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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
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Scout's Review: HotShot & REV

Hot Shot
Allegiance: Autobot
Function: Leader of the Spychangers
Motto: I Can Take The Heat!

Allegiance: Autobot
Function: Tactical Officer
Motto: To be determined

First cartoon appearance: Spychangers to the Rescue

Hot Shot:
Hot Shot is the leader of the Spychangers and has worked beside Optimus Prime for a long time. He comes across as rough and tough, but his hard exterior hides a caring, concerned nature underneath. He can manipulate fire at will.

R.E.V. is the tactical officer of the Spychangers and an advisor to Hot Shot. As smart as he is fast, R.E.V. never misses a detail. He can leap from one building to another with such ease that he looks as if he's flying. His main weapon is a shotgun.

Having a definitive Hot Rod alt. form for Hot Shot and a Race Evolution Sportscar alt. form for R.E.V., these two were available in many ways.

*The first is where he is double packed with R.E.V.- Hot Shot to the left, R.E.V. to the right. R.E.V. is in car form while Hot Shot is standing in Robot Mode and their guns are between them in matching colors. This was the first way they were available in my area, and these versions of packaging became scarce and disappeared very quickly.

*The second package again has Hot Shot packed to the left, R.E.V. to the right, but both are displayed in car form, again with their guns between them in matching colors.

*Lastly, they were released on individual small cards as single figures in a clear form. Both are packaged on a rather attractive slant with their weapons above them and to the left slightly.

Hot Shot is a striking black with flames painted on the ridge of his hood(bonnet) and on the side doors as well. R.E.V. is a yellow lamborghini with a firebird-style symbol on the hood and orange-tone pinstriping on the sides and rear.

Robot Mode
Spychangers™ are nice and quick to transform- so easy in fact they don’t even include directions.

To change them from car to robot, begin by opening the doors. These become arms. Fold down his hood to become the chest. Slide the rear end out to become the legs.

They aren’t poseable at all except for the arms... and the position on your shelf where you choose to set them.

Transformation:1 These are nice and easy for very young kids. They didn’t even need directions.
Fun:Personally, I like them... but honestly, if one bases this category on how often the average fan would play with them or find challenge with them- I’d have to say a 2- they are awfully fun to race across tabletops, but that’s all.
Price: Approx. $4.00-5.00
Variations:A clear Japanese version, as well as a powered up Prowl.
Overall: 2 I base this on design which, really- they are well detailed and the color scheme is very nice, but also on how much playability they have and how much interest they will keep sparking.

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