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Posted: Fri Jan 20, 2017 2:46 am
by Blackjack
Name: Sixshot
Titan Master: Revolver
Allegiance: Decepticon
Function: Solo Transformer Assault Group
Alternate Modes: Armored Car, Fighter Jet, Tank, Laser Pistol, Wolf
Weapons/Equipment: Twin hypersonic concussion cannons, various alternate-mode turrets, Beast-mode claws
Motto: "Life is worth living only as long as there are enemies worth destroying."

Strength: 10
Intelligence: 9
Speed: 4
Endurance: 10
Rank: 7
Courage: 8
Firepower: 9
Skill: 8
Teamwork: 9
Cooperation: 8

Excerpt of Interview #RV-666B with [REDACTED].
Interviewer: “State your name, rank and designation for the record, please.”

[REDACTED]: “Designation: [REDACTED], [REDACTED] for the Decepticon cause, science division. Part of Project Sixshot under the supervision of [REDACTED], [REDACTED] and [REDACTED]. My function in the project is psychiatric evaluation of the subject.”

Interviewer: “So in our last session we talked about the intricacies and specifics involved in the creation of a soldier, who, by design, is born with five changeforms. Can you tell me more about the resulting weapon itself, though?”

[REDACTED]: “Himself.”

Interviewer: “I’m sorry?”

[REDACTED]: “Himself. You said ‘itself’. Sixshot is as sentient as you and I. All due respect, sir. But yes, Sixshot. Well, I wasn’t acquainted with Sixshot for some time until after he was protoformed, because of my commitments to... earlier attempts at multiple alternate modes. I met him around five weeks after he came online, and a quick cursory examination showed that he was sane, if extremely rigid and focused in his function as a soldier. But see, you and I, and even the other scientists involved Project: Sixshot, we all know how life looked before the war. Sixshot only knows war. He’s a weapon by design, indoctrinated from his birth that he’s one of the Decepticons’ strongest weapons – a world-killer that can think and adapt to any situation. Obviously his status as a soldier that can single-handedly decimate worlds is slightly exaggerated, but his skill in causing utter devastation is indeed second to none… and while he finds his duty to destroy Autobot bases not disagreeable, he’s been… thinking. His mind is evolving, I think, despite the sterilized isolation we keep him in.”

Interviewer: “He has, by this report submitted by the Mercy-kill Cleanup Crew, spared some Autobots on purpose?”

[REDACTED]: “Well, yes. These set of actions that run contrary to his programming was what caused the higher-ups of Project Sixshot to bring me back. They found nothing wrong with the instructions in his programming – it’s still destroy everything, kill everyone, yet Sixshot’s mind has matured enough to begin to think independently. I questioned Sixshot why he spared those Autobots, and apparently he has been questioning his purpose in life, if there was a greater purpose to him than just ‘a living gun’, in his own words. Apparently, over the years that we have used him as a weapon, Sixshot has… has considered his place in life.”

Interviewer: “And that is?”

[REDACTED]: “The strongest warrior, and the only reason for him to keep existing is to find more powerful enemies that can challenge him. It’s a slightly hubristic view of himself, albeit not an undeserved one, but he claims to have left those Autobots alive simply to allow their hatred to fester, so they would be motivated to become stronger and seek him out as worthy opponents. It’s like he’s grooming these foes to potentially become strong enough to challenge him one day.”

Interviewer: “As for the incident on the X’ahl colony…”

[REDACTED]: “Ah, yes. Apparently he spared entire groups of these organic aliens simply due to the sole rationale that they are civilians. I’m perplexed how he had obtained the notion of separating soldiers and civilians, and that civilians should not be gunned down indiscriminately, considering how sterile his living quarters has been from any form of media that might influence his train of thought. The simple reasoning to his sudden development of this code of honour seems to stem from simple, well, mental growth. Observation of his fellow Decepticons. Observation of how the Autobots react. Maybe even some of the philosophies in the martial arts that he has shown interest in recently.”

Interviewer: “And his continued usage as a S.T.A.G.?”

[REDACTED]: “Is that what we're calling it now? S.T.A.G., S.T.U.N., S.T.O.R.M., Phase Sixer, Warrior Elite... whatever fancy title you want to give him. Capability-wise, I have no doubt that Sixshot is still one of our best individual soldier in warfare. He has even taken on the rogue Autobot combiner that rampaged near Perihex with minimal help. But as his psychiatrist, I advise to not limit his exposure to the outside world, and allow him to grow on his own terms. Better to allow some degree of freedom than to suffocate him and force him to rigidly confirm to being nothing but a weapon. He is still a person, as much as High Command prefers to think otherwise, and I worry that this suffocation will breed something worse than just honour or soul-searching. It could breed resentment, and we already have enough enemies as it is.”

