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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
Robot Mode:
Alternate Mode:
Box Art:
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StoneCold Skywarp's review of: Sideburn

Allegiance: Autobot
Function: "Speedy knight"
Though I'd be more inclined to say fetishist
"Speed limit, what speed limit?"
First cartoon appearance: Battle Protocol

Originally part of the Japanese Car Robots line and more fondly known as "Speedbreaker" Sideburn is the youngest of three "Autobot Brothers." His love of red sports cars is, uhm, unique....yeah, that'll do, and is well documented (sadly) in the US equivelent show "Robots in Disguise."

Alternate mode
Sideburn comes packaged in a nice bubble, showing off the Viper alt quite nicely (and by Viper I mean Dodge - as in car....) His car mode is pretty sweet but my only problem with it is where to put the weapons. You can house the missle as the exhaust pipe, but that looks ridiculous and his little Swiss army knife (Oh c'mon, that's what it is) doesn't appear to fit anywhere, I just tend to lodge it firmly between door (both of which incidently open) and his legs. Most of you will notice in this mode on his tyres the words T.F. Cybertron. All part of Hasbro's grand scheme to save them cash. What you really have is the Japanese toy, with a few different markings on the box (most of which still say Speedbreaker). Lined up next to Gen1 chars like Sideswipe and Jazz Sideburn fits in quite nicely.

Robot Mode
As with most of the RiD toys Sideburn's transformation is frustrating (hell, why I decided to review him first is beyond me) best thing to do with him is TF him once using the instructions, then put them away and never look at them again. Anyways, here I go. From the car mode remove the exhaust missle and open the doors, then hold Sideburn midway down and remove the section with the tail-lights on. Next seperate the two back tyresfrom the shell of the car, and turn 90 down, fold out his legs and feet. Now to the front of the car. Flip down the section with the headlights on, seperate the two parts of the bonnet, then move the arm underneath down slightly. Tilt the roof 90 left then on the hinge move it upright, rotate the legs through 90 and swing the entire arm (+ roof) forwards. Next move the two bonnet parts up and backwards and underneath the engine pull out the other arm so it's 90 to the engine. Now manouvere the arm with the roof backwards turn slightly, then rotate forwards again until it clicks into a little slot. Now turn the legs back through 90 move his roof arm back so it's parrallel to his body again (bored yet? I am) Going back to his other arm move the headlights down through 90 and pull his arm down move his arm so it's facing down and move the headlights the same then you'll be able to pivot it all through 180 and place the wheel underneath the engine. Extend his arm out fully and push the engine down to where you can now see Sideburn's head. Life out his head and manouvere his arms so they face forwards, arm his with his rocket launcher (remember the tail lights we removed earlier? Never let it be said that RiD toys waste plastic!) and attach his Swiss army knife, pose, et voila!

This is easily the best thing about most of the RiD toyline. They're incredibly poseable, head moves, arms move (despite one having a roof attached) legs move at the waist, knees and feet allowing all sorts of cool poses.

Transformation:7 - easy once you get the hang of it, better to ignore the instructions once you've managed it though
Durability: 8 - Ball joints are the key for the RiD toys, I know I've often removed the headlights on him, just so I can swing round his arm properly
Fun:9 - It's a Dodge Viper! Doesn't score a 10 because of the transformation though
Price: 10 - RiD IS ON THE MARKET NOW!!! Go buy him, enjoy muchly!!
Overall: 7.75 - It's RiD I know, but still it's a pretty sweet toy, poseable, looks nice next to the other Autobot brothers, but that darn transformation....
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