll give you a rash Styles…though you probably already have it, since it came from your wife…”

JFA: I don’t know how you do it Joey…at any rate, the rules are simple…prior to the match the two team captains, TC from Warzone and The Game from Mayhem took the coin flip to determine which team would gain the advantage as far as who get the next man in. Team Warzone one…so that means after the first minutes, Team Warzone will get a fresh man…then, two minutes later team Mayhem will get another man…then so on and so forth. Once all 10 men are in…the match will continue until one team either submits or surrenders. That is the only way to win this match…

Its Time to play the Game….ITS TIME TO PLAY THE GAME!!! Mwa-hahahaha!

RA: Ladies and gentlemen, it is time for the main event…

*The arena is suddenly filled with the sounds of a heavy guitar riff, drum rolls and ladies squeeling ‘oh oh Game’… and the Game comes out with the AWF title around his waste, strutting confidently in tune to the music*

I think I'm cute.
I know I'm sexy.
I've got the looks,
That drives the girls wild!
I've got the moves, that really move 'em.
I send chills up.
Up and down their spine.
I'm just a sexy boy,
Sexy boy!
I'm not your boy toy!
Boy toy!
I'm just a sexy boy,
Sexy boy!
I'm not your boy toy!
Boy toy!

Flec: ACK…what the f*ck?!?
JFA: JFA: The Manchester crowd deafening here in response to the AWF Champion…

Flec: You guys are toast…the Game’s coming out, it’s over!

JFA: & Joey: …

Flec: WHAT?

Joey: The world is ending…

I make 'em hot.
I make 'em shiver.
Their knees get weak,
Whenever I'm around.
They see me walk,
They hear me talk,
I make 'em feel,
Like they're on cloud nine!

RA: Making his way to the ring area, he is the reigning AWF Champion and captain of Team Mayhem, hailing from St. Paul Minnesota…the Game, G91!

JFA: The Game out here now…obviously paying homage to his mentor and maybe to his best friend with that intro…

Joey: Or maybe he’s just doing what he does best…playing the role of the Cerebral Assassin…getting into the head of Team Warzone. And…the Game removing his vest and staring at the top of the cage…and the Game is going up…slightly new sound and look for the Game…same attitude…climbing to the top of the cage posing for the fans as his pyro ignites the arena and motioning to the back to ‘just bring it!’

RA: And representing Team Warzone…

Although ya try to discredit
Ya still never edit
The needle, I'll thread it
Radically poetic
Standin' with the fury that they had in '66
And like E-Double I'm mad
Still knee-deep in the system's ****
Hoover, he was a body remover
I'll give ya a dose
But it'll never come close
To the rage built up inside of me
Fist in the air, in the land of hypocrisy

RA: From Mandurah, WA, Australia…Tempest…

Movements come and movements go
Leaders speak, movements cease
When their heads are flown
'Cause all these punks
Got bullets in their heads
Departments of police, the judges, the feds
Networks at work, keepin' people calm
You know they went after King
When he spoke out on Vietnam
He turned the power to the have-nots
And then came the shot

JFA: The Human bulldozer out here to start…team Captain TC sending out the machine here to start off against the Game. And Tempest looks read to join the Game atop the cell…referee trying to stop him and he gets a shove for his efforts…

Joey: And the Game standing center in the middle of the roof of the cage…staring Tempest down…the two now eye to eye…Tempest with a punch, blocked and returned by the Game…now another…and another…Tempest reeling back the Game chopping the big man towards the edge of the cage…

Flec: You get the feeling that we’re going to lose the Spanish or the French broadcast teams at some point?

JFA: Tempest reversing the flow and he backflips the Game onto the top of the cage…cold unforgiving steel up there…grabbing the Game by the throat, Tempest with a shove and the Game teeters back and slips!

Flec: SH*T!

Joey: And the Game somehow catches himself and is now dangling along the side of the cage…very close to going over and the Game pulling up, holding fast…meanwhile Tempest climbing down…the Game seeing this now has his balance and starts coming down too, Tempest down first and walking over to the side he grabs the Game and powerbombs him to the floor!

Flec: Geez…

JFA: Tempest now shoving the Game into the ring…referees closing the doors and we still have about 2 minutes until the next member of Team Warzone comes out.

Joey: The Game rolling into the ring…Tempest crawling in as well…but the Game kips up and SWEET CHIN MUSIC! Out of no where the Game kipped up and flattened the human bull dozer with a little sweet chin music.

