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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
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Warcry's review of: KO Triple Changer Boxset

Name: Blitzwing
Sub-Group: Triple Changer KO

The Blitzwing knockoff is coloured like his Diaclone version, sorta (divergences from the Diaclone colours are noted in the review). I like the colours more than I like the Transformers version, to be honest; if I didn't have this guy, I'd be very temped to buy the Diaclone-coloured eHobby reissue that's coming out (he was given the name 'Overcharge' for that release, somewhat tongue-in-cheekly).

The plastic quality on Blitz is damn good for a KO. It's hard and rather durable; thin pieces like his sword and his wings look like they could be very brittle, but they aren't. This guy is probably the best-made KO I've got in my collection.

Tank Mode:
In this mode, there is almost no noticeable difference between Blitz and his Diaclone version. The body of the tank is mostly green, with gold chrome on the tank treads and a few grey highlights. It's a scheme that works very well, giving him the appearance of a tank outfitted for combat in forested areas. His turret has a 360 degree horizontal arc of fire, but aside from that he has no articulation to speak of.

I have one design-related complaint in this mode. I'm not sure exactly which end is supposed to be Blitz's front end. On one end, you have a jet cockpit. On the other, a pair of thrusters. Neither works well aesthetically, but I tend to use the cockpit end as the front end. I guess that means he can use the thrusters for propulsion, however silly that might be on a tank.

In addition (and this is definitely because he's a knockoff) the gold chrome on his treads flakes off. Badly. Just rubbing a thumb gently across the tread is enough to take off the chrome. It's so bad that I think the guy would look better if the KOers hadn't bothered with the chrome at all.

Jet Mode:
Blitzwing undergoes a big colour change here; whereas the tank was mostly green, the jet is mostly grey. Most of the highlights are supplied in the form of stickers (which more or less match the Diaclone's stickers, with the addition of red Decepticon symbols). Blitz's cockpit and nosecone are both black (the Diaclone had a blue cockpit and nosecone).

Blitz is a very blocky-looking jet, but still manages to vaguely resemble a MIG-25. The under-wing kibble is out of place, but he's still far more realistic than any of the Aerialbots. Also a bit out of place is the tank turret that's hanging from his belly. However, if you don't like the idea of giving him a huge firepower boost at the cost of aerodynamics the turret is removable.

Something of note: in the aforementioned under-wing kibble, Blitz has a pair of spring-loaded missile launchers. Check that: a pair of kick-ass spring-loaded missile launchers. The missiles (which are little more than an inch long and are probably choking hazards) fire with enough force to put an eye out (well, not really; but in comparison to real TF launchers they're something else). Missile launchers usually don't impress me too much, but the ability to launch tiny plastic projectiles across a house is too much to resist.

Robot Mode:
This is where Blitz shows the biggest difference from his Diaclone progenitor. His chest, legs and wings are grey, while his arms and shoulders are green. His face is grey, with a yellow 'helmet' and red visor. Conversely, the Diaclone has a blue helmet and his thighs are green.

As with most other Triple Changers, Blitzwing's robot mode isn't very good. His thighs are paper-thin and don't look like they'd support a 40-foot robot. His feet, meanwhile, are nothing more than his jet-mode tailfins. And that's bad, because he's very top-heavy. Blitz's arms, on the other hand, are equally bad; due to the way they transform, they can't hang straight at his sides. This means that he has few optional poses.

Blitz comes with what appears to be a full compliment of weapons; missiles, some sort of laser weapon, and his sword. The missile launchers still fire in this mode, though the only thing he could conceivably shoot with them is his own feet. The gun (which isn't the same as either his Diaclone or TF gun, oddly) is silly; from the side it looks big and bulky, but viewed from above it's only about two millimetres thick. His sword is another matter. It's perfectly sized for the mold (it's a bit longer and lots pointier than the TF version, and from what I can tell appears to be identical to the Diaclone version) and looks great.

Blitzwing is a high-quality knockoff of a good toy. His jet and tank modes are above average as far as G1 figures go, and more than offset his lacklustre robot mode. Not overly good for displaying, but fun for play. I love the colour scheme, as I've mentioned before; it gives him the appearance of a G2 Cybertronian Empire soldier

Name: Broadside
Sub-Group: Triple Changer KO

The plastic quality on this guy is just as good as Blitzwing. The moulding is a bit less precise, though; his face is a bit 'lumpy', and the lines on his chest aren't very sharp. Still, better than most KOs I've seen. Unfortunately, the figure simply isn't any good.

Carrier Mode:
You know, it's be pretty much impossible to screw this one up. An aircraft carrier, after all, is just a floating brick when reduced to this scale. But guess what? They managed to screw it up anyhow.

Broadside carries his jet cockpit on his belly in this mode. The cockpit can be pushed into the body of the boat, and on the real Broadside I assume it would lock there. Not on this guy, though. The end result being, he can't sit flat on any surface. Brilliant.

Aside from that, Broadside is a typical aircraft carrier: grey deck, black command tower and a recognisable outline. Not bad at all. Like Blitzwing, he's adorned with red Decepticon logos. Also, he seems to have had two small holes added so that Flattop (reviewed below) can land on him.

'Jet' Mode:
Jet in quotations, because (let's be honest) this thing would never get off the ground. It's a big rectangle with a cone stuck on the front, square wings attached to the side, and thrusters. Broadside's central fuselage is dark grey, his wings and undercarriage are light grey, and his nosecone and aft fuselage are red. His cockpit, which sticks out like a sore thumb, is translucent blue. He's got a red Decepticon symbol and (somewhat surprisingly) an Autobot symbol as well.

