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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
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Wildfire's Review: Sixturbo

Allegiance: Cybertron
"When the innocent depend on you, defeat is not an option."

Commands Autobot urban strike teams when Decepticons attack human cities. Despite the eccentricities of his components, SixTurbo embodies their one common trait... persistence and force of will. Has an endless vigor, and never gives up. Although only the size of an average Transformer, he's a skilled warrior with few equals. Carries a high-power plasma cannon, missile rack on left shoulder holds seven explosives that track their targets with individual mini-cameras within each warhead, has blinding light panel. Also has use of Discharge's foam cannons and Glide's smokescreens. When his components are separated, turns into single-pilot tactical strike jet with plasma cannon in nosecone. Tendency to push beyond his physical limits is his only weakness.
Sixturbo is one of the recently re-released Micromaster gestalts available only in Japan.

A note on packaging
Sixturbo was released in display cases of 12 figures. Each figure is blind boxed so you have no idea who you're getting until you open it. Additionally, there is a black Destron set of repaints called Reverse Evolution Sixturbo randomly inserted in a case. A case contains around two to three Reverse Evolution figures and three or four extra colored figures as well as a full color set. I got Reverse Evolution Glide and Discharge in my case.

Road Police: Road Police is the team leader and as his name would suggest, a police car. He is mainly white with red sirens, black detailing on his hood, and a red Autobot/Cybertron symbol on his hood, and silver windows. The paint scheme reminds one a lot of RiD/CR's Prowl/Mach Alert. To transform Road Police, push down on the rear of the car and flip it around, push the hood back, flip the car over and raise the doors as the arms. Road Police is my favorite member of the team. Why? Because he thinks he's people! No really, he's wearing a police hat with a com device on one side, a suit and even a tie! It looks kinda silly, but it's really cool in a way too. His "hat" "shirt" and "pants" are blue with some silver on his face, lapels, and belt, white arms and feet and black on his arms and waist. Road Police has really only two points of articulation in this mode, his arms. He can sit down, but the car hood gets in the way.

Glide: Glide is a blue Police motorcycle. He has a gold windshield and headlights, silver grill and exhaust pipes and a black seat. A red Cybertron symbol is on the left side of his rear section and his underside is light gray. He rolls pretty well for a toy motorcycle and is broad enough not to tip over when left alone. To transform him, pull up on his windshield section and rotate it down to form his legs and the fold down his rear section to form his chest and rotate the sides down further to form his arms. Glide the my least favorite Robot Mode, his chest is huge thanks to his rear wheel, his head is sunken in and I can only imagine he hops everywhere with that unipod leg of his. Like Road Police, his only real articulation is his arms, though technically he can sit.

Neo-Wheel: Neo-Wheel is a yellow Ferrari with black windows and a red Cybertron symbol on his hood. His transformation is exactly like Road Police's so if you skipped ahead just to read about Neo-Wheel's transformation, you'll just have to go back and read Road Police's entry to find out how to transform him. Neo-Wheel reveals the most color in robot mode, adding red, gold and silver to his yellow. He has a very samurai style head, with gold horns sweeping upward and a silver faceplate. Neo-Wheel has the same articulation as the last two.

Circuit: Circuit is a white Indy racer with some red striping on him and a red Cybertron symbol on his hood and light gray spoiler. To transform him, flip the rear of the car around and flip back the hood. Circuit is mainly yellow now, with blue straps across his chest, white feet and arms, and a silver faceplate. Again, only his arms really move.

Discharge: Discharge is a chunky little firetruck. He is mainly red with some nice silver detailing on some side panels and hoses coiled on the rear sides. He has a black windshield and white ladder that can be turned around 360 degrees. His Cybertron symbol, outlined in white because of his primary color, is on his left side. To transform Discharge, pull back and rotate the rear of the truck, fold the front half back and raise the sides as the arms. Discharge has huge arms in robot mode. Well, his arms are actually normal size, it just looks like someone nailed boards to them. His body is mainly white with a blue crotch and sliver face. Like Road Police, Discharge takes his job a little too seriously and has a head that looks like a firefighter's helmet with a gasmask of sorts over it. He can raise and lower his arms and make suggestive hip thrusts.

Sireen: Sireen is an ambulance, looking a lot like Rachet even.Mostly white with red stripes along the sides, he has black windows, red sirens on his roof, and a red Cybertron symbol on his right door. To transform Sireen, pull down on the white panel his wheels are attached to, the forward oh his front, folding it down until the vehicle front clicks onto the white wheel panel, the fold down the ambulance sides to form his arms. Sireen is interesting, he's an ambulance, yet he's loaded with weapons! He has a silver rocket launcher in his chest, four gray guns over his head, and two guns molded on the insides of his arms. His body is mostly black, going nicely with his white vehicle parts, he has a silver faceplate and yellow skivies. Like the others, his arms move and that's about it, he can't even pretend to sit down since you need to seperate his legs from the wheel panel to allow them movement.

Jet Mode
Sixturbo's gestault parts, when not in use in the larger robot, can form a jet! Attach the head piece to the chest piece and turn it around backward, attach the hip piece to the chest piece, attach the fists to the shoulders pegs, attach the foot plates to the fists, put the gray radar/missiles pod on the hole in the back of the head, and put the gun in between the legs and you have the jet. The jet is interesting and a cool bonus feature in my opinion. A Sixturbo member can ride in the cockpit to support the others in battle and whatnot.

To begin the Sixturbo combination, return all the members to vehicle mode and attach the head, chest, and leg gestault pieces together. Both Sireen and Discharge have large holes on the rear of their vehicle modes and small holes under their front bumpers, attach the pegs the pegs of the foot panels to the large holes on these two and attach the small pegs on the leg gestalt pieces to the holes under their bumpers. Taking Neo-Wheel, pull his back half out as if you were transforming him, then rotate the gray connector piece between his legs out and attach it to the chest piece's left shoulder peg. There is a hole under Neo-Wheel's bumper, attach the peg on the left fist piece to this the place the gun in the fist. Now take Circuit and up his rear section, attaching his spoiler to the right shoulder peg on the chest piece and the right fist piece to the hole under his bumper. The gray radar/missile pod attaches to Circuit's raised rear piece by sliding the peg on it into the slot on Circuit. Pull out Glide's windshield and attach the hole in it to he peg on Sixturbo's back, folding the rest of Glide against Sixturbo's back. Finally, lift Road Police's rear section up and out and plug the peg in the back of the chest cavity into the hole on the bottom of Road Police's foot piece. Combined, Sixturbo is impressive. The members form his limbs and chest nicely and his arms can swing out and forward (though not fully forward because of the wings on his chest.) The gestalt parts are light blue, with silver areas on the legs, head, and gun and his feet and chest are black. Sixturbo's face is proud and regal, with horns and fins and vents, making it look like he's wearing a samurai like helmet. His face is silver and his eyes and a dot on his helmet crest are yellow.

Transformation - 6 Not really hard, just a lot of it involved.
Durability - 4 Individually, fine, combined, well don’t move him too much.
Fun - 9 Great fun, the jet mode is a nice addition.
Price - 8 Depends on how you get him, my case of 12 figures cost $45
Overall - 10 Fun, colorful, gestalt. Great figure.

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