Flec: HA!

JFA: Is this all he’s going to offer?

Joey: Most likely…clock ticking down…minute and a half left…the Game going to work…top rope and big elbow drop into the throat of Tempest. Game obviously psyched up for this match, feeding off this pro-Game crowd…

JFA: The Champ bring Tempest to his feet now…whips him hard to the ropes, then using his momentum just jettisoning him over the top and face first into the steel!

Flec: Clearly using the big man’s weight against him!

Joey: Game working better here than I have ever seen anyone work against Tempest…and the Game with a SUICIDE DIVE, crashing into Tempest…and Tempest broken wide open here early…and following the suicide dive…both men are down on the outside…

10…9…8…7…6…5…4…3…2…1…BUZZER SOUNDS

Mexicola hits…

JFA: And here comes Black Zarak…a man not unfamiliar with this type of match!

Flec: Bah…he’s got nothing, we’ve got the Game out there!

Joey: By himself for 5 minutes…

Flec: SH*T!

JFA: Zarak in the cage now…and he tosses G91 in the ring and checks Tempest. Zarak in the ring now, snap suplex on the Game and Tempest back in the ring, still bleeding…and Tempest talking strategy and now both men hoisting the champion…and…LIKE A DART THE JUST FLUNG HIM OVER THE TOP ROPE AND INTO THE CAGE!

Flec: Well…I guess what goes around…

Zarak drops to the outside and delivers a snake eyes dropping the Game face first into the steel stairs…

Joey: OH! Dear LORD! The Game busted open…driven face first into those steel steps…now tossing him back inside, Zarak also tosses in the steps…

JFA: Some bad intentions here folks…

Joey: Game back to his feet, clearly woozy and out on his feet, Zarak charging in, but the Game hits him with a belly to belly suplex! Game back to his feet, but there is Tempest, choke slam…ONTO THE STAIRS!

Flec: G just folded up like an accordion!

Joey: And the big man moving to take control…still bleeding, the Game now bleeding and Zarak getting to his feet, favoring his back…

JFA: And now Tempest helping Zarak and the two whip the Game into the ropes, drop toe hold by Zarak sends the Game face first into the steps…while Tempest with a follow up leg drop!

Flec: Team Warzone seems to have the upper hand…

Joey: Tempest trying to scoop the Game back up…and LOW BLOW! The Game with a low blow and Tempest crumples…and a back mule kick to Zarak puts him down…and the Game himself collapses…all three men down now…

JFA: This had to have been expected…this type of environment…and we still have 7 combatants to go!

Flec: That is why we have two rings you cooze!

Joey: Ignore him…he won’t go away, but it will help…Tempest crawling back up now…as is the Game, but not for long as a big foot rockets the Game back down to the mat.

JFA: Never have I seen anyone who has gotten to Tempest like this…he’s taken some serious punishment in this match.

Joey: As has the champion…Zarak now back up…measuring the champ…and EBON FLOW! The Game sent crashing face first into the mat, leaving a blood spot where ever his face touches…the crowd trying to rally him…but its two on one…

Flec: Not for long…


Headstrong fills the arena!


Flec: Help is on the way!

Joey: And he’s got…what the…he’s get the Game’s sledge! AND HE’S READY TO USE IT! Charging hard he sends Tempest over the top with a flying sledge shot! Now turning he nails Zarak in the ribs…and then proceeds to toss him outside the cage before the ref can close the door…

Flec: Will history repeat itself?

Joey: I…no…

JFA: Blaster flattening Zarak one more time with that sledge before leaving it inside the cage and joining zarak outside…now tossing him on top of the French Announcers Table…and…NO…NO DON’T!


Joey: Stiff beat to Zarak on the French Announce Table…the Table absolutely exploding with that impact and with God as my witness Zarak may be paralyzed!

Flec: So what? Blaster looks shaken up too!

JFA: Wouldn’t you?

Flec: I wouldn’t be in this match…

Joey: Now that doesn’t surprise me in the least! Meanwhile in the ring, Tempest trying to get back into this thing…and THE GAME JUST KIPPED UP AGAIN! A look of shock on Tempest’s face…the Game getting his second wind…

Flec: Third…

Joey: Fine…third…

Flec: Credit where due Styles you slacker!

