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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
Robot Mode:
Alternate Mode:
Box Art:

RID Scourge's review of: R-Blade

Name: R-Blade
Allegiance: Autobot
Function: Aerial Warrior
Sub-Group: NA

A member of the Cyberjets, an aerial combat team who have weapon-firing Gauntlet Frames for right arms. His Sonic Lance is loaded with a variety of scientific weaponry. Normally devotes himself to diplomacy with Earthlings as a consulate.

Thanks to Dough Dlin of BWTF for translating the RM tech specs.

In generation two, they repainted the cyberjet, Hooligan. His name? Jetfire. However, the powers that be decided that though he looked a lot like the original Jetfire, they didn't want to give him that color scheme. Fast forward ten years later, and he finally gets the colors he's been aching for.

Vehicle Mode:
His jet mode is very reminiscent of the original Jetfire toy, down to the wings, which can be out or in. It really helps the visual, now that the mold finally has original Jetfire's color scheme. It was like one of those things fated to happen, but no one ever said "Hey, why haven't we done this yet?" I bet they're really kicking themselves for not doing it sooner. It looks really good.

The biggest difference from the original Jets, aside from the omission of the armor, is the fact that he's got a big honkin' gun strapped to his back. This is the missile launcher that all cyberjets had when they were made. The missile works on the pressure launch system, similar to that of RID Megatron's weapons. I'd guess it was a safety law, except that they've reintroduced firing missiles in successive lines.

Robot Mode:
The "big honkin' gun" from the jet mode becomes his right forearm, which is cool, unless he's right-handed, in which case, the poor bastid's screwed. The feature that makes the cyberjets legendary is their ridiculous articulation in robot mode. Ball and socket joints in the elbows, shoulders, hips, knees and neck give this guy the ability to pose in almost any way you want him to. The only problem I have with this mode is that the head doesn't seem to want to look straight on, no matter how much I try to adjust it. The extra gun is cool, but it looks more like one of those spray paint application guns than a weapon. Of course, the extra weapons are negligible, anyway.

Transformation: 9 - It's simple, but you have to fold the head back in order to tuck away the extra flap, creating an extra, unnecessary step.
Durability: 8 - The missile and the gun can get lost. I can imagine the wings breaking off eventually.
Fun: 10 - Good articulation, missiles, and a homage to a popular character=super happy mega fun time!
Price: 5 - For what I got him, I could have gotten TFU Windshear vs Air Raid, but for an import, it's not so bad.
Summary: 10 - This is the Jetfire we should have seen in G2. Get him now, while you still can.

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