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Most of everything you find here is thanks to the hard efforts of Mark "DrSpengler" Pellegrini.
Additional assistance credits: Alpha Trion & Darth Shrapnel, with apologies if I've missed anyone as the
old gallery software is gone. Thanks to EDDIE-X for helping to restore some of the missing captions.

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Battlestars Catalogue 1

Title: "And Now, the Legendary Hero is Resurrected!!"

Faced with the menace of Dark Nova, Dai Atlas sends for the Battlestars to collect Optimus Prime's coffin and resurrect him with the Zodiac. Upon doing so, Prime becomes Star Convoy and faces down Dark Nova.

Published only in a catalog, these pages feature a spectral version of Unicron in place of Dark Nova. Since the name "Unicron" is not mentioned once in the entire page, and any connection between the two characters is never even hinted at in the TV Magazine story pages, it is unclear whether Dark Nova is actually Unicron, a servent of Unicron or if the artists were just using Unicron as a place-holder image. Additionally, the Battlestars retrieve Optimus Prime's corpse from a glass coffin floating in space, which is not how it happened in the TV Magazine series at all.

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