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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
Robot Mode:
Alternate Mode:
Box Art:

Sir Auros' review of: Bludgeon

Name: Bludgeon
Function: Decepticon Warrior
Sub-Group: Destructicons
First cartoon appearance: N/A

This is a repaint of a G2 version of the tank Megatron and shares its name and (roughly) paintjob with a popular G1 character. I really liked this figure when I first read about its release and saw the pictures, but wasn't too keen on the relatively high price KB would be charging for the figure and decided not to buy it. However, I ended up receiving it for Christmas and I certainly can't complain about that...come to think of it, I can't complain about a whole lot regarding this toy because it's a pretty good figure.

Vehicle Mode:
Fairly common tank mode here, not a whole lot going on and the turret doesn't turn due to the way it's designed. The tank mode isn't particularly exciting and looks kind of funny if you actually load one of the missiles. It nicely has a hole for the gun to plug into for storage and extra firepower and the sides of the turret can be used to store the missiles, and it's always nice for a figure to have built-in weapons storage. The colorscheme works and is far more realistic than the neon green and purple originally used for this mold. A problem that's present in both modes is the air-launched missile gimmick never really working. I couldn't get this to work with RiD Scourge either, so it may just be me. The vehicle mode is fairly average and ends up with no significant flaws or perks.

Robot Mode:
This is really the best part of this figure. Sweet amount of articulation and nice sculpting. The missiles can now be stored on the arms now and they look pretty good like that. The head still looks like Megatron's and it would have been nice if it had been resculpted. The only other fault with the robot mode is that there aren't really feet, so the figure has a problem standing up and balancing well. This is only a slight concern for display purposes and can easily be overcome, but it does still limit some of the poses a bit. The chest doesn't connect firmly to the rest of the torso, but this usually isn't an issue unless one's flinging the toy around.

Transformation: 7 Very easy and simple.
Durability: 8 Somewhat cheap-feeling plastic, but other than that it doesn't seem particularly fragile and the weapons storage keeps them from being lost.
Fun: 9 Good size for playing with and posing.
Price: 6 KB charges way too much for the figure and being an exclusive, the only other place to find it is online with a markup.
Overall: 8 Nice figure if you can handle the insulting pricetag.
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