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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
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Ultimate Weapon's review of: Nemesis Prime

Name: Nemesis Prime
Allegiance: Decepticon
Function: ?
Sub-Group: NA

The most vile creation of the evil Unicron is a creature so shameful and foul that Autobot warriors fear to speak of it. Nemesis Prime - the powerful but twisted clone of the legendary Optimus Prime, pulled out of time and perverted to the cruel villain's purposes - possesses all the knowledge and wisdom of the Autobot leader, but is powered by a deep love of evil and destruction. Perhaps the greatest threat to the Universe ever created by Unicron, Nemesis Prime carries within its body the Dead Matrix, an artifact capable of negating and destroying forever the powerful Autobot Matrix of Leadership.

Hasbro continues to expand upon its Universe line with more variety this time then ever before. With the release of Nemesis Prime, the company bridges the gap of a previously Japan only figure. Released by Takara for the Beast Wars line this figure has never made it to US shores until now. This figure was also available exclusively in Toys R Us Japan in Japan in 1999, in the form of a black repaint Black Big Convoy. Now you too can own this exclusive figure, only at a Target store near you, or perhaps Ebay. I was lucky enough to get the toy from the back room of the store by an employee I had asked. The secret is that I gave him the DCPI code (, so he knew exactly what to look for and grab.

Alternate Mode:
Nemesis Prime represents a wholly mammoth from the Pleistocene epoch, in beast mode. This repaint really has a solid color scheme. Black upper fur with a silver tint on the lower half and legs of the mammoth, as well as the trunk end. White tusks with a tint of red on the ends. Suggesting a bloody engagement has occurred. Fierce eyes peer out from the sockets above the tusks. This creature looks like he has come straight out of hell, and he is pissed about it. While this new Universe release does have a dark repaint, it is not as apparent as the all black Japan version. I would say that it is up to preference for what you prefer. I think that the Universe version is superior to the previous releases. Hasbro has really given us fans a treat with this toy. Not much else happens in this mode. Push back the switch on top of the head to arc the trunk up. Also the ears can be pushed back to raise the tusks; probably to fight off other males in the herd.

Robot Mode:
This figure is a solid piece, and the robot mode continues this trend. With over 20 points of articulation Nemesis Prime has no problem holding his own in a battle among your other bots. The shoulders are ball jointed and also the elbow, with the wrist moving up and down. The head can move in a 360 direction. The waist is movable and the hips are ball jointed. Above the knee the leg can be rotated, and the knee can move back and forth.

Attached to the legs are the outer sides of the beast mode. Both panels contain paired scythe hand weapons; which can also be fired as a projectile missile. The head splits open to reveal a double-barreled missile launcher, actually it is located in the rear under the tail. This piece can also be used as rifle and held from a hidden peg on top of the beast head. The chest can be opened to reveal the Dead Matrix. It is painted black and contains see through ruby plastic in the center.

The paint job really shines through on this figure. Beige colored forearms and appendages attach to the main torso. The toes are a red color that appears on the wrist guns that pop out from under the arms. The Maximal symbol in the middle chest is colored in black. The paint used is a nice shiny gloss for the red, and a metallic matte finish on the outside panels.

Transformation: 7 - I will admit that transforming this guy is a bit tough. And even once you get the hang of it is still difficult to make the beast mode presentable. Sometimes guts, for lack of a better word, will pop out from underneath. This is on level with Binaltech Smokescreen frustrations; in fitting all the pieces back together in alt. mode.
Durability: 8 - No problems here everything stayed intact, though I would be careful about the wrist gun pegs. If they are put into the fist slots some paint may rub off. So use your best discretion.
Fun: 8 - This toy has a wonderful robot mode, and a so so beast mode. I mean if you are into pachyderms he may be the greatest thing ever. But if you are not well, you can always remember my words about him being a hell beast. Also to spice things up you can have certain action figures ride on top of the animal. So there is potential, you just have to tap into it.
Price: 9 - For the value, you get a previously Japan only toy, and a kickass paint job, I would probably have bought two of them if they did not only have the one. Though I probably would have given it to Luke (Sir Auros) anyway. The figure comes in at $19.99.
Summary: 9 - I'm giving this guy a 9. I know that certain fans are slagging off the release saying that they already own Big Convoy. Well I say to them that they do not own Nemesis Prime. He really is that distinctive because of the wonderful paint job. Above all else he is also a fantastic toy that everyone should have the chance to own one. So happy hunting.
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