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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
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StoneCold's review of: Accessory Pack #3 - Energy Cubes

Name: Energy Cubes
Allegiance: N/A
Function: Getting transformers drunk!
Sub-Group: (if applicable) N/A

Dead End: "If we surrender our energon we're doomed."
Breakdown: "And if we don't we're doomed too!"
Dead End: "Face it. We're dooooomed."

Imagine the scene; 1986, coming to the age where toys weren't chew toys anymore, but things to be played with. Items that could capture the imagination better than any big red ball, old chewed blankets...or large worn-down cardboard boxes. Toys, specifically Transformers (in this case at least) were the "must-have" item of the time. There was little (at the time) I didn't know about the transforming mechanoids from a distant planet of Cybertron and their battle on earth to stockpile Energon.

Back then you can imagine the setup, legion upon legion of Autobot toys up against maybe 15-20 assorted Decepticons, it wasn't really a fair fight. Hell, what were they fighting for -- purely the sake of fighting. There certaintly weren't any representations of Energon Cubes to be had back in the 80's so it was war for the sake of it and to a point, war was fun...smell of charred plastic in the morning -- all that crap. However, the lack of focus for the battles soon became tiresome, the lack of something to battle over was boring (until the advent of the over powerful spring launcher...ah, the good old days)

Anywho, fast-forward to 2004 ... this review, the one you're reading right now (yep, unfortunate ain't it...WHADDA YA MEAN "YES?!") And with many, many thanks to and the brothers Lukis, my legions (both sides now) of Transformers armies have something to fight over...the cunningly named "Energy Cubes" (see what they did there) have been lovingly produced by them, and they're a quality piece of kit.

Yes, the Lukis bros have done it again with their 3rd Accessory pack for the hobby we all love and the addiction we can't seem to shake by taking the time and much, much effort to create Energy Cubes. Each pack comes with 20 opaque cube halves, 10 shiny...mmm shiny purple/blue/rainbow cut outs in a nice black presentation box.

Assembling the parts couldn't be any easier, nor could taking them apart and yet the cubes remain very sturdy. The inserts are produced of high-quality card and the glitter effect on them to produce the shimmer (not done any justice in the photos as compared to in the flesh) is nigh-on perfect. The individual pieces are about an inch cubed (1x1x1) and look equally striking either with the insert in, or as "newly-produced" cubes waiting to be filled with energy.

The items are reasonably priced at $20 for a pack of ten cubes, which considering the quality of the items (and I'm assured, the blood, sweat and tears shed over them) is more than fair for what you're getting and the great thing of being able to display them as you please amongst your collection.

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