Interviewer: “It will be… put under advisement. Thank you for your time, doctor.”


Sixshot may be very focused and able to take on the mental strain of transforming into six modes at the same time, but this does not make him a good candidate for the Titan Master project. Several Titan Masters who attempted to undergo the neural handshake with Sixshot quickly went insane, shutting down completely. After going through a series of some of the better warriors and strategists that they can spare, they ended up picking Revolver, who was disposable. Revolver spent his time under the Decepticon cause alternating between being a career thief and an illegitimate procurer of supplies. At best he was a somewhat-decent resource procurer. At worst, he's an ineffective conman.

Unexpectedly, Revolver maintained his sanity and identity when he was bonded with Sixshot, and some suspect that it is Sixshot himself who allowed this non-combatant to merge with him. Perhaps in an attempt to learn more of the outside world, some of the personnel involved in the Titanmaster project theorize that the previous failures were more of Sixshot – either subconsciously or consciously – rejecting mindsets that are similar to his own. After the downsizing occurred, the Decepticons no longer have the resources to keep Sixshot isolated all the time.

Revolver is a shifty conman who finds himself very happy to be bonded to one of the most powerful Decepticons alive. He doesn’t have much ambition in life other than getting rich and to this end he has marketed Sixshot’s services as a ‘Ninja Consultant’. Revolver’s knowledge of the world outside of simple destructive war has caused Sixshot to consider other alternatives in battle, such as stealth and assassination. While Sixshot treats his smaller partner’s antics with disdain, and Revolver isn’t happy with how Sixshot’s personality ranges only from rigidly serious and contemplative, the two finds common ground in their shared interest in Cybertronian martial arts. Neither are particularly good in it, but the slightest increase in skill in Sixshot’s already considerable capabilities is definitely a plus in their books.


Physical Abilities: Sixshot is able to master and utilize five alternate modes: tank, armoured car, jet, giant space gun as well as a lupine beast. He has been programmed so that he could use all five alternate modes with the utmost precision and skill as any other Transformer. All modes but the beast is equipped with hypersonic concussion cannons which convert sound energy into solid force which ripple towards the enemy. In tank and gun mode he has access to an array of destructive turrets that shoot out either artillery bombs or pure energy. In robot mode, Sixshot is fond of deploying his beast mode's claws over his knuckles when engaged in hand-to-hand combat, though recently has been giving swordfighting a chance. Sixshot has some minimal skill in ancient martial arts of Metallikato, and while he is a mere dabbler, he’s somewhat well-versed in the arts of stealth and sneaking around after bonding with Revolver, and he’s able to, for a limited amount of time, create hard-light copies of himself.

Revolver, despite his name, is actually a bit of a bad shot, preferring to do battle in physical combat. He has some limited experience with what he dubs the 'art of ninjutsu', which is a hodgepodge of traditional Cybertronian martial arts. He prefers the art of stealth and swordfighting compared to hand-to-hand combat, however.

Weaknesses: Sixshot’s greatest weakness is perhaps a result of the rigid mental training that he was subjected to during the war. While theoretically meant to purge any compromising emotion, this has caused him to question his place in life and develop a code of honour, one which could be used against him. Sixshot’s relative lack of restraint makes him useless in most missions that require finesse (despite what Revolver’s marketing would have you believe). His hypersonic cannons are useless in space, forcing him to use missiles and less-powerful lasers. Perhaps somewhat alarmingly, Sixshot has found kinship in mass-produced soldiers and even non-sentient drones, and might do some illogical things due to this perception.

Revolver, despite his knowledge and skill in martial arts, has very seldom seen actual life-and-death combat, and is prone to freezing up during actual combat. When bonded to Sixshot, this particular weakness fortunately does not transfer over to the combined Titan.

Posted: Fri Jan 20, 2017 2:46 am
by Blackjack
Bonus profile:

Marmalade is Sixshot’s cat. Marmalade is cute. Marmalade is adorable. Marmalade is adopted from Earth. Sixshot once threw a Decepticon into the heart of a black hole for accidentally stepping on Marmalade’s litter box.

Posted: Fri Jan 20, 2017 2:47 am
by Blackjack
Bonus profile:

Marmalade is Sixshot’s cat. Marmalade is cute. Marmalade is adorable. Marmalade is adopted from Earth. Sixshot once threw a Decepticon into the heart of a black hole for accidentally stepping on Marmalade’s litter box.