JFA: Right…Tempest charging, Game ducking the clothesline attempt and a dropkick to the back of the knee sends Tempest down to the mat...clutching his leg! Now the Game with smile…reaching over and grasping…


Joey: And here is where it gets nasty…The Game drawing back and leveling Tempest with a sledge hammer shot! And the Game hit Tempest so hard, he snapped the head of the sledge hammer off the handle! MY GOD! AND TEMPEST STILL FIGHTING NOT TO GO DOWN!

Flec: What is this guy some sort of mutant circus freak?!?

JFA: The Game shaking his head in respect…meanwhile on the outside, Blaster now starting to move and pulling the heap that was once Zarak…Zarak with lacerations all over his body…and Blaster dragging him back into the ring!

Joey: Those two showing just how much that impact cost them…Stiff Beat right through the French Announce table, part of the exploding table snapped Blaster really good right in the back of the head…he seems to be ok…now tossing Zarak into the ring the Game grabbing Zarak and PEDIGREE!

Flec: It won’t even matter! It’s already over! We’re not going to need no stinking 5th man!

JFA: Blaster now hard off the ropes and Soundsault flattens Tempest down to the mat. The drop kick to the knee, the sledgehammer and the soundsault now flattens the human bulldozer. You have to be impressed with Blaster…

Joey: Meanwhile the Game working on Zarak…dragon sleeper applied, cranking back…and Blaster with the Walls of Sound! Walls of Sound applied to Tempest!


My World howls throughout the arena and Redstreak appears under the Archivetron strutting, pointing out that he’s number 1!

Joey: Here comes the founder of the TCA…and the man who orchestrated the attack at Syxx Feet Under…a man who has undergone some drastic changes in personality…Redstreak!

JFA: And the Game just released the dragon sleeper…and he’s bolting out the door they opened for Red! Redstreak seeing the Game stops and waits for him…coiled, ready to strike…but the Game dives onto him…the two roll off the ramp and onto the floor, each man punching away at each other wildly…there has been so much bad blood brewing for so long between these two!

Flec: I thought the cage was supposed to keep them inside the rings! We’ve had Tempest and the Game start on top…Blaster stiff beat Zarak through the French Announce Table and now the Game bolts from the cage and he and Red are pummeling each other on the floor under the ramp!

Joey: Good point there Flec…

Redstreak gains control for a moment and gets back up on the ramp. The Game quickly follows, clearing some of the blood from his eyes to get a better view of Red. The Game is badly lacerated across the right side of his face, just above his eye. Meanwhile in the ring, Blaster is still cranking away at Tempest, who is bleeding as badly as the Game. However, Zarak, while bleeding profusely, is starting to move, unbeknownst to Blaster.

JFA: Zarak nearly to his feet….Blaster still holding the Walls…on the outside…the Game and Red have just clubbed each other up against the cage…Redstreak with a chop…Game steps back a few…tries for a sudden Sweet Chin Music…Redstreak ducks and the Game kicks the cage! Falling back the Game clearly swore on the knee from that impact….and Redstreak shouting something at the Game…NOW REDSTREAK IS CLIMBING THE CAGE!

Joey: On the inside, Zarak shaking the cobwebs…Tempest has been in the walls of sound for a very long time, Blaster has really dominated this match thus far…coming in just in time…really rendering Zarak out of the equation and now he has beaten down someone who I didn’t think could be beaten down in Tempest…


JFA: Modified running bulldog by Zarak…almost like the faceplant used by Blaster himself! Working Blaster up and now a snake eyes across the top rope. Blaster almost decapitated by the top rope! Tempest rolling himself into the second ring…looking to get some recovery, meanwhile Zarak scoops and delivers a hard pendulum back breaker to Blaster.

Joey: On the outside, the Game back up and seeing Redstreak has started to climb, favoring that right leg…Redstreak waiting on the edge…leaning in to try to stomp the Game off, gets one shot that rocks the Game backwards, Game trying to maintain his balance, chopping one of Red’s ankles with that spare hand, giving him a moment to get to the top of the cage, Red going for a lariat, but the Game ducks and unleashes a massive chop to the chest of Red. Red wincing at that…wow…Ric Flair would be proud…and of course with that chop the crowd pays homage with the “whooooo” made famous by the Nature Boy!

Flec: You’re such a shill Styles…

JFA: Red now countering the Game’s chop with one of his own, crowd reacts again in the same manner, and Red with a short clothesline, knocking the Game down atop the cage. Red…making a mistake here I think…

Flec: Yeah…yeah…striving to be number one…take that finger and shove it…HEY! KIP UP!