There's not much play value here; Broadside has no weapons, and he's far too ugly for you to leave him in this mode for long. And...there's not much more to say about his jet mode, honestly. So moving on...

Robot Mode:
Yeah, this is even worse. In robot mode, Broadside is a rectangular brick of plastic with arms and a head. Chest is dark grey (with a blue cockpit in the middle) as are his arms. Legs are red. Head is light grey. Oh, and his back is obviously an aircraft carrier.

As far as articulation goes, he's got two points somewhere on his arms. I say that because they are neither shoulders nor elbows, but somewhere in between. His feet also move up and down, but that really doesn't serve much of a purpose here.

There is one really good thing about this mode, though: as a robot, Broadside can use his vibro-axes. The axes are replicas of the one the real Broadside came with, and they constitute KO Broadside's only weapons (the real Broadside came with a pair of missiles and a rifle). Fortunately, they're pretty neat

The toy itself is a pitiful brick, but the knockoff work isn't bad. I'd recommend getting this guy as opposed to the real Broadside.

Name: MachTackle
Sub-Group: Multiforce KO

You know, there's different types of 'bad' when it comes to figures. There's the bad that results when the designers don't have the wherewithal to bring a good idea to fruition (the G1 Seekers are examples of that). There's the bad that you get when the designers try to make something that had no right to exist in the first place (Broadside). But those 'bads' aren't very offensive; they show that the design team is at least trying to come up with something good.

No, the worst kind of bad figure appears when the designers blatantly didn't put any effort into the toy. Mach and Tackle fall into this last category.

Oh, and the plastic used in the knockoffs is crap, too; very brittle.

Alternate Mode:
Mach is a small, cartoony space shuttle. He's mostly white with some black trim. He's very stumpy, and he blatantly has arms attached to his sides. When viewed from the front it's obvious that his wings are quite a bit too low on his airframe, too short and too thin to be of any real use (Of course, there's a reason for that. When Multiforce combines to form Landcross, Mach's lower section becomes the gestalt's chestplate). A red Decepticon symbol graces his bow. Pretty weak, as far as shuttles go.

Tackle is a red...truck of some sort, with a bigass weapons array that attaches to his roof. The lower section of the array is a white platform ending in two cannons (it would serve as Landcross's foot, if the rest of Multiforce was around). The upper section is a rotating grey cannon with a translucent red tip. A red Decepticon symbol is present on his left side, between the wheels. As a mobile artillery array, Tackle is pretty neat.

Individual Robot Modes:
Mach is a ridiculous mess in robot mode. His arms are tiny, while each of his legs is bigger than his torso. As far as articulation goes, his arms can move up and down. He doesn't even look like a robot here. He looks like the bottom half of a robot with a head tacked on as an afterthought. Like in vehicle mode, Mach is white and black.

Tackle is, if possible, even worse. He's got the same configuration and articulation as Mach, though his legs are even bigger and his chest smaller. In this mode, there's a whole lot of blue added to the red, which looks pretty good...but it doesn't hide the fact that the figure's a piece of garbage.

Combined Robot Mode:
The horror that is their separate robot modes was so bad that you'd expect the combined form to be good. After all, this gimmick is what Multiforce was made for. It's the reason why the figures look so silly separate...and it sucks.

Oh, it's better than the individual 'Bots, certainly. But it's still not any good. Whether Mach or Tackle serves as the upper portion (I prefer the latter, because he vaguely has hands) the figure is restricted to shoulder articulation and hips that can do the splits. The upper figure's legs serve as the combined form's arms, but that doesn't change the fact that they look like an extra set of legs hanging from the guy's shoulders.

These guys are so bad that I can't even be bothered to make fun of them.

Name: Flattop
Sub-Group: Micromaster KO

The real Flattop was one of four Micromasters who came packed with vehicles labeled Transports. In Flattop's case, his transport was an aircraft carrier that turned into a jet. However, the transport isn't included with this set, only the Micromaster. Instead, Broadside serves as his carrier. Flattop is moulded in the same colours as the real version, but his face and cockpit are unpainted.

Alternate Mode:
Flattop is a typical Micromaster jet; small, with very little detail and only a vague resemblance to a real jet. However, like the other Micro jets, I don't mind that much. When a figure is this small, allowances must be made; if the mode looks good, I won't be bothered by a lack of realism. And despite not really looking like any specific jet, Flattop looks good.

His wings and fuselage are dark purple, while the rest of him is grey.

Robot Mode:
Unfortunately, this mode doesn't look as good. His chest is purple, while the rest of him is grey. His arms are a bit too small, as well as being rather featureless. The same can be said about his legs...which are also marred by the fact that he has no feet to speak of. As mentioned above, his face is unpainted. That's no good at all, since the tiny face is rather indistinct on its own.

Blah. A relatively mediocre Micromaster.

Transformation: 5 - A pair of somewhat complex Triplechangers, dragged down by a Micromaster and a crappy Duocon wannabe.
Durability: 6 - Well-made knockoffs, overall, but still not up to the quality of real Transformers.
Fun: 8 - The set offers variety, at least. The only one I ever play with is Blitzwing, but I get a kick out of mocking the others occasionally.
Price: 10 - Virtually free.
Summary: 6 - Look, I won't lie to you. Blitzwing is the only one worth getting from this set. Broadside is legendary for his brickiness, Flattop is mediocre, and Machtackle is an embarrassment to the Transformers name. But in the end, the set's cheap. I paid about five bucks for the guy and I would've paid that much just for the Blitzwing KO. The rest of the set is interesting as a cautionary tale, but little else.

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