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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
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Warcry's review of: Nemesis Strika

Name: Nemesis Strika
Allegiance: Decepticon
Function: Unkown
Sub-Group: NA

Nemesis Strika (referred to from now on simply as Strika) is a repaint of the Beast Machines figure named Strika. BM Strika was a Vehicon general, consort to Obsidian and a brilliant strategist. Whether this Strika is meant to represent the original or an alternate universe edition is impossible to say, and it is likewise impossible to know whether she has any bonds with Universe Obsidian, who was himself from an alternate universe. As with many Vehicons, Strika blurs the line between vehicle and robot modes.

Vehicle Mode:
Strika comes packed in this mode, and she looks impressive enough to draw in more than a few impulse buyers. She is a bulky, six-wheeled combat ATV equipped with dual missile launchers, and she certainly cuts an imposing figure. Coloured mostly desert yellow and a light, coppery brown, Strika is also graced by lavender and grey highlights. As bizarre as that scheme sounds, Hasbro made it work; not only does it make her look damned threatening, it also gives her a feminine air.

However, that's just the base coat. Strika's paint job is a lot more complex that that. She has silver highlights on her front end, and warning stripes painted on her aft. However, these paint aps have a worn look to them, as one would expect on a combat vehicle. As well, she has streaks of dirt and carbon scoring delicately painted all along her front and sides, further increasing the perception that she is a seasoned battlefield veteran. I don't think I've ever seen this level of detail on a deluxe sized figure, and the end result is simply astounding.

Since she is a repaint of a later BM figure, Strika has a spark-related gimmick. In this case, pushing down of her spark crystal (located between her missile launchers) causes the launchers to move back and forth as if from recoil. Unfortunately, this gimmick is made a bit silly by the fact that her missiles are anaemic, manually-fired units, rather than spring-loaded ones. In fact, the gimmick would have worked best were she equipped with a pair of huge machine guns or something; missile launchers wouldn't fire reciprocally like that anyway, as they only have one round loaded, and thus would only recoil once. But pedantry aside the gimmick is damned cool.

Finally, she just wouldn't be a Vehicon general if she didn't have some anthropomorphic features in her vehicle form. In Strika's case, what appears to be a cockpit on her front end is, in fact, a head. The head is attached to the ATV by a thin neck, allowing her to raise or lower her viewpoint while in combat. He robot mode head is actually stored inside her cockpit head, and the chin of the robot head can serve as a lower jaw here.

Robot Mode:
As is often the case with Vehicons, Strika's phenomenal vehicle mode gives way to a decidedly lacklustre robot mode. She has chicken legs, vestigial, useless arms, and her torso is the size of a small house. The colour scheme carries over from vehicle mode, and it's a good thing; if she didn't have all that lavender on her, one would never be able to tell that Strika was a female.

Strika features several Vehicon-esque gimmicks in this mode. Firstly, pressing on her spark crystal still causes her guns to move. Secondly, two of her wheels are attached at the bottom of her 'backpack' in this mode, and they appear to serve as propellers to grant her airborne capabilities. Third, and most notably, the wheels that serve as her feet can be folded out to the sides. This allows her to roll around Cybertron like a unicyclist (albeit with a requirement for hand support, as she can't support her own weight in this configuration.

Strika is articulated at hips, knees, ankles, shoulders and elbows, but due to phenomenally bad design choices most of those points of articulation have limited ranges of motion. Not that it really matters, though; Strika is so damned top-heavy that she wouldn't be able to do much aside from stand straight up anyway.

Transformation: 8 - Very difficult, especially considering the abstract nature of the robot mode.
Durability: 9 - With so many ball joints, it would be damn hard to permanently bust this girl. However, it would be easy to lose pieces that pop off.
Fun: 5.5 - Lots of cool features, but that doesn't make up for the fundamentally poor robot design.
Price: 8 - She's a new release, and she's out in Winnipeg so she can't be that rare; you should be able to buy her off the rack.
Summary: 6 - Strika has a few neat features that keep her from registering as a bad toy, but she's mediocre at best. Recommended for Vehicon or femmebot fans only. Be warned that if you buy her, you will almost certainly want to display her in ATV mode at all times.

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