Joey: The Game kips up, not at all pleased with Red’s self glorification…the Game coiled now…and a kick to Red…scoop under, looks like a…OH MY GOD!


JFA: That is a Death Valley Bomb…a variation of the Death Valley Driver, but with more of a twist and shift of the weight, notice how the Game came down hard on top of him, rolling through the move…

Flec: He’s got that look in his eye…

Joey: Oh no…dear…lord…what is he thinking?

JFA: We’re about to find out I think…scooping Red up…the Cage bowing up there…underhook…dear…Dear GOD…NO ERIK…DON’T FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS GOOD AND HOLY NO!





JFA: With God as my witness…I think the Game may have just killed Redstreak…there is now a gaping hole in the middle of the second ring…they nearly landed on Tempest…Zarak who had been working on the knee of Blaster nearly jumped out of the ring with the impact…and Tempest is looking through the crimson mask in complete shock and awe!

Flec: I think the only good thing that could come of this is that the Game landed on top of Red…so he’s probably ok!

Joey: Look at that hole…

Flec: So much for having the second ring to work with all that much…

JFA: What I want to know is…why the hell someone hasn’t come out here? We need someone to stop the damn match!

Flec: Its unsanctioned you twit!

JFA: So what? Those are human being with families laying in a heap under that ring!

Flec: Yeah…two guys who knew the risks and still signed on for this thing. Unsanctioned J, the ref is only here to count the submission or take the surrender…nothing else…they could be dead and no one would know or care until this is over!

Joey: He is right…the AWF doesn’t even really acknowledge this match so to speak…


Head Like a Hole blares throughout the arena…

Joey: And the King is on his way out to join the carnage…Tempest checking in the hole in the ring to see if Red is still alive…Zarak has turned back to Blaster, who just swept the leg out on Zarak! Blaster rolls to his feet…now rushes across the ring and springboards onto the unsuspecting Tempest! Blaster has really taken the fight right to Tempest in this thing!

Flec: King in there now too…met by Zarak, Zarak with some experience in this match, makes King come to him, which King does…maybe some jitters here…charging hard in and Zarak with a drop toe hold, sends King face first into the turnbuckle! DAMN!

JFA: Welcome to the War Games King…Zarak now with a huge splash…rocking King in that corner. In the other ring Blaster pounding away on Tempest, opening the wound up even more…Blaster now…looking towards the hole also…and WHAT?!?


Joey: You were right Flec…the Game did land on Redstreak…and it must have cushioned the blow…

Flec: Blaster helping his captain out of the hole and into the corner…the crowd cheering the battered AWF Champion…Blaster now…standing near the hole…what…what…

JFA: What is he…

Joey: OH LORD! A reverse summersault moonsault into the hole! Blaster just did a standing reverse moonsault into the hole and onto Red! He just sacrificed his own well being to score a big hit against Red!

In the other ring, Zarak has worked King over, mostly using foot chokes and heavy punches, now dragging him from the corner…he sets King up…

Joey: Zarak now…setting King up…and FATAL STING…King driven hard into the mat! What an impact…and Zarak slumps back into the corner…fatigue showing on all the men in there…Tempest now getting to his feet, King down on the mat, Zarak slumped in the corner, Blaster and Red under the ring…and the Game trying to pull himself up in the opposite corner from Tempest!

JFA: Every man in here has been beaten and tested…and every man in here still knows there’s a long way to go…

Joey: Two men still for Warzone…we know that the Team Captain TC and Wolfang are those two men…two men for Mayhem…we know one is Sixswitch…but who is the other?

Flec: I’m telling you…TC is going to come out for Mayhem!

Joey: I guess it is possible…the Game was at Warzone on the 15th…we know those two are still friends and have apparently worked out their issues…

JFA: It would be a devastating blow to Warzone as a whole though…

Flec: What a shame…

Joey: Blaster now has pulled himself back to the ring, and he and the Game double clothesline Tempest to the floor…who lands on his feet! The pair paying no mind to that, moving to the other ring to assault Zarak who has King in a Scorpion Death Lock…Tempest back in the ring, but not quick enough as the Game just springboarded off the ropes and delivered a flying clothesline to rock Zarak right off of King.

Flec: That’s one way to break that hold!

