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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
Robot Mode:
Alternate Mode:
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Zeoman4.5's review: Starscream

Name: Starscream
Allegiance: Decepticon
Function: Sub-Commander
Group: 2007 Movie Voyager Class

Leading the hunt for the AllSpark during the absence of Megatron on Earth has given Starscream a taste for command. He has experienced firsthand the brutality that allows Megatron to maintain control over his Decepticon legions. It is a style of leadership that Starscream takes to with gusto, punishing disobedience without mercy and rewarding success only with a narrowed eye and threatening gesture. He craves ultimate control, and looks forward to the day when Megatron makes the mistake that allows Starscream the opportunity to slip a jagged shard of steel between his processor clusters.

Of all the Transformers I find Starscream’s character to be the most evil and interesting. The original (G1) Starscream was the second in command of the Decepticon forces that went to earth. He was a seeker – a Decepticon that changed from an Earth F-15 fighter jet to a winged robot with large dual arm guns. He led the original seekers – being the fastest in the air it was only logical. His personality was that of the traitor, kissing up to Megatron's face while plotting his downfall behind his back. He only failed due to his lack of leadership skills and over-confidence. Eventually he would take advantage of Megatron being injured in the Battle of Autobot City, in the 1986 Transformers Movie, throwing the wreckage of his leader into deep space. He was the leader for only moments before being turned to space dust by Galvatron. He would then be cursed drift the Universe forever as a ghost.

Later series would bring back the Starscream name for the second in command of the Decepticons. Through out the Armada, Energon and Cybertron lines he would be a main player in the plot-driving episodes.

Now we are in the year 2007, the new Transformers Movie has
been released in theaters, and Starscream, after more than 20 years, gets his theatrical come back. In the movie he isn't seen untill the very final battle scenes, but he appeared to be an excellent warrior both in the air and on land, flying around blasting Autobots and US soldiers before taking out a squadrons of jet fighters without flaw. Honestly he was my Favorite Decepticon in the movie. He even leaves Megatron for dead in the end, and heads back to Cybertron at the very end of the film, during the credits.

Now for the toy.

Alternate Mode:

Starscream's vehicle form is the F-22 Raptor fighter jet, and is represented at around 1/90 scale. From above, he looks almost accurate to the real-world plane. The main things that detract from the accuracy of the figure are the huge missile launcher under the
wings. They look great, but are non-accurate. The vehicle is an all over light brown/grey color, adding a realistic touch. The cockpit window is a translucent yellow color, tipping the hat to the G1 design. From the underside most of his robot parts show.
He has two small landing wheels in front and a larger pair at the back. A pair of Decepticon insignias are placed boldly on his wings.

The action feature for Starscream in vehicle mode are his rockets. Simply rolling him across the ground causes him to fire all six in a flurry of plastic artillery. Very fun. It is notable that you can store the rockets on rings on the sides of the launchers, so they won't fire accidentally while playing, or on display.

There’s great fun to be had with Starscream’s jet mode; my favorite mode, in fact.

Robot Mode:

After a moderately difficult transformation Starscream stands in his new robot mode. The first thought that will hit you is "well... he looks like a gorilla." If you see the box images or small, low quality picture you would agree, but it is not actually the case with the toy in front of you. On closer inspection you find him to be very bird like.

The avian traits are prevelant in his face. It is a smooth, round topped, cone-like head piece, with narrow piercing eyes and a flat beak-like mouth. The brown/grey color allows for the darker colored details to show up quite nicely. The eyes impress me – they are a shade of yellow as opposed to red as depicted on the box, and as sported by all of the other Movie Decepticons. It really adds something to his look – a sinister mind lies behind those eyes.

The body is shaped somewhat like an inverted triangle. The shoulders are broad and flat, the tail wings of the jet adorning them. The chest plate has the trademark Seeker style, with the cockpit resting at the center. The arms are quite large and intimidating, with huge rotating guns on both. Hands he lacks in the traditional sense, but he does have three movable claw digits in between the barrels of each missile battery. The legs, if transformed correctly, are reverse jointed at the ‘knees’. The upper legs are short and
well armored, and the feet resemble a raptor’s talons. All together the design gives him the look of a huge predatory bird. To me, it is very impressive.

The articulation is relatively good. He has elbow and shoulder joints that bend in the same ranges as an average Transformer. The legs are a bit more interesting, due to the reverse knees, but have a decent amount of movement as well. The head rotates, as do the wrists / arm cannons.

The action feature is, once again, the rotating missile launchers, this time with a twist. The rockets can either be launched by spinning the wheel on what is now the shoulder, or manually using levers on the sides of the guns. This is so that Starscream can use his hands. As in the jet mode, the missiles can be placed in rings
which are now mounted on the mid-to-upper arm area, giving the impression of the arm cannons on a G1 Seeker. This is a large and well armed Decepticon. Being that he is the toughest next to Megatron, it creates almost endless play possibilities. Fun for smashing little Autobots to pieces, or for the blasting power of six missiles. Looks great on display – even better than Megatron's toy offerings...

Marks out of ten for the following:

Transformation: 6 – It takes a long time to change him just due to the way the pieces fit together. The Automorphing for the chest can mess up other parts if done at the wrong time.
Durability: 8 – He can take a pounding – the only things to worry about are the easily removed tail plane joints.
Fun: 10 – Great fun. Big, bulky, well armed, turns into a Jet,
and he is Starscream. What’s not to like?
Price: 8 – In the US he'll cost you about $20 which is standard pricing for a Voyager Class figure. He's well worth it.
Overall: 9 – A perfect part of anyone's new Movie collection. I am biased towards Starscreams, but this guy is so dissimilar to any other that the bias couldn't play a role in this review. I just like him, and suggest that everyone should give him a chance.

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