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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
Robot Mode:
Alternate Mode:
Box Art:

RID Scourge's review of: Wreckerhook

Name: Wreckerhook
Allegiance: Destron
Function: GTA
Sub-Group: NA

A soldier of many mysteries, he has lost his memory of the past, and there is no recorded data on him. A serious 'bot, he goes ahead and takes care of those repairs his teammates would rather not do. Once he gets a weapon in his hand, he's like a different person. No one can physically approach him.

Thanks to Doug Dlin of BWTF for translating the RM tech specs.

Wreckerhook is a repaint of the Machine Wars Hoist/Hubcap mold. When I first saw this one, I thought he was pretty hardcore because of that mace of his. Was I right? Yes, yes I was.

Vehicle Mode:
As I mentioned in his function, I can imagine Megatron ordering this guy to steal machines, so that he can build more Destrons. After all, what else would possess him to take the form of a tow truck otherwise? This is a Cybertron's alt mode, but with a Destron, one can always assume some corrupted version of the form's original function.

The tow truck looks pretty sweet, due to the fire decals. If anything can spice up a car, it's those fire decals. They look especially cool against the black that is his base color.

Robot Mode:
This guy was made during an era, where the transformations for basics were designed to be transformed with the pull of a lever. In this case, the lever is Wreckerhook's hook (lol I like the sound of that).

His robot mode is really nice. I like the translucent dark green that is used for his eyes. The grill of his truck mode can be pulled off, and it is attached to a little handgun that looks really cool. While the Cybertron's extra weapons tend to be forgettable, those of the Destrons really shine. No, it's not because they can combine (the combined mode looks like crap). They all have some kind of hardcore war weapon that's big and green (except for Psycho Orb, who just gets a shield, due to the fact that he all ready has two weapons), which I imagine to be made of energon. For Wreckerhook, this is a really hardcore mace, that I can just see him using to smash legions of Cybertrons into itty-bitty pieces.

Transformation: 10 - Keep it simple, stupid. I'm more interested in the two modes than in how to get there, anyway.
Durability: 7 - I can see the gun getting lost, along with the grill. The hook looks like it could snap off with enough force, and it wouldn't be able to stay in tow truck mode from then on.
Fun: 9 - I didn't like RID Towline, but the color scheme change, thee change of allegiance, the new weapon and not being associated with a mentally challenged tool, like RID Towline really helps this guy.
Price: 3 - Way too much for this guy, even as an import.
Summary: 8 - I can't really justify the price of this guy, except that I personally like the guy and his mace. However, I can understand how others would not want him, since there's been plenty of opportunity to get other versions of him.

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