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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
Robot Mode:
Alternate Mode:
Box Art:

Ultimate Weapon's review of: Soundwave and Space Case

Name: Soundwave, Space Case
Allegiance: Decepticon
Function: Communications
Sub-Group: NA

While making my way through the frenzied atmosphere of Walmart I zig-zagged towards the toy section. Right at front was the Soundwave & Spacecase Universe set. I had been looking for the set for a while and finally find it. There was only one on the shelf so I grabbed it and headed off to the registers.

Universe Soundwave is a repaint of Machine Wars Soundwave released in 1997, who in turn was the 1992 European figure called Stalker. Spacecase is of course the 1995 Generation 2 Cyberjet now repainted as a Decepticon. Both figures have their highs and lows, as we will see in the following review.

Vehicle Mode:
Well I'm not sure what to call Soundwave's alternate mode. Though the nickname is "The Terror Tank," oddly enough. Soundwave rolls around well on a smooth flat surface. Parts include a detachable radar dish, and a really big cannon of sorts. Points of interest would include a retractable missile-targeting panel. When you look through the back end you will see an Autobot symbol in the target view, neat.

Spacecase works well as a Decepticon and looks good in the gray color scheme he is now presented in. The back end of the wings has a silver scheme. The tail fins are purple, and the hips and shoulders are maroon. The missiles and a few panels are painted yellow. A large Decepticon symbol is embellished on the top of the jet. Retractable landing gear comes out from the legs and under the cockpit. Firing missiles can be projected, though not very far.

Robot Mode:
Soundwave does not do much in this mode. He can do the twist and the monkey dances but that's about it. He is colored blue on the legs and gray on the tank treads. The hips and waist are yellow. The chest is blue with more gray on the arms, with a yellow head and a silver face. A radiation symbol is located on the left leg, which is the front end of the vehicle mode.

Space case has a little more mobility. He is ball jointed at the shoulders, elbows, hips and knees. His head can move around, and his eyes glow when held up to a light.

Transformation: 1 - I could transform them with my eyes shut. Hence I am the Transformers master. Learn well young grasshopper.
Durability: 8 - I suppose given enough playtime that Spacecase could be pulled apart by a youngster. And Soundwave could easily lose that detachable radar he comes with.
Fun: 5 - The fun factor is rather low for this guy. Though he is a neat novelty figure with a lot of history. I think your imagination will come into play, when thinking about Soundwave on his homeworld outside of his Earth form.
Price: 5 - You may want to check around on Ebay for the Machine Wars version. It is usually priced reasonably low. Though Spacecase will not be included.
Summary: 7 - The figure does not do much, though I was excited to get him. He makes a nice display, and will sit well with your other Transformers.

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