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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
Robot Mode:
Alternate Mode:
Box Art:

Kremzeek75's review of: Soundwave and Space Case

Name: Soundwave, Space Case
Allegiance: Decepticon
Function: Communications
Sub-Group: NA

So after some verbal slaps from Sir Auros and better shopping luck as of late, I have found Universe Soundwave and Space Case. For a brief history lesson, both of these molds were originally released during the Generation 2 Era of Transformers. SpaceCase (as well as Strafe) were available in the U.S., but Soundwave was an exclusive in Europe. Hasbro later corrected that oversight by releasing Soundwave in the Machine Wars Line, and now he has come full circle to the Universe Line. I found these guys at Target last weekend, and I immediately picked them up However, after opening the box, I was actually a little dismayed - not at the product itself, but the price I paid for it. I mean, you stand these two next to, say, Nemesis Prime, which also went for $20, and you feel kind of ripped off. I think Hasbro could have included maybe another jet or at the very least, a Minicon repaint team besides what you got. Other than that, you got some great Transformers here.

Vehicle Mode:
For Soundwave, his alt. mode is a futuristic battle tank with one mean cannon and radar dish as accessories. The primary color is purple with dark gray overtones on the wheel hubs of the track system, plus a green translucent plastic tip at the business end of the cannon. The track system itself does not roll, but instead covers a rather cheesy single yellow wheel under each track. The cannon can actually be placed on either one of the rear track hubs, or in the center of the vehicle. The cannon also features a targeting system (much like Universe King Atlas) and, upon flipping up a side switch, you see an Autobot insignia. There is also a slide panel on the very top, which as far as I can tell, serves no purpose other than to let light in and out of the cannon when looking through the viewglass at the rear. The radar dish can likewise be placed on either rear track hub via a peg-in-place system. In tank mode, Soundwave is roughly six inches long.

For Space Case, we have a jet roughly 3 inches in length, with a primary purple/dark gray color scheme that also has dark red highlights and long yellow missiles. The wings on this particular mold are actually reversed in arch, making it look rather cool. Underneath, you have a 3-wheel landing system, but the wheels don't actually roll; instead they are for standing only. The tiny cockpit is a translucent yellow plastic, with what looks to be a permanent head of a pilot somewhere in there.

Robot Mode:
By far, the better of the two modes for both. Soundwave's whole appearance is very reminiscent of his G1 ancestor, where the cannon is placed on his shoulder and the radar dish can either be placed on the other shoulder or near one of the hands. Unfortunately, Soundwave's Universe robot appearance is definitely brickish - very squarish on the hands and legs, and there is not a whole lot of articulation. In my opinion, this was actually part of the curse of the Generation 2 exclusive molds (not the G1 repaints marketed as G2) - they were all very brickish and didn't leave much in the way of articulation, and even in Universe stance, Soundwave suffers a same fate. However, I still like the robot- he has a yellow colored head with translucent green eyeplate, and it is a major homage to his G1 ancestor in the overall shape/detail of the head- horn points and no visible mouth, but instead a mouth plate. Soundwave stands 7 inches tall, give or take an inch depending on where you put the cannon, which is probably my biggest complaint - the cannon just doesn't fit into the peg in a standard fashion - it will fall out at the slightest movement of the figure, and it's obvious that the receiving hole for the peg is too large in circumfrence.

Space Case, ironically, was the harder of the two to transform for me. Lots of twisting, turning, and upside down movement to get him into robot form. However, once you accomplish that, you have a pretty decent little bot here who makes a great sidekick to Soundwave. Additionally, on the right arm there is a missile launcher/holder for the small missiles that can either be placed in the hands or stationed on the wings. The detail of the robot mode is actually impressive, given how small the bot is overall. The head, arms, and especially legs are impeccable, as well as the coloring accompanying these same areas.

Transformation: 3 - Not difficult at all. Did them both without directions, even though Space Case was, IMO, a little harder to figure out.
Durability: 8 - Definitely got a brick bot with Soundwave, and aside from his cannon constantly falling off, I don't see him as delicate as other transformers I own. Same for Space Case.
Fun: 6 - With the lack of articulation for Soundwave, he may be more of a display piece than play piece.
Price: 5 - I paid $20 for the pair, and as I said in the beginning, I think they should have added another jet or Minicon team, which Hasbro is so fond of doing in the Universe Line.
Summary: 7 - I enjoyed this pair overall, but can definitely think of better transformers to buy. If you are a Soundwave fan, though, I would strongly recommend picking this guy up - he is very honorable to his G1 ancestor.

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