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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
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Sir Auros' review of: Transmetal 2 Megatron Knockoff

Name: Megatron

I had heard about a knockoff of Transmetal 2 Megatron at Big Lots stores and had planned on picking one up if I ever ran across one, but I didn't know that they came in two different colors. Mine is obviously the green and dark blue variation, but there was also a red and orange version that was much closer to the original's coloring. I had to get the green one because it was so unique and I will likely get an actual TM2 Megatron eventually. These figures come with bizarre extras like this little clear plastic figure that looks like some sort of alligatorman mutation. I'd include it in the pics, but I lost it somewhere.

Alternate Mode:
I really think Transmetal 2 Megatron's beast mode is the coolest beast mode out of the whole Beast Wars series. This version looks pretty darn good too and has all the features of the original except for the missile launchers. The neck and tail are made out of a rubbery material, and the wings have that weird unfurling action with the pull of a lever. This is a cool beast mode. The colors look good and I don't find myself feeling a great desire to repaint the figure like I do for knockoff Lio Convoy. There are a few joints that don't match up all the way and there's plenty of flash (the bits of excess plastic near the seams of a mold), but this knockoff looks fine to me.

Robot Mode:
This was the mode I bought the figure to display in the most, and when putting it into this mode for the first time, I lost a pin that was essential for holding the dragon's neck to the shoulder. I never did find the pin, but I'm planning on looking for a replacement at a hardware store shortly. Something 1/16 of an inch should fit the job. I mention this because there are a few places that use these pins, so I'm on guard for future breakages. This mode looks pretty good, but probably could use a little more coloring. The figure's prominent spark crystal is now just a dark bluish green and is kind of bland. The figure has a decent amount of articulation, but the right arm is annoyingly similar to Razorclaw's arm in that it doesn't move in a realistic manner and is puzzlingly limited in its range of movement. I'm considering painting Megatron's helmet, but other than that and the durability concerns, this is a pretty cool robot mode.

Transformation: 7 - Would have been a lot better if I hadn't broken it on the first time through.
Durability: 6 - Those pins are nasty things and this would be higher if there were less of them because the plastic quality's pretty good and nothing else seems too prone to breaking.
Fun: 9 - Big, awesome dragon; big, awesome robot with a dragon's head.
Price: 7 - It's $9.99 at Big Lots, but considering you could luck out and get a loose version of the original for $15 more, it's not so great of a value.
Summary: 8 - I think it's worth having because it's such a wildly different coloration, but it's certainly no substitute for the real thing.

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