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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
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Sir Auros' review of: Spychanger Scourge & X-Brawn

The spychanger versions of Scourge and X-Brawn come packaged together much like the standard variety of spychangers. Most people, I'm sure, buy the pack for Scourge, because X-Brawn certainly couldn't make it on his own and Scourge is, well, it's a miniature version of Scourge.

Alternate Mode:
The alternate modes for both characters really look like their full-sized counterparts and the level of detail (much like spychanger Ultra Magnus) is really pretty good. They look a bit silly together since X-Brawn's slightly bigger, so you have this big rig truck dwarfed by a SUV...although with the size of the things these days it's not too unrealistic ;) I must say that I approve of the vehicle modes for both characters. Keen!

Robot Mode
Scourge's robot mode is spot on and it just incredible. If only he had some sort of weapon to hold it'd be perfect. X-Brawn's robot mode is just as lame-looking as his full-sized robot mode, only this version has less articulation and detail. This is something that bugs me about this pair, Scourge is very well-done and detailed in both modes, but X-Brawn really only has anything going on in his vehicle mode. One good difference between spychanger X-Brawn and the full-sized version is that this one actually has a right hand instead of a Mega Man style blaster arm. I like that. I don't like for characters to have guns instead of hands...

Well, they are spychangers, so you shouldn't expect much, but the only place where they lack sufficient articulation is, of course, in the legs. They can both move their arms more than the other spychangers, but you still can't expect to put them in any real poses or anything.

Transformation:10 Easy, but smooth. I also happen to think that X-Brawn's is kind of clever with the way the arms fold.
Durability: 6 They both have REALLY weak arms and they become loose almost as soon as you move them. The arms also feel pretty fragile, so I'd go easy on them.
Price: 8 Worth the price when they came out if only for Scourge, but now you're liable to find them on major markdowns and they're definitely worth getting. I'm still not too happy with X-Brawn being bundled with Scourge though. I would have preferred a cooler Autobot spychanger.
Overall: 7 Pretty cool looking and fairly fun to play with, but they do seem fragile and X-Brawn's just sad.
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