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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
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Dedicon's review of: Sky-Byte

Name: Sky-Byte
Faction: Predacon
Function: Shark (????)
Motto: "I'll tear my enemies to shreds."

He is one of the most feared and respected Predacon warriors. His intelligence and love of poetry fools friends and enemies into letting down their guard - only to witness his terrifying change into a merciless warrior. The Anchor Arm on his left side can crush even the thickest, strongest wall like a microchip in the jaws of a shark.

A quick note before I continue: as I was writing the Tech specs and looked for a function, all I found is the word "shark". I looked at, and they wrote shark as well! I guess this is a new type of warrior I wasn't aware of….

Surprisingly enough, Sky-Byte was never a must have for me. I saw him in an online retail stores and grabbed him with BM Rattrap since the shipping was already reaching 20$, and I knew that if I ever wanted him for whatever reason, it should be now.
And after I got him and opened the box, it was….enlightening.

Beast mode:

Like his function, Sky-Byte's beast mode is a shark, the Transmetal kind. I will start with the bad. The chipping metal paint, the legs showing in the underbelly, and that I can't see this mode being used for playing since it doesn't hold together well without the robot legs falling(they aren't connected to the shark mode at all). It would be less of a problem if the robot's feet weren't used as the shark's mouth…

Osku notified me that "The legs do stay up, if you put the "robot pelvis(?)" on right place and legs in right angle in shark mode. Not easy to get it right, but possible." Still, you can't do alot with this mode but it looks pretty.

So where is the good? Well, the gazillions of details showing, tears and buttons and the awesome awesome color scheme. It's funny, on one hand, the metallic silver paint can get easily chipped, on the other hand this mode would never be complete without it.
Sky-Byte comes with a yellow double barreled gun, and though you can attach it to the shark mode by opening the mouth a bit, it still looks stupid. Osku told me this is called the "attack mode", but i didn't like it. The gun I got shoots very easly, thus getting him into this mode took me a few minutes. wasn't worth it though.

All in all, a sweet mode. Then again, Alt modes are rarely the way I display a Transformer, so let's move to the….

Robot mode:

Even in robot mode, Sky-Byte's function is still a shark! Amazing! This mode is truly is a work of articulated art. He can move it all other than the waist or move his head up and down. His head is great, since he still looks like a shark, but not as much as the "mutant heads" early Beast Wars toys had. He has a Predacon spark crystal in the middle of his chest, and he is the only toy I know that make asymmetric proportions look this good. The chest is part blue part silver with pink eyes like they are looking straight at you, the shark tail becomes a claw that can spin( this gimmick doesn't function very well, but it doesn't really matter). The other hand can either hold the double barreled yellow gun, or the shark fins as a double knife of sort.


I must say, that Sky-Byte's transformation is as frustrating as an Autobot brother. Beast to robot is kind of easy and you won't need the instructions. The problem is with transforming him back to Beast mode. It will really take you some time to figure out what goes where without taking the whole thing falling apart.

Transformation: 5- Like most of the RID line. Surprising, since this is a BW repaint.
Durability: 7- the chipping!!
Fun: 9- Robot mode is fun! Shark mode is fun…to look at.! Hey! That's something too!
Price: 8- 30$ with shipping. It was worth it all.
Summary: 9- I recommend this toy no end, despite his flaws. Buy him if you have the chance.
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