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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
Robot Mode:
Alternate Mode:
Box Art:

JoeStatix' review of: Magnus Vs. Treadshot

Name: Ultra Magnus
Allegiance: Autobot
Function: City Commander
Sub-Group: NA

In more peaceful times, the powerful Ultra Magnus and the cunning Treadshot were friends and rivals, often engaging in good-natured contests of speed and strength. During the rise of Megatron and the beginning of the Second Great War on Cybertron, the two former friends became the most bitter of enemies, taking every opportunity to attack one another, even to the point of the dereliction of their duties. Now with the new power granted by Unicron, a bitter Treadshot has once again tracked his old enemy with the help of the Mini-con Nightbeat, this time planning the final destruction of Ultra Magnus and his Mini-con companion Over-Run!

Vehicle Mode:
I think Hasbro really did an outstanding job with this repaint of the Armada Super Con Prime figure. I definitely think this surpasses the repaint job on G1 Ultra Magnus. In truck mode the white really stands out great. I especially enjoy the change of plastic and color of the grille and exhaust stacks. He rolls easily and plays well in truck mode. Another one of my favorite things about this figure is IT DOES NOT FALL APART. (I.E. it stays in vehicle mode with out an arm falling down or the legs dropping when I pick it up.) As for his mini con Over-Run, His jet mode is great and the fact he can be mounted to the back of Magnus's cab as a gun is even better.

Robot Mode:
This is where the new paint job really is shown off. The paint job is really intricate especially around the eyes. To ice the cake this is a repaint of (I think) one of the best versions of Prime to come along. All the flexibility is there. The use of ball joints instead of hinged was pure genius. My only real complaint is the double punch attack. If you connect the Mini-con to the grey switch on his back he is supposed to do a double punch. Well this punch looks more like he is really cold and is shivering. If they were going to do a repaint it would've been nice if they could have reworked that from the previous version. Or they could have left it out all together. Other than that this figures robot mode is great. As for Over-Run, robot mode doesn't translate to well for him. The way the chest is hinged was poorly designed so it sticks straight out which looks really goofy. But it also transforms into a gun which is a plus, so I tend to keep him in this mode.

Name: Treadshot
Allegiance: Decepticon
Function: Gunslinger
Sub-Group: NA

Vehicle Mode:
Tread shot makes one cool looking car. It conceals the fact that it's also a robot quite well. A nifty feature he also has is a spring loaded compartment built to hide his Mini-con. Simply press a button and a compartment flips over showing where the mini con mounts to. Other than that this is pretty much just a basic transformer vehicle. The Mini-con Nightbeat looks pretty spiffy too. It resembles a 70's chopper.

Robot Mode:
This one does not win any awards on looks. The way his legs transform are very awkward and the forearms are massive and heavy while his biceps and shoulders are tooth picks. Which makes it so that his arms will never stay up on their own. Part of the reason is because of his Mini-con powerpunch. Place Nightbeat on his back and his his fore arm swoops out in a movement supposed to resemble a punch but actually looks more like a beating with a blunt object. As for his Mini-con Nightbeat, it too suffers from a really nice vehicle mode but a sort of shoddy robot mode. His legs are his exhaust pipes. Basically imagine a Harley Davidson hoisted into the air on it 2 exhaust pipes and that is this mini con.

Transformation: 5 - Magnus is simple but Treadshot can be frustrating.
Durability: 10 & 5 - Magnus is a brick, but Treadshot is rickety.
Fun: 10 - Despite the shortcomings, it is a fun battle in a box.
Price: 10 - I picked these up on clearance for $4.00 You should be able to find them on Ebay for $10-$20.
Summary: 10 - These two are a definite must whether you're a hardcore collector or just want to act out these two going at it you can't lose. Also this is a cheap way to own Ultra Magnus without having to buy a spy changer.

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