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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
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Box Art:
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Sir Auros' review of: Mirage

Name: Mirage
Allegiance: Autobot
Function: Counter Intelligence
Sub-Group: NA
"Like a ninja in the night, I strike swiftly and unseen."

Mirage would rather be out hunting turbofoxes than battling for the Autobots, but he's an effective fighter and valuable intelligence gatherer -- that's why Optimus Prime keeps him around. Electro-disrupter alters physical appearance for up to six minutes. Invisibility within these short periods earned him his name. Remains unsure of Autobot cause, and can't be fully trusted.

Mirage Prowl was another Machine Wars figure I was really after until I finally had some experience with the mold. God that sounds sick. Anyway, I won a MW Prowl on ebay a few weeks before I won this lot that included all the MW figures loose. Prowl just didn't live up to my expectations, and while Mirage is the same mold, this figure dulls the pain a little.

Vehicle Mode:
Still a kickass vehicle mode and the only Machine Wars mold that does a halfway decent job at hiding the robot mode. I like Mirage's paintjob a lot better than Prowl's. White just isn't a good color to make the primary color on a plastic figure, but it does work as a secondary color that's painted on like on Mirage. The teal looks good and not really out of place. The only two problems I have with this mode are that the cockpit could use some more detailing and the damn sticker they used for the car's number. You don't put stickers on anything with curves because it will come off unless really, really strong adhesive is used. Strong adhesive wasn't used on Mirage's and the sticker's coming up on the edges. The Mirage sticker on the back isn't as loud as Prowl's and doesn't look that bad.

Robot Mode:
Well, Mirage still has that funky hip problem that Prowl has, but the paintjob looks immeasurably better on this figure. The head looks like it fits Mirage's personality and isn't a weird mustardy color like Prowl's, but it could have used a little more coloring to make the great sculpt on the face stand out more. Like Prowl, Mirage has issues getting his hands around his immense waist, but as long as you don't mention it to him, you'll get along well. The figure poses well apart from that and has good articulation. Mirage displays well in this mode or his vehicle mode.

Transformation: 10 - Nifty semi-automatic transformation gimmick that doesn't hurt the hiding of the robot mode.
Durability: 8 - Nothing gets loose, but the tiny gun parts are two little things to lose.
Fun: 9 - Cool vehicle mode that's still fun and a pretty fun robot mode. Either displays right nice.
Price: 7 - Mine was reasonable, but the few times I've seen this figure outside of an overpriced, carded lot, it's gotten expensive.
Summary: 9 - Despite the mold's fault (the waist), the paintjob won me over.

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