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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
Robot Mode:
Alternate Mode:
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Cloudstrifer's review of: Skydive

Name: Skydive
Allegiance: Autobot
Function: Aerial Warrior
Sub-Group: NA

Alternate Mode:
Now we know that there have been 3 Pteradons in Transformer history, Swoop, BM Skydive and now Skydive. While some people might say he is a Pterodactyl, this is wrong. The Pterodactyls are a group of flying reptiles, which are distantly related to Dinosaurs. What is interested though is that Skydive has not been put into the Dinobots subgroup. What really catches your eye is his color scheme. With Red, Grey and Gold with bits of yellow, he is one flashy Transformer. What is good with Skydive is that his wings as well as his arms are moveable, which means more flight actions. The detail, if you know where to look such as the eyes, the feet and the stance is remarkable. Truly they have done well to model it. The only problem is transforming from Pteradon to robot, back to pteradon will take toll on how it stands and some fiddling is needed to stop it from falling. But overall, it is a good figure.

Robot Mode:
The robot mode to me is a little lacking. While it has somewhat easy transformation stage, it is too skinny for my tastes. The problem of having the figure stand is also evident on the robot mode, and his transformation sometimes goes haywire and leaves you with a mess. But not all is bad; its weapons are cool with a blade that is out of a Wolverine comic. It golden-colored wings also are weapons and the head is sculpted fantastically. The body is also well designed but be warned folks; the central plate on Skydive is nothing you see on the Hasbro site. But when you hold the golden, translucent part into a light source such as the sun or a bulb, the gold in the plate and other places does shine.

Transformation: 5 - It's not too easy but not at all that hard, although you can get lost during the transformation
Durability: 10 - Ball-socket joints make it easy to put back together.
Fun: 8 - It's a great figure to play with, and great for display - when you can make it stand up.
Price: 8 - Got mine for $10.99 CDN at Wal-Mart near Square One and there was plenty in stock.
Summary: 8 - Collect it if you like Dinosaur Transformers or you like the scheme. Either way you won't miss out.

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