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Post by optimusskids » Sat Dec 16, 2017 6:05 pm

Figured the Cons might need a doctor . Have slightly tweaked Glit and see him as a redeco as TM Ravage

Name : Grit
Allegiance : Decepticon
Function: Doctor

Strength 6
Intelligence 10
Speed 5
Endurance 6
Rank 7
Courage 6
Firepower 1
Skill 10

Grit is a Decepticon doctor equipped with hip-mounted multipurpose medical toolboxes and highly precise laser scalpels, but no actual weaponry.

Kind but stubborn, he is the best surgeon the Decepticons have. Unusually for his allegiance, he's compassionate enough to treat any wounded robot he comes across, regardless of their faction. It is said that when he appears on a battlefield, neither side will win, because no warriors will die.

Needless to say, this has created friction with Megatron, who once ordered Glit's forelegs cut off to punish him for treating a wounded Autobot commander. The protests of his fellow Decepticons succeeded in changing their leader's mind.

Glit likes to get loaded on energon wine and sing.