JFA: Game and Blaster now, working like a unit, sending Zarak into the ropes and dropping him hard with a double clothesline. Tempest meanwhile has made his way to the ring with them and delivers a hard club to the back of the neck on the Game, the Game staggers outside and Tempest follows…

Joey: Meanwhile, Blaster back on Zarak…and King struggling up…the two of them lifting Zarak and a double gut buster…the stomach of Zarak dropped across the knees of King and Blaster.

Flec: And the outside, Tempest has gained an advantage on the Game!

JFA: That he has, Tempest ducking a chop and sending the Game hard into the cage…AND TEMPEST JUST THREW THE GAME THROUGH THE CAGE WALL! Pure strength shown there by Tempest.

Joey: And the Game slowly getting up…Tempest charging hard and just speared him right into the guardrail! Tempest just drove his own body right into not only the Game, but the guardrail…and both men down after that exchange!

JFA: The referees forcing Tempest back inside the cage now…two of them assisting him back inside and now turning to the Game…and…he’s…smiling…


Joey: Under the crimson mask, the Game is smiling from ear to ear…Tempest looks over and sees this…and he is absolutely enraged…


The Zoo hits and Wolfang makes his way out…the referees have now force the Game back in the cage who is met by Tempest who rams him face first into the cage. The refs meanwhile begin to padlock the cage back shut.

JFA: Taking a page from Warzone’s book, the cage is being padlocked shut and Wolfang in and immediately rushes to help his partner, he and the King exchanging punches now…the two pushing each other into the second ring, stepping over the seem and now in the second ring, while Blaster continues to hammer on Zarak, Blaster with a scoop…delay…and textbook brainbuster!

Joey: And on the outside…Tempest has the Game up…THUNDER PRESS! Onto the floor a Thunder Press by Tempest! The Game down hard on that neck and one has to figure that has to be about all for the champion for this match…Tempest rolling to the inside now Zarak being choked by Blaster and Tempest with a double ax handle to stop him…then pump handle and slam! Blaster down…Tempest checking with Zarak and now they go to the other ring…

Flec: LOOK!

JFA: And Redstreak has just pulled himself out of the hole in the ring…somehow he’s alive, but he’s bloodied beyond recognition…his nose clearly broken and his left arm seems to be knocked out of place…he can barely move, but just the fact that he’s still pulling himself up is a testament to his inner fortitude!

Flec: How much did Vaccaro pay you to spout that line of sh*t?

JFA: What?

Flec: Please…like even you like him…NO ONE LIKES HIM!

Joey: King in a bad spot here though…all by himself, Tempest, Zarak and Wolfang closing in, King ducks Tempests attack and clotheslines him to the outside from behind…he then avoids Zarak and drops him with a sudden Headstrong! Wolfang following suit…and he doesn’t fail…catching King as he was rising from the Headstrong with a flush ddt.

Flec: Where the hell is the Game?

Joey: I…don’t know?

JFA: Neither does team Warzone…but they’re not concerned about it right now…Tempest back in the ring…checking Red over, Red saying something about his arm and also pointing at his back. Wolfang meanwhile moving behind King and catching him with a Shadow Storm…Tempest then proceeds to grab King and chuck him to the outside. Redstreak shouting something to Tempest and Wolfang…they drop to the ring…searching under…


Flec: They’re going to cut the lock off the door the ref is on…

JFA: And that’s what they do…and Wolfang chucks the King to the outside…and…as Tempest goes back in the cage he is met with a chair shot from the Game!

Flec: Guess we know where the Game went!

Joey: Yeah…he went under the ring to…to grab a seat for Tempest…

JFA: Fresh blood now running from under the eye in addition to above it on the Game, meanwhile…King broke free from Wolfang and is making his way up top…Wolfang following up…Zarak just got met by the Game’s chair also…Redstreak just pulled himself up and delivered a forceful entry through the middle rope sending the Game’s head bouncing off the still unlocked door and sending the Game rolling outside the cage. That move also hurting Redstreak as we can hear him screaming from hear…Tempest grabbing the chair and making his way inside…

Joey: Only to be met by a missile drop kick by Y3Blaster!

Flec: Have another seat Tempy!

Joey: Tempest was making his way in and Y3B just drove that missile drop kick right into the chair which drove right into the face of Tempest. Now up top, King and Wolfang are battling it out…King has taken a beating thus far in the match…Wolfang relatively fresh and with a clear advantage…both men teetering close to the edge, Wolfang with a clothesline, ducked by King…LOW BLOW by King…and PPC OFF THE CAGE! OH MY GOD…KING JUST SENT WOLFANG THROUGH THE SPANISH ANNOUNCE TABLE WITH THAT PPC!

