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Collection Spotlight by StoneCold Skywarp

Well, where to begin...I guess I should start by saying that this isn't my entire collection -- nosiree bob. I started "collecting" when I was the ripe old age of 2 with the original Transformers line, a few of which were hand-me-downs from my older brother who'd outgrown the whole toy thing. Sufficed to say I've been hooked on 'em ever since, I still have all my original toys in the attic, packed away, though sadly they rarely see light of day now -- though I'm assured that's a good thing. =)

What you see on this page is my collection circa 1999 - present (though again, not everything's pictured) I started collecting again not long after finding TFArchive when I picked up what I could find of the BW line, mostly TMs and TM2s which now grace my top shelf. I find that I'm not too fussy when it comes to the toys, if I like it I'll buy it and whilst I have a solid collection I'm by no means a completist. You'll also notice that I'm a big fan of the Japanese release toys, especially the Binaltech line. Living in the UK, it's far easier (and generally cheaper) for me to import these over the US releases.

Highlights of my collection (mho) include the European release of Overlord (the toy which prompted by search for Transformers on the internet) my Botcon Shokaract (BW TM Rampage repaint) solely prized because it's hard to come by in the UK and it's a repaint of my fave BW character, a few eHobby repaints -- Clamp Down, Deep Cover & Anime Astrotrain (Astrotrain not pictured) & Piranacon (which needs a bit of TLC) and a boxed 1984 Bumblebee which I've kept.

Dotted around my desk (not pictured) are Anime Astrotrain, Armada Red Alert, Armada Scavenger, G1 Skywarp (gotta have your namesake really) G1 Tracks, Armada Cyclonus, Energon Battle Ravage, StrongArm,Skyblast, Optimus Prime & Takara release #13 TargetMaster Hot Rod. I also have a slew of the Japanese release SCFs & BT-05 Dead End & #14 Hound on their way.

Not only are my shelves adorned with TF toys, but also one wall of my room, featuring a boxed Megatron re-release and re-release Hot Rod before Takara decided to go with the numbered re-releases, also there are a few SCFs to be found, two versions of the Prime Mega SCF, a Starscream Mega SCF (with loose & boxed PVC figures of the three seekers.)

For those of you with eagle eyes, you may also notice that I have a framed comic board, signed by Lee Sullivan of the First page of the UK Comic - Big Broadcast of 2006 and a personal sketch of Skywarp, also by Lee Sullivan.

Sadly, as I'm moving house soon, my collection is due to be boxed until such a time as I can display them all again, or at least a few of them. Until that time I'll likely keep on collection the Binaltech releases and the numbered Takara release (can't have a gap...okay, so that's the completist in me.)

There are very few toys left that I'd like to get my mitts on, the much fabled "Blue" Alternator Tracks would be nice, though I've warmed to the yellow version now and I'm trying to aquire one of the JetStorm repaints in Skywarp's colours.

So, I hope you enjoyed my ramble and enjoy the pictures, here's hoping these toys find a new home in the near future.

None of the items displayed are for sale.
"And THAT's the bottom line, 'cos Skywarp said so!"
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