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Balancing Act, Part 3
Reviewed by Blackjack

Issue Review

He ignores injury, knowing only hunger and pain.
A little disjointed, especially when you consider the six pages alone. While it reads fine as part of a trade paperback, alone it doesn’t really stand up as a good installment. Ramjet monologuing about Dark Scorponok and how scary-shit zombies are is a nice touch, but introductions all the time don’t make a good story, especially since the cast is getting a wee bit crowded. Sentinel Maximus still doesn’t have much of a personality than ‘wise cracking heavy hitter’, and while the plot moves forwards the characters suffer. Ramjet is still a crazy insane mastermind, though, and he proves to be the most entertaining for not being all doom-and-gloom yet not completely Joker crazy either. Skyfall, I think, is the narrative’s biggest problem. Everything we know about him comes from supplementary profiles included in various places (the website, the magazine) and his part of the story feels like a bad Mary Sue fan fiction, especially how alarmed Ramjet was when he saw Skyfall.


Skyfall has Energon manipulating powers similar to that of the Omnicons. He can create his twin-barreled Energon rifle, as well as make Energon force fields.

Despite being set in cartoon continuity, the Mini-Cons are all able to speak, including Safeguard (who bleep-bloops in the cartoon). Either the Mini-Cons have this ability all along and just speak their language in the cartoon, or it is the translated version of the Mini-Con language. Safeguard’s little swords are exact replicas of Vector Prime’s sword.

Vector Prime and Sentinel Maximus think that Ramjet is trying to feed Energon to the Unicron Singularity, referencing to the Terrorcons’ similar oft-repeated gambit in the Energon cartoon series.

Kalis is, again, a location that first appeared in the Marvel UK comics. It’s a rather appropriate homage, considering G1 Kalis had its entire population turned into zombies.

The technical term for zombies are ‘spark afflictions’, according to Ramjet.

As implied from last issue, Ramjet and Nemesis Prime have recruited several Scrapmetal units to their cause. These are rather brainless, since Ramjet calls them ‘non-sentient little cockroaches’. Unlike last issue, where all of the Scrapmetal are red, here the Scrapmetal are in all three colour variants.


Why didn’t Dark Scorponok attack Thunderclash and the Ramjet-allied Mini-Cons when they approached him? Judging from battle dialogue, Scorponok finds Mini-Cons quite as tasty as normal Transformers, so why did he listen to Thunderclash?

Thunderwing has Terradive’s paintjob when he informs Ramjet that they have found something.

When Skyfall and Ramjet share their speech bubble (‘stay where you are!’), the speech bubble is done in Ramjet’s black style, implying that for a moment Skyfall speaks in whatever kooky way Ramjet does to merit black speech bubbles.
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