JFA: My God in heaven…what will it take to stop this damn match?

Flec: Get one of your idiots to say they quit!

Joey: Zarak seeing what has happened has made his way out the still opened door and rushed as quickly as he could over to assist his partner.

JFA: Meanwhile Blaster has gone about setting up a Table in the ring…he’s calling for Predaking’s attention…the Game also crawling back into the ring…one table set up…Predaking climbing back into the ring courtesy of the dangling piece of cage roof…now the two of them stacking Tempest onto the table…and Blaster placing another table on top of Tempest and the table…calling for King to collect Red…which he does after a brutal chop, low blow and Rampage on the floor…now tossing Red into the ring, hoisting him up on top of the second table…

Flec: What the hell is tapedeck thinking?

JFA: I don’t know…but he’s positioned the two Warzone guys and the tables under that hole in the roof…and over the hole in the ring…

Joey: Dear God…

As king positions things, Blaster climbs up the dangling piece of cage and on top of the cage…he then takes a deep breath and…


Joey: …

JFA: Folks…Blaster just jumped through that hole in the ceiling, delivering a body press onto Red, which drove them through the first table, into Tempest, then through the next table and piece of the table and bodies have now filled the hole in the ring…


King stares in horror as Blaster rolls around the ring in pain, clutching his abdomen, The Game looks on stunned as he leaves a pool of blood on the apron in his attempt to get back in the ring…Zarak has pulled Wolfang out of the mangled debris of the Spanish announce table and gone back into the cage with him…the refs once again close the door…


Like This Like That begins to play…

Joey: And here comes Sixswitch…about to enter this hell…this massacre…

JFA: This scene is like something out of some sort of nightmare folks…going around the ring…you have Zarak trying to get Wolfang back into the match, both men bloodied…King tending to Blaster who is rolling around the mat…Tempest at the bottom of a pile in a hole in the second ring buried by the remains of two tables and Redstreak and the Game leaving a trail of his own blood where ever he goes. Sixswitch in the ring…rushes to ring 1…and leaps to the top rope…Zarak turning…but not in time!

Joey: High cross body by Sixswitch into Zarak and Wolfang…talk about instant impact!

Flec: No doubt…Sixswitch enters…does something goofy and now everyone but King is out.

JFA: Game about to join him too…shaking the cob webs…but now back in the ring…and..wait…the pile…starting to move…

Joey: It couldn’t be…

Flec: Sh*t

JFA: Would you stop that?

Flec: What?

Joey: Tempest is pulling himself out of the wreckage! Tempest is trying to get back in this match and King is in complete disbelief…rolling to the outside…grabbing a chair from under the ring…Tempest on his knees…King back in…no…

Flec: 1…2…3…

JFA: Does he really have to count the number of chair shots Tempest will take before going back down?

Joey: He will count them…no matter what we say…

Flec: 6…7….8 GO DOWN YOU MONKEY! OOP! There 10 did it!

Joey: That it did…10 chair shots to get Tempest back down after what has happened to him…how he’s still breathing is beyond me…the Game meanwhile has also scaled up top and he delivers the elbow drop onto Wolfang on the floor…Game in a bit of pain…Sixswitch helping him back into the ring…and…DEAR GOD!

JFA: Tempest just sat up…King with his chair cocked…ready to fire…but Tempest punches the chair! And grabs King by the throat to drop him with a choke slam!

Joey: Tempest in the meantime grabbing both the Game and Sixswitch by the throat…going for a double chokeslam, but the two Mayhem members pull a double groin kick, then a double suplex to send Tempest back down to the mat.

Flec: Bitter end coming here…I can sense it…amidst the carnage, Team Mayhem is going to win this thing…

Joey: Are you drunk?

Flec: No…

Joey: You’re just not yourself this match…

Flec: Cause I am a team player Styles…take some note you shmuck!

JFA: Zarak back in, grabbing the chair and leveling the Game with a sudden chair shot. Sixswitch with a spinning heel kick into the chair. Zarak sent crashing down into the mat, chair falling on his body and Sixswitch rushing to the top rope…THE TECHNOPHOBIC onto the chair that was draped across Zarak’s face…Sixswitch feeling that too…but Zarak just flopped like a fish out of water after that shot!

