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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
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Alternate Mode:
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Seerus Nalaius' review of: Tankor and Obsidian

Name: Tankor and Obsidian
Allegiance: Decepticon
Function: Bodyguard (Tankor), Decepticon Leader (Obsidian)
Sub-Group: Vehicons

Due to the changes toHasbro's Transformers site, the profiles for these two are long gone. However, it did say that they worked as a team. With Tankor's help, Obsidian managed to kill Megatron and now runs the Decepticons (with Tankor as his bodyguard).

I received these two as a birthday gift over a year ago. Even then, I was unimpressed with the offerings of the Universe Line. However, as time passed, these two began to grow on me slowly, and I actually find them fun and enjoyable now. Plus, their paint jobs look pretty good now.

Vehicle Mode:

Tankor's vehicle mode is, obviously, a tank (though the turret is shaped like a head, since all the Vehicons have a head on their alt mode). His, however, is very similiar to the head of a Zaku, especially since he has a single eye that can light up and rotate. Sometimes, I feel like repainting him in dark and light green, just for fun. Anyway, his colors in this mode consist of dark green, a dark shade of yellow orange, red, and hints of purple and silver to represent "burns" and damage. His turret can raise and lower about 270 degrees, roughly 3/4 of a full circle. The "fireball" missile, is clear and purple, which looks bad, but is forgivable. His treads don't move; he only has wheels on the under sides. If you pull his claws forward and lift his panels, he reveals his rotating saws. But, they probably wont get shown much, since revealing them makes the front of the tank a bit unsturdy.

Robot Mode:

Tankor looks pretty intimidating in this form. He keeps the same colors in this mode, and his turret flips up to become a shoulder cannon. His arms are kinda clunky and clumsy due to their size, but the claws and saws do look good on his arms. His legs are decently poseable, but they're a bit too stiff from the knee down, and just a bit too long. Otherwise, he is still a good toy in this mode.

Vehicle Mode:

Obsidian is a small attack helicopter painted in dark blue, red (on his propellers), grey (for the 'tail' of the helicopter), yellow (for his missiles), and hints of silver here and there. Like Tankor, Obsidian also has a 'head' on his vehicle mode, but it looks more like a cockpit then a head, so you may not even really notice it. He is also ridiculously small when compared to Tankor, and I think he could have been at least bigger compared to Tankor. It's just weird, that's all. Obsidian looks pretty good in this mode, but, other then the spinning propellers, there isn't much to him.

Robot Mode:

Obsidian is kinda funky in this mode. His head folds up from the back of the copter and sits there, while his cockpit forms his chest, but its down too far and looks very odd. His legs are way too thin, and far too close together, so standing him up straight (or just standing him up at all) is very difficult to do. His hands are also his missile launchers, and his arms don't move much with the body of the copter sitting on his shoulders. Yeah, I admit he looks decent in this mode, but again, you can't do much with him, except shoot off his propellers.

There are two scores: One for Obsidian, the other for Tankor.
Transformation: 6/8 -Obsidian is pretty easy to handle, Tankor may be a bit harder.
Durability: 6/9 - Obsidian is flimsy and wobbles too easily, while Tankor is sturdier and much tougher.
Fun: 5/9 - Obsidian looks good, but can easily be forgotten, Tankor though is fun to pose and play with though.
Price: 5 - About $20, but with Universe stuff dropping in price you can probably find them for $15 or cheaper now.
Summary: 5/8.5 - A fun two pack. Tankor will give you some good fun, while Obsidian may disappoint you. I still like him though, even if he can't do much. This is one of the few Universe sets I'd really recommend buying (if you can find it).

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