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The Revenge of the Fallen Movie Prequel: Defiance #1
Reviewed by Zigzagger

Issue Review

We get a good glimpse at pre-war Cybertron infrastructure. Though the origin story is somewhat simplified, it’s done tastefully enough with consideration to what comes after it chronologically. But, while it’s fascinating (and somewhat amusing) to see soon-to-be Autobots and Decepticons coexisting in relative harmony, a better basis as to why Megatron is, well, a prick prepossessed by mysterious plot-devices would have been preferred. And though it’s only hinted at here in the first issue, it would have been far more interesting that his character flaws derived from something other than dark possession.

Nevertheless, it’s a good start as far as origins go, and it is certainly a better fit into the movie continuity than, say, Megatron: Origin was to IDW’s G1 universe. A surprise, really, considering the book is, essentially, attempting to reach a broader audience by being a promotional piece for the new movie. Simple but not dumbed down. Overall, it’s a nice precursor that promises to give us some background and far more movie tie-ins than Alliance has.


At this point time, Cybertron has not yet been divided into warring factions, its citizens for the most part coexisting in relative peace. Instead, many of the Cybertronians seen here are designated to specific groups. So for example, Optimus is the head of the Science Sector (or Division), along with Arcee and Ratchet. Jazz and Prowl (the latter not in this issue) serve under Megatron in the Security Force, and Megatron is the head of the Defense Force, along with Starscream and Ironhide. It would seem that Megatron has jurisdiction over most, if not all of these divisions.

That said, unlike the previous movie-verse books, Optimus is portrayed as Megatron’s underling in Defiance, his jurisdiction being exclusively over the Science Sector. It will be later revealed that this division of Cybertronians, along with a handful of members from the Security and Defence Force, will come to form the Autobot faction.

The City of Simfur is named after veteran Transformers writer Simon Furman

Likewise, the cities of Metrotitan and Trypticon are named after the Generation 1 “citybots”.

Stating the obvious, the symbol found on the artifact resembles, and what will later become, the Decepticon insignia.


Optimus: Some of the initial samples show that the artifacts are very, very old.
Jazz: Just how old, Optimus? We talking Ratchet old?
Ratchet: Old?! Why you smart-sterned little…Just wait until you’re in my recovery bay again. I’m just as good at disabling vocal processors as I am with fixing them.
Optimus: No, Jazz, I think before our time here.

– Ratchet is the movie-verse’s Kup.

Megatron: Remember that it is my army and I that keep us protected here, Optimus. You are to report any hazardous findings to me immediately so that the defense force can deal with it appropriately.
Optimus: I understand, sir. However I respectively disagree with your decisions. There have been numerous incidents in which findings have been reported only to be treated as hostile actions by your defense forces.
Megatron: Well, when you choose to be the leader – or try to – then you can make those decisions. Understood?
Optimus: Understood.

– Megatron establishes the pecking order.

Megatron [to Bumblebee and Cliffjumper]: You call yourselves guardians, yet you cower in fear, unwilling to take the fight to the enemy. You disgrace very your names. No wonder Optim- [gets shot mid-sentence by alien tank].

– A tank brings the fight to Megatron.

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