Joey: And here comes Wolfang…with a burst of energy…running senton bomb onto Sixswitch! Wolfang now pulling himself into the corner to continue recovering but heads up play there to kill any momentum Sixswitch might be building.


Worms of the Earth begins to play…

Flec: Here he comes…the 5th man for team Mayhem…TC!!!

Joey: Could you be right…TC all smiles…he’s supposed to be the captain of Team Warzone…but maybe…who knows?

JFA: If that is the case…this match is truly over…there would be no way Warzone could recover after this carnage!


Joey: And the Game kicking a chair over the outside floor…then tossing Tempest to the outside…taking a deep breath, the Game setting him up on the outside…and VERTIBREAKER! Game with a Vertibreaker onto the chair…Tempest spasming on the floor the Game pulling himself back into the ring.

Flec: TC is in the ring…now you’ll see…now you’ll see HEY NOOOOOO!!!!

JFA: So much for that! TC entering the match with a baseball slide to blast the Game back onto the floor. He then proceeded to drop a rolling thunder on Sixswitch who was struggling back up! TC no pulling Red back up to his feet…then bouncing off the ropes and an Enziguri sends Blaster to the outside…now TC dropping to the outside, placing Blaster in the corner…setting a chair up…rushing back into the ring and onto the top rope…

Flec: Oh lord…


Around the ring: Redstreak looks near dead slumped into the corner, Tempest laying on the floor bleeding profusely clutching his neck, Blaster is folded into the corner, bleeding badly, Zarak and Sixswitch are both pulling themselves up in opposite corners, Wolfang now on his feet, though rather woozy, and the Game has just re-entered the ring…the only ones in the match not bleeding are Sixswitch & TC.

Joey: And here is the danger in the War Games…the Game and Sixswitch in ring one, Redstreak moving over, TC in there, and the Tag Team Champions…pretty much circling the wagons around the Welsh Wonder and the Cerebral Assassin…TC rushes with a step over spinning heel kick…sending the Game and himself over the top rope to the floor…Sixswitch rolls under does a leg sweep to send Wolfang to the mat, on the outside, TC with a standing moonsault onto the Game.

JFA: Sixswitch has excelled in this match…but he’s outnumbered 3 on 1…as Wolfang has rolled up to his feet…now Sixswitch ready to fight charges Zarak and gets him with a flipping head scissors take over. Rolling to his feet before getting a forceful entry from Red, but Red showing the pain in his back, neck & shoulder after that move!

Joey: Wolfang quick on the up take though…Team Mayhem looks to be in serious trouble…grabbing Sixswitch, looking for the Crimson Twilight, but Sixswitch blocks it and delivers a drop kick to the back of Wolfang!

Flec: Sixswitch got out of the Crimson Twilight…help on the way…Tapedeck is back…

Joey: And he’s bringing the chair in…tossing it to Six who places it across Wolfang and Zarak’s faces who he pulled to the middle of the ring…now Six on one top rope, Blaster on the other…Blaster…SHOOTING STAR PRESS! I’ve never seen him do that before…Crashing the chair right into the faces of Blood and Thunder…Sixswitch now launching himself with a Technophobic!

Flec: The smile on Blasters face makes it so worth it…especially with the blood being spit out of his mouth…

TC has sent the Game back into the ring, Tempest has also drug himself in…B & T are still down, Blaster is in the corner…Redstreak has pulled himself up and hit the recovering Sixswitch with the Scorpion. The Game just got hit by TC’s Lifetime Enlightenment.

Joey: Blaster now to his feet and face plants Red to the mat…Soundsault coming! YES!


Are you ready?

Flec: No f*cking way…

You think you could tell us what to do?
You think you could tell us what to wear?
You think that you're better?
Well you better get ready
Bow to the masters...

Break it down!

JFA: It can’t be!

Filmstar, propping up the bar, driving in a car, it looks so easy,
Filmstar, propping up the bar, driving in a car tonight,
Filmstar, giving it class, living it fast, it looks so easy,
Filmstar, giving it class, living it fast tonight.

What to believe in, it's impossible to say?
What to believe in when they change your name,
wash your brain, play the game again, yeah, yeah, yeah

Joey: IT IS HIM! The Heart Brend Kid! Brendinio HEEEEAT! The Main Event is here…Sean O’Con…we haven’t seen him since the end of August…when he and the Game battled for their careers!


JFA: No you didn’t you said it would be TC!

Joey: There is the strut we’ve all missed! Sean O’Con entering the War Games…he’s the fifth member…the only thing I can imagine is that the Game used some misdirection to get Warzone worried then utilized the fact that the match is unsanctioned…and the Game all smiles now…in spite of the pain…TC is stunned Wolfang and Zarak looking up in disbelief…Tempest standing now…Red furious and Sixswitch, King and Blaster have all virtually risen from the dead and Team Mayhem is on the attack!

JFA: HBK IS BACK! Heart Brend Kick to TC…Heart Brend Kick to Tempest! The Game with a kip up and he levels Redstreak with a little Sweet Chin Music! The War is on…the ref is in…The Game with the End Game now applied to Redstreak…HBK looks ready to level the now rising Zarak…Heart Brend Kick…TO THE KING?!? WHAT?!?

Joey: Oh God no…


Joey: Another Heart Brend Kick to Sixswitch…sending him down, pulling a chair out and blasting Blaster over the top rope and to the outside…The Game hasn’t seen any of this…Redstreak is in the End Game, he’s about to tap…O’Con…NO…he has the sledge hammer…no…DON’T PLEASE NO!

JFA: O’CON JUST DROVE THE SLEDGE HAMMER RIGHT INTO THE NECK OF THE GAME! HBK, Sean O’Con just hit that neck of the Game…his best friend…with a sledge hammer! WHAT IN THE HELL?!?

Joey: Now…Blood and Thunder with King, Wolfang to the top…The HIGHWAY COMING…Zarak with the powerbomb and Wolf with the edge-o-matic! Sixswitch up trying to fight off Team Warzone, but he is met by Zarak and Tempest who begin to hammer him to the second ring…

JFA: The Game out of instinct has risen to his feet…clutching his neck in pain…and that is the look of pure heart break…through the crimson mask and the haze of intense pain, the Game has just seen his best friend holding that sledge in his hands…and HBK gave him a cold look before driving the sledge right into the face of the Game! Going to the outside and setting up a table now…meanwhile…TC applying the GSF on the King and Wolfang moving in and applying the dragon sleeper…TC with the GSF on the leg, Wolfang with the dragon sleeper…King in obvious pain…how long will he hold out?

Joey: Meanwhile, HBK has the Game…on the apron…HDD through the table to the outside! HDD through the table…the Game is out on the floor in a pool of his own blood, HBK meanwhile, just kipped up and is back in the ring…Tempest and Zarak had been hammering Sixswitch, HBK with a chair again, shoving both Warzone member out of his way and drilling Sixswitch right between the eyes with that chair…hoisting him up and HDD onto the chair!

Flec: Zarak wanted a handshake from HBK and HBK just spat in his face…

JFA: This is not the HBK I remember…so cold…so methodical…he was supposed to swing the advantage to Team Mayhem and instead he has sent Blaster to the outside with a massive chair shot, he dropped King with a HB kick, he drilled Six with the chair and an HDD into the chair…and he destroyed his best friend with the sledge hammer and an HDD through a table on the outside…

Joey: And all this time, King has been in the GSF and the Dragon Sleeper…King in obvious pain…and he…

Flec: Its over…

JFA: It is over…King just gave in…the two moves, too much for this young lion…a true warrior, but still…just too much…those two painful submission holds, put on by two of the best…and King had no choice…none of his team could help him…he had no choice…

RA: The winners of this match…TEAM WARZONE! TC, Redstreak, Tempest, Black Zarak & Wolfang!

Flec: You forgot their 6th man…HBK…I never liked him, I WILL never like him…I told you he was an a$$hole, but no…you never listened to me Styles…

Joey: Oh shut up…isn’t this enough? I don’t need you…

JFA: Redstreak now going over to celebrate with HBK…and HBK turning and he DROPS Redstreak with a Heart Brend Kick…what the hell? HBK now leaving the cage…team Warzone left bloodied but victorious…meanwhile Team Mayhem has been wiped out by its own fifth man…Team Warzone able to capitalize.

Joey: I’m in shock folks…between the blood, the brutality and the betrayal…what’s left to say?

Flec: Well…I don’t think there will be a DN reunion any time soon.

JFA: Even I can’t believe you said that…folks…we’re out of time…the ring looks like a massacre…debris and blood and bodies everywhere! For JHA, Joey Styles, Reflector, Keith Kincaid and Lisa Lovelace…I’m JFA…so long folks!