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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
Robot Mode:
Alternate Mode:
Box Art:

Cloudstrifer's review of: Stegobot

Name: Stegobot
Sub-Group: Knockoff

Here is the first of many knockoff reviews I'll be writing for TF Archive. Now, you may be asking why I'm doing a knockoff review? Two reasons: first, because they're fun, oddly shaped Transformers that sell for $2.99 or less [sometimes more, but those are better], and everyone can get them if they want at that price. Second, it is sure fun as heck playing with them and if you look hard enough you can find some that no-one else will have seen before; the thrill of the hunt and the love of Dinosaurs and Transformers drive me on! So, let's get to it.

Alternate Mode:
Stego-Bot is a member Stegosauria. It may be a Stegosaurus or even a Wuerhosaurus as it has no pointy spines at the back. However, it is lacking the tail spikes so it might be some other as yet unknown ancestor of the Stegosauria. For now, we will just call it a Stegosaurus. Now, what is interesting is that it has a gun on its back. It can swivel, and it's great for playing battles when transformed as that's the only time it seems to hold a gun. The tail of the Stego-bot is small, and even if it has spines, it would be useless as it moves only up or down defeating the purpose of using it in battle. The head is small and somewhat well designed, but it does not hide the robot well so it's like the head is growing out of its neck. Aside from these defects it is one cool bot as it's the most stable of the Dino-bots I'll be reviewing. Its color scheme is pretty good, with red and gold with a little sliver. A beautiful coloring I might say.

Robot Mode:
The robot mode is simple and doesn't take a huge amount of time to transform. In robot mode, you can see that the front legs are hiding the arms, and there is no way to take them out -- therefore you are left with Stego hands in both Dino and robot mode. The hind legs are different, though. They fold back and you can pull the legs down to the proper height. (Please be aware that pull harder or more than you should will result in them popping out.) Then they become loose and lose their form. Besides that, if you use caution they will be fine. The tail goes up and does nothing except to show you that there is a tail. The head pops back and reveals a head [which by now you should have seen already]. Other than that it doesn't require any more transformation. It has no gun except from in Stego-mode, so you could use your imagination and say there are rocket launchers hidden in its back. The color for the robot mode is silver with gold, and its legs are red. Stickers are applied with accuracy and haven't fall off (a common occurrence with these type of bots.) Overall, a very good and simple transformation and the robot's head -- though squished -- is well designed.

Transformation: 2 - Turn over the figure and it's transformed with minimal effort. However, it may break and become loose so be careful.
Durability: 3 - Okay plastic quality and better than some I have seen, but be careful not to pull or push with hard force.
Fun: 8 - Knockoffs are always fun and always entertaining because you can create your own factions.
Price: 10 - $2.99 CDN isn't bad for what you get and is cheaper than real transformers.
Summary: 8 - If you like knockoffs then get it, otherwise it's probably not for you.

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