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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
Robot Mode:
Alternate Mode:
Box Art:

Pun-3X' review of: Armada Megatron Knockoff

Name: Megaplex (so I named him:p)

Vehicle Mode:
First, I love the desert color scheme. I like Armada Megs' green, but the bright orange is just fugly. All the colors for this big guy work well as a camo. As mentioned before, all gimmicks are removed from the toy: no missile silo's, no Minicon traps, no missile launchers, nothing except the rotating turret and moving cannon. However, it doesn't seem to take away from the toy at all. In fact, it tends to add to it in other forms by allowing the toy to be symmetrical all around. The front portions are molded in the 'missile silo' look on both sides, and both rear sections are based on Megatron's left leg. The shield fits as a panel over the robot head, making a very clean look when viewing from the front. The blaster gun fits on the top of the turret like a very big secondary cannon. The overall effect is very nice.

Robot Mode:
Very interesting. Visually, he actually looks pretty cool. The structure has been remolded symmetrically. He's much taller than Megs. His head has been retooled so that he has no horn things, a mask for his mouth, and bigger non-menacing green eyes. (I intend to repaint those) In fact, the whole body has been remolded. A lot of panels and designs have been altered. (Maybe this was to make the knock-off legal to sell at a place like Walmart? ) The joints are rather loose all around, though. For the most part, all major joints are still there. His tank turret can still be transformed so his cannon comes up to the side of his hip. It doesn't rotate around to his front, though, and he doesn't have his knife. In fact he doesn't have ANY gimmicks in either mode. He does, however, come with a nifty blaster rifle with swiveling sight. He also comes with a new shield that mounts on either arm--a piece that fits into his tank mode nicely. Overall, he's actually pretty cool. For $7.77, he's definitely a deal.

Transformation: 4 - A few twists and turns, some hiding of the limbs and you're there. Same transformation as the Armada Megatron, except the adding of the shield for the front of the tank. Otherwise, quite easy
Durability: 6 - Knock-off, cheap quality plastic. For the size of this guy, you'd be worried about the plastic quality. And while the quality isn't anywhere near a match for normal Transformer toys, it actually isn't all so bad either. The toy is very hollow, so it has an extremely light weight for its size
Fun: 9 - A super-sized tank with rotating turret (this doesn't always happen in the TF world, especially older toys) and some big guns? He dwarfs most every Transformer toy on the market. This matched with limb and waist articulation makes for great action poses. You can't go wrong!
Price: 10 - ($7.77) Here's a point where this toy shines. Granted, he has no electronics or many of the gimics of the original Armada Megatron. But the original ran about $25 dollars. Plus, this guy casts a bigger shadow. VERY good price point when all is said and done.
Summary: I really like this toy. I miss some of the gimmicks from Megs, (the silos, the slide-out knife...) but he's still very impressive without them. I'd really recommend this guy if you're thinking about